John Paul Jackson Knew What was Coming Before He Died. Our Lord Gave Him Prophetic Dreams of What is Happening Now and What is still to Come.

So, what makes this blog different, that the Holy Spirit has shown us, is that God has been speaking and preparing both Modern Day Prophets and Century old Prophets to prepare us for these times. Why is He doing this? Because He loves us and He is calling us back to Him! Some of us have never left Him, but a majority of the World has left Him and this is how He gets our attention. So, for those that are just joining us as new followers, because our numbers are growing daily because of the Holy Spirit, we are going to go over Our Mission for Jesus. Our Mission is to encourage as many people as possible to Surrender to Jesus, work on our Relationship with Him, be Transformed into His image, then become a Disciple for Jesus Christ. This is not complicated, but it takes effort on our part because of our own free will, and the temptations of the devil to lead us away from God. If we have Surrendered, but don’t seek Him everyday with all of our hearts, the devil will try and pull us away. This is a daily Spiritual battle that we don’t actually see, but that Our Guardian Angels are fighting, to keep us in the Divine Plan of God for our Souls. Because we are restricted to our homes, please take the time to put several hours a day speaking to Jesus, reading your Bibles, and loving Him the way He should be loved.

What we also like to do in this blog, per the guidance from the Holy Spirit, is look at different Christian prophets He has guided us to that have been showing us what is coming. Our Lord has shown both Catholic and Non-Catholic Prophets of what is coming and has used Our Blessed Mother to prepare us for His Second Coming. Because no one knows the day or the hour, except God Our Father, we know He just wants us have our oil lamps ready, and our robes washed white to be prepared for Him. We are doing our best in this blog, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to get everyone ready as best we can. We are not perfect, but we pray for Our Lord to guide us and ultimately we pray that when Jesus is standing before us, we have served Him the best way we could for these times. If you are new to this blog, please go all the way down to the bottom of the blog to begin reading why we are where we are right now, and why we are at the end of our current times. We are not at the end of the World. That does not come until after the New Heaven and New Earth has been transformed by Jesus. We are in that process right now, and this will be over a period of years, not days or months. As John Paul Jackson explains in his videos, you have to read your Bibles to know God completely, not just His Mercy, and not just the New Testament. God is both Mercy and Divine Justice, and He has shown us this throughout History and the Old Testament. Here is John Paul Jackson explaining what God showed him in his life of ministry,

Because God loves all of His Children, He wants all Souls to come back to Him. The Holy Spirit wants us to assist in bringing Souls back to Jesus and He needs Disciples to speak for Him. Everything we put in this blog points to the end times, and how we are in the labor pains just before the Tribulation. All of these prophets that the Holy Spirit has guided us to also helps us prepare Spiritually which is most important. If we know Jesus, and have the Holy Spirit working through us, He will take all fear away, and make us bold and fearless like the Apostles were at Pentecost. We believe that day is coming soon at the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience, and we need to be ready to serve Jesus even more than we are now! What is amazing about all of the prophets that God chooses is that they don’t have all of the answers. God never gives us or His chosen Prophets all of the answers, no matter what Christian denomination we are in, but He does give us enough information to bring us together to see that He is preparing us. Here is John Paul Jackson explaining what Jesus has shown him as, “The Perfect Storm”.

If you listened to some of the headlines that was shown to John Paul Jackson, some of those events are in the process of happening now. We believe that Hercolubus, or Planet X is the cause of all of the natural disasters he listed in his headlines and God is bringing in this solar system, or binary system to renew the Heaven and Earth. There are many facets to all of the events that are occurring and will occur and we are not meant to have all of the answers, but to only build up our own Faith and Trust in Jesus to get us through it all.

Emmanuel – “God is with us”. Have a blessed day.

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