Has the War already begun with the use of Bio-Weapons?

As I was praying to the Holy Spirit on what He wants me to talk about today, Our Lord brought to mind something that has been told to Luz De Maria many times already by Our Blessed Mother Mary. That was the message, “The War has already begun.” Also, we must reflect back to what Our Blessed Mother told Pedro Regis in Brazil about all of the biological weapons that will be used on countries all over the world. We believe the Holy Spirit is showing us that World War III has already begun with the first implementation of biological weapons. Can this proven? No, this is why this Coronavirus keeps being called the “Silent Enemy” by our Governments. If the Elites and enemies of Jesus Christ wanted to begin the war, what better way than to take out millions of people with a biological weapon and simultaneously begin to collapse economies all over the world from lack of commerce. Do all of our Governments know this? Probably not, but some of them do that are forming deadly alliances for the antichrist. First, let’s research what Our Blessed Mother has been saying to Luz De Maria about the war that has already begun, http://www.jesusmariasite.org/mother-of-god-pray-for-the-middle-east-steps-accelerate-and-the-turmoil-is-growing/.

Also, here is a video that was made by a message to Luz De Maria in 2015, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWxMexJtjAE.

Here is a message about war to Luz De Maria in March, 2016, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmVvg0nFpSE. In this message, Our Blessed Mother stated, “Children, man thirsts for power and in order to guarantee that power, he will make war while managing to hide the true purpose of Communism at this instant: Dominance over the Peoples.” Remember, that In Our Lady of Fatima, Our Blessed Mother wanted the Pope to Consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, so that Russia does not spread it’s errors. The errors of Communism, which is also Atheism, is what Satan wants to use to rule the Earth and prepare it for the antichrist. Our Blessed Mother also said, “There will be propagation of horrors-such as the horrors of this instant-under the protection of those, who, wearing sheep’s clothing, hide the wolf that shelters and arms rebels that are starting to show themselves-and will show themselves-all over the Earth, bringing horror, tension, insecurity, and uncertainty to the inhabitants of the world, thus preparing the arrival of the false liberator that humankind will embrace because of their great ignorance.” We have to look at this Coronavirus as a form of terrorism that could be used to do all of the things that Our Blessed Mother said in her message, thus putting fear into our hearts and uncertainty. This uncertainty will continue to escalate and be compounded by more uncertain future events that will lead to the arrival of the antichrist, who will be the “false liberator that humankind will embrace because of their ignorance.”

If this Coronavirus is being used as an instrument of bio-terrorism, we have to also look at the Anguera Prophecies of Our Blessed Mother to Pedro Regis in Brazil. http://www.jesusmariasite.org/anguera-prophecies-3rd-world-war-events-in-europe-usa-middle-east-russia-uprisings-bloodshed-schism-in-the-catholic-church-the-antichrist/. Someone with the Jesus Maria Site blog has put together a wonderful chronological record of all of Pedro Regis’ Prophetic messages from Our Blessed Mother. We have also attempted to discern these messages with the help of the Holy Spirit. If you notice, it is discerned that the 3rd World War is an alliance between Russia-Iran-China-and (Syria) against all. The men with the big beards is discerned to be terrorists with Iran. In a message to Pedro Regis, dated September 13, 2005, Our Blessed Mother said, “The Men with the Big Beard will act in a big city. In a laboratory, a weapon of great destruction has been prepared.” Our Blessed Mother also said in a message dated October 25, 2005, “Men have prepared the virus of death and my poor children will know great suffering. There will be no barriers to hold its advance. Humanity is Spiritually blind and the hard times have come for you. Kenya will need help.” Regardless of who manufactured this Coronavirus, the truth is that it was man-made and it is a biological weapon. We will probably never know if it was accidentally released, or intentional, but it’s effects of terrorism are sadly working and putting fear into everyone’s hearts that are not putting their faith in God.

It is our job, as Disciples of Jesus Christ, to reassure people that our Faith is in Him, and no weapon formed will come against us. Isaiah 54: 17, “Every weapon fashioned against you shall fail; every tongue that brings you to trial you shall prove false. This is the lot of the servants of the Lord, their vindication from me – oracle of the Lord.”

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

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