An International Day of Prayer To The Blessed Trinity To Stop The Coronavirus on the Feast Day of Saint Joseph! Also, an update by Dr. John Campbell on the numbers of Coronavirus cases in different countries and what they are doing to stop the spread of the virus. Visionary Mirjana in Medjugorje gets a disappointing message from Our Blessed Mother.

By now, we should all be staying in our homes as much as possible to not only keep from contracting the Coronavirus, but also to keep from spreading it to others. We all have a moral obligation to God to do everything we can to keep from spreading this virus any further. We all have the Precious Blood of Jesus covering us as His Children, but that does not mean we test Our Lord. Since we can’t go to Church, we must stay home now and only go out to get essentials such as food, water, and toiletries. We should not be going to the beaches on Spring Break, or to bars, or restaurants. This will be hard for us, but at least we can take our kids out to the backyard to play and get some sunshine and fresh air. This is not about entertainment and taking time off from work to have fun. This is about being morally responsible for the good of all of the citizens all over the world.

Also, we have seen many requests for prayer at 3:00 pm today Central time in the United States, but Our Pope has requested praying the Holy Rosary of the Luminous Mysteries at 9 pm in Italy. So, we need to pray all over the world to stop this virus. Our Blessed Mother has asked us to pray (3) “Our Father’s” at 3 pm, and now on the Feast Day of Saint Joseph, we should also pray the Holy Rosary at the request of Our Pope. We must all pray for Our Pope, because even though he has made mistakes, we must pray for his Salvation, as much as we should pray for all of our Salvation. We are all subject to temptation and sin, and we all need God’s MERCY.

Also, here is a video from Dr. John Campbell from the United Kingdom. He does an excellent run down on the larger countries in the world of how many infected people there are with the Coronavirus and what each of these countries are doing to curtail the spread of the virus. We are getting many videos from people in our prayer groups and we are praying about what the Holy Spirit wants us to put on this blog.

Lastly, we have an update from Spirit Daily on the message that Mirjana, one of the visionaries in Medjugorje, was informed by Our Blessed Mother that she will not longer get an apparition from Our Blessed Mother on the 2nd day of the month any longer. She will only get apparitions of Our Blessed Mother on her birthday, which is March 18th. This has to be extremely painful for Mirjana and our hearts go out to her, because we can only imagine that being in the presence of Our Blessed Mother is like getting a taste of Heaven on Earth. We believe this is a sign to Mirjana that possibly Our Blessed Mother will soon allow the ten secrets to begin to be revealed. Mirjana mentioned in her book, “My Heart Will Triumph”, that when Our Blessed Mother has told her to do so, she will begin to release the secrets to Father Petar Ljubicic and he will assist Mirjana in releasing the secrets to the world. We agree with Jeffrey, that Our Blessed Mother is appearing there and the fruits of Conversion are phenomenal. Here is another website for you to research on Medjugorje, If you have not read Mirjana’s book, you should order it and read it while we are stuck in our homes. It is truly transforming as Father Mark mentions below, especially on suffering and offering up your suffering for the Salvation of Souls.

Here is Father Mark Goring on Medjugorje,

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

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