Update! Mike From Around The World with Pastor Paul Begley on the Coming Apocalypse show. May 12, 2020 appears to be looking worse.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ. I pray that we all joined together yesterday in prayer to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit to stop this Coronavirus all over the world. We have to stay committed to keep praying with all of our hearts because only God can stop this virus. The sooner we can all open our Spiritual eyes and see that, the better, because more souls can join us in prayer. In fact, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has already asked for a United day of Prayer, Revival and Return to God and Our Lord Jesus Christ on September 26, 2020. Jonathan Cahn is a Messianic Jew that believes Jesus Christ is the Messiah which is the Son of God and the promised deliverer of the Jewish Nation. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cn9wlzsFKzc.

Mike From Around the World came on the Pastor Paul Begley’s Show, The Coming Apocalypse, last night. Mike said we will start to see different atmospheric changes in the sky with different colors. Mike re-iterated to stay home for at least 2 weeks and have food and water. Mike also stated that we are at a tipping point because if people will not stay in their homes as much as possible, then our Governments have no other choice but to take enforcement action. Mike said that in the United States, the younger generation is not listening, and our President will do what he has to do. Also, that it is eating into our finances and if the United States can’t keep people separated, we are looking at months of this virus running through the population. Pastor Paul stated we have 13,678 cases in the United States and infections have doubled in 24 hours. Pastor Paul is concerned that we may see many deaths and asked Mike if the U.S. could see a lot of deaths. Mike stated, “Yes”, because this virus spreads 35 times faster than any other virus. As this virus continues to spread, the death rates will go up because we will have many more infections. The more people that have the virus, the higher the death rate, because it spreads so rapidly, not because the virus is deadly, but because most will get it, if it is not contained. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cRB6TiWirCM.

Mike also stated that the Media confused the facts of this virus, and the test kits are going out, but they are going out slowly. Mike stated that there is a lot of fear that has gone into the spreading of this virus, and sadly, if there aren’t enough tests being conducted on people who have the symptoms, then that means there are more infected people with this virus than we realize. Mike alluded to the fact that our President is most likely aware of the facts of how this virus originated and why it was created. Mike stated that most people aren’t aware of what certain wealthy people or “who we on this blog call the Elites or Freemasons”, and if people did know about it, it would create more panic. So, Our President can’t say what he really wants to say on why this virus was created and that is why he is calling it the “China Virus”. This virus is mutating and if this virus does go airborne, then there will be more enforcement action taken by our Governments.

Pastor Paul Begley stated that he has noticed more Elites going into hiding or underground. Mike stated that if certain key figures, or people, start going missing, then that is significant. If any important official is not seen outside, then that does mean something is horribly wrong. Mike stated that Our Governments are aware of all viruses, and the fact that this one just exploded all over the world, is very suspicious. The question goes back to why they allowed this particular virus to spread so quickly. For us in this blog, this goes back to what an Angel told Valentina Papagna in Australia about this being a “Test” to see how it will work and how we will react, and there will be more of these types of viruses to come. We have posted this prophecy to Valentina Papagna in this blog.

Pastor Paul Begley brought up May 12, 2020 again and the Conference in Indiana that is now a webinar, because of the virus. Pastor Paul brought up the question of May 12, 2020 and what is the debris field that is coming that Mike has talked about in previous shows. Mike stated “lately, the frequency of rocks slamming into our Earth is increasing. We are going to be exposed to exotic gas clouds, atmospheric condition changes, and meteor storms of rocks coming in all over the world. People will become quite fearful over these storms, and the process of these coming in have already begun.” They are trickling in right now, but they will continue to increase in size and frequency, and they will also start many fires. Mike stated that this is part of the May 12, 2020 concern and this will come in waves of small rocks hitting the earth. Mike also stated that these rocks will have small amounts of arsenic, which will taint the drinking water. This arsenic will taint the storm clouds in the air and Pastor Paul stated that this sounded like “Wormwood” in the book of Revelation. Mike stated that these small debris fields will cause more problems to our Earth with fires and no drinkable water, than Apophis, because Apophis will not be here for many years to come.

Mike stated that what we are facing right now, is the battle of good and evil playing out. Mike also stated that this system of evil is moving in and Pastor Paul stated that this is prophecy and it can’t be stopped, even if we wanted it to be stopped. Mike went back to talking about controlling this virus by separating the populous and that we must pray for good leadership and we definitely do not want a swap of leadership in the United States. Mike From Around the World stated he would be back next week on March 26, 2020.

Pastor Paul Begley is doing an excellent job of leading people to Salvation with Jesus Christ and we all have to help Jesus in the Salvation of Souls. Things are getting worse, and this is just the beginning. Do not be afraid, but get closer to Jesus, and begin helping people understand that we all need Jesus Christ and to start praying if they have not already started.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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