Sunday Mass with Father Mark Goring, March 22, 2020. Let’s all Remember Who Our Mighty God is and Rebuke all evil!

Here is the Sunday Mass for March 22, 2020 with Father Mark Goring, since we can’t get out to attend the Holy Mass. Let’s all say extra prayers today thanking Our Lord Jesus Christ for His Love and that no matter what happens, We will never abandon Him.

In your prayers today, keep Reading Psalm 91 Disciples of Christ! Read it out loud so that your Children can hear it and so that your own ears can hear it! We shall not be overcome, because by His stripes, we are healed! Believe in His Favor and His Glory over all of His Children. Have Faith and Trust in Him, no matter what continues to come.

If you have to go out today to get groceries, say a kind word to someone and tell them how much Faith you have in Jesus Christ and How He protects us from all evil. As you are driving to where you have to go today, ask Jesus to cover you and your family with His Precious Blood and say, “Jesus, I Trust in You.”

Lastly, another video from Father Mark Goring on today’s homily of opening our eyes to God’s Glory,

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