Update! Mena Lee Grebin gets a new Message from Jesus on the Coronavirus. This Coronavirus is not from Him, but He is allowing it on the Nations for Vengeance of the Innocent Children.

Wow, this message from Mena Lee Grebin is very powerful! It spoke to my heart and the Holy Spirit is giving us more confirmation that we are very close to the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience. Although Mena is not Catholic and did not mention the Warning, she said something very significant that spoke to my heart. We all know that one of the main reasons Jesus is Coming back soon is because of the abuse of our Children. This is just one of many of all sins committed against God, but abortion and the abuse of Our Children is the most painful for God. He has expressed this over and over again to so many prophets that we can’t even count them all.

Mena was given a dream that had to deal with a world that had no children. Mena did not understand the dream until she asked Our Lord what it meant. Our Lord reminded Mena in 3 different visions over the last few years of pestilences that would come across the world. Our Lord told Mena that He was allowing this virus to spread not because it came from Him, but that He was using this virus as a form of judgement based on the abuse of children! There were 3 categories of abuse that Our Lord is judging us for with this Coronavirus. The first is abortion, the second is sex trafficking, and the third is the physical and emotional abuse of children. Our Lord is telling us that the cup of iniquity is filling up, but that this is the most horrific acts of sin that Our Nations conduct and allow against His little Children. Mena said her heart was wrenched when Jesus was telling her this and we agree with her wholeheartedly. Our Lord said this pestilence is moving like a hoard of locusts from East to West and there will be different epicenters of this virus that he will continue to allow. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pFBsx9Z2JIw&t=6s.

Our Lord also told Mena that this virus will pass, but that the eighth month will be significant. Our Lord said that there will be a “window”, a time frame around the time of Tabernacles, or the fall Feast. This will be a season for “Those that need to come”, “For those that need to go”, and for “Those that need to rise Up! He said that window will close, and then the second wave of pestilence is coming. There will be 3 stages of pestilence coming to America. This to us, means that this might be the period of the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience. Because, Prophet John Leary also received the same language, especially with the word “window” on how long we would have before the virus returns with even more deaths than now. Jesus also told John Leary that if there were many deaths, He would call us to the refuges. What Mena said that really got my Spiritual ears open was when she said, Our Lord said it will be a window for those that need to rise Up! Remember that we will only have a period of about 6 weeks of spreading the Gospel after the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience before Our Guardian Angels will take us to a Refuge. Also, Our Lord did tell John Leary that He will take us to a refuge if things start to get really bad with any type of catastrophic plague, such as Earthquakes, Pestilences, Volcanic eruptions, etc.. So, basically Our Lord is saying to Mena, that this is a very important time frame, or season, which will be this Fall, 2020.

If this is the time frame of the Warning, we definitely need to get ready to serve Jesus, by handing out the information on the Warning in this blog. There are so many people, including Catholics, that are not aware of the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience. If people are not aware of this last act of Divine Mercy of Jesus, it could cause hearts to fail if they are standing before Him and seeing all of the sin and offenses they have committed against the Blessed Trinity. Because we are Disciples of Jesus Christ, we have to assist Him with the Salvation of Souls. This Warning, or Illumination of Conscience can and will bring many people back to Jesus. We just have to choose to serve Him during these times. Remember, that this will also be a Second Pentecost that all of God’s Children will experience to go out and spread the Gospel. So, this Warning is not just for Catholics, it is for all of God’s Children. So, get ready as Mena is saying in this powerful prophetic message, because the Warning could come as early as this Fall, 2020. Mena is talking about a true repentance amongst the Nations, and this Warning will allow us to repent not only for ourselves, but for our Countries.

Mena also spoke about a drought that is coming. This drought that Jesus told Mena about will bring in the 3rd Seal being opened and the cost of food going up and more scarce. If we don’t have the Warning by this Fall, take that small “window” that Jesus is allowing, to go and stock up on at least 6 months of food, if not 1 year’s worth of food and water. Then, if we do have another 6 months to a year or more pestilence, then we are more prepared.

Lastly, Mena reads to us Jeremiah, Chapter 17:1-4, showing us the anger of Our Lord. And the fact that we have hit 70 million abortions in America and how “70” means completion. We have to repent as a Country for our sins and God will break our pride! Then in Jeremiah, Chapter 17:5-11, Mena tells us that we have put too much of our trust in a man and not in God! We have to seek God’s Face everyday to be prepared for what is coming! There will be not only a physical drought, but also a spiritual drought. Mena said that there will be a time for an underground Church and this will be the season of the Remnant to rise! Get ready Disciples of Christ, get ready.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

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