How do we break the bondage of Sin?

I have talked about this a little in previous posts, but this is necessary to become a Saint. This is part of the Transformation we all have to go through to be a better child of God and to serve Him as His Disciple. You say you don’t want to be a Saint? You can’t get to Heaven unless you are a Saint. There is no sin of any kind in Heaven. We will never perfect ourselves because of Original Sin, but it is the effort we put forth in trying to change for Jesus that prompts God to give us the graces to change. If we don’t put forth the effort, then we don’t receive the graces. God loves us and wants us back, but if we don’t continually turn away and try to abstain from sin, He will not continue to transform us with the graces it takes to persevere in that transformation. God does the work, we have to show Him that we want to change, with His graces and be better for Him.

How many times have we all said or heard someone say I don’t need to go to confession, because my sins aren’t that bad. Or, I don’t need to confess my sins to a priest, I can just confess them to God alone. We should confess our sins to God daily and ask for His forgiveness daily, however, how do we know we are forgiven? The Sacrament of Penance is one of the Seven Sacraments. God forgives, but it should never be an assumption on our part that He will always allow us to keep sinning as long as we keep coming back to Him for forgiveness. If you look at God’s mercy from this perspective, then you are assuming you can just keep sinning and God will always allow you to come back as long as you ask for forgiveness. You must ask for God’s graces to be transformed with confession to be changed into His image. We can always go back to Him for forgiveness no matter how bad the sin is, but we must always try and stop sinning. We have to remember that God knows our hearts. We should never assume that we can confess our sins later, or ask God to forgive later. James 5:16 tells us that we should confess our sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. It is in this confession of sin to another person that we try and understand the gravity of the sin against God and how we can work on stopping that particular sin. Even minor or venial sins can lead to mortal or serious sin if we don’t try and stop committing the sin. A good confessor can help us do that. Stop assuming your sins aren’t that bad and start showing God that you love Him enough to stop offending Him even in the most minor of sins. Sin weakens us Spiritually and leaves us vulnerable to more sin. Once this perpetual slippery slope keeps going into more sin, the enemy begins to lead us away from God. We start to compare ourselves to others and think we don’t need to confess anything because we are good people. Then, minor sins don’t look so bad. Then major sins we are committing aren’t so bad because we did a good act or deed for someone last week. Then we stop going to Church. The enemy just keeps us believing everything is okay until we have fallen deep into deception and the Holy Spirit pulls back and we have pulled away from God.

Also, good acts mean nothing if you have mortal sins on your soul. In Matthew 7: 21-23, Jesus tells us, “Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in Heaven.” Do you believe sin is the will of God Our Father? This scripture verse alone tells us that you can’t get into Heaven just on good deeds. You have to try and abstain from sin in addition to good deeds and loving your neighbor as yourself. Don’t ever allow anyone to tell you that sin no longer exists. It is a lie, and it is a lie from the enemy.

In Galatians 5:16-26, St. Paul tells us that we have to Live by the Spirit. He tells us that the Spirit opposes the flesh, and the flesh opposes the Spirit. What this means is if we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, the graces that God gives us allows us to have the strength to move away from the desires of the flesh. Likewise, if we don’t surrender and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, then we fall more easily into temptations of the flesh. This is how the enemy has been allowed to transform our whole world into the corruption we are living in today. We, as an entire world, have moved away from the Blessed Trinity and moved into the desires of our flesh and egocentric selves. The more our world becomes ego centered, and less God centered, the more God pulls away. He always gives us that choice from our own free will. If we choose ourselves over God, then He leaves us to our own vices and we don’t receive the virtues of His Sacred Heart. In Isaiah 1: 1-2, we learn the virtues of David were wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge, and fear of the Lord. These graces given to us from the Holy Spirit only come when we prove to Our Lord that we are worthy enough, like King David, to receive them. If we don’t strive to move away and abstain from all sin, then how do we expect to receive these virtues for transformation? Will we continue to sin during this transformation? Yes, but we have to show Jesus that we are trying to stop sinning and we ask Him to give us the graces to stop. Each one of us, no matter how far along our transformation, should continue to strive to be Saints because only God knows how far we have come and how far we still have left to go. If we believe we have made it, then we have allowed the enemy to deceive us, yet again. Don’t be deceived anymore. Go back to confession with a contrite heart and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you still need to confess and change.

When we are standing before Jesus during the Warning, WHO IS HOLY, we are going to be so ashamed of even the greatest and smallest of sins we have conducted, that we will all be running to the confessional to get them off our souls. Don’t wait to confess your sins because you may die and never get that chance again. Stop assuming you are good, and strive to be a Saint, and have fear of the Lord to know that He is HOLY and we are not. Sin is a burden that leads us into bondage. Virtues we receive from the Holy Spirit lead us to freedom, because we turn towards God and away from sin.

Here is another message from Jesus on Revelation Mary from February 1, 2016.

How do we know we are Carrying a Cross for Jesus as a Disciple for the Salvation of Souls?

When we truly repent of our sins with a contrite heart to Jesus, things begin to change! Sometimes we get an experience of actually feeling His Love in our hearts and a beautiful peace. Sometimes we may hear in our minds and truly feel like Jesus said “I Love You”. These are events that are hard to describe if you have never experienced it. St. Teresa of Calcutta had many visions and locutions of Jesus speaking to her saying, “I cannot go alone to the poor people, you carry me with you into them.” Mother Teresa received these visions and locutions for about a year and then a period of dryness, what the Doctors of the Faith call, the dark night occurred. But, Jesus knew this was enough along with the help of the Holy Spirit, to motivate St. Teresa to accomplish everything. Did her cross get heavy at times? Of course it did, but look at what she accomplished! You will know you are serving Jesus by the fruits you produce for Him, Luke 6: 43-45. This is the same for Prophets, Teachers and all Religious. If the fruits don’t point back to Jesus and God’s Word in the Holy Bible, then it is not coming from Jesus, Matthew 7: 16-20! Everything should always point back to Jesus and God Our Father. God has mercy, but it does not supersede His Law! Jesus said He came to fulfill the Law, not replace it, Matthew 5: 17-20. So, as we listen to Priests, Pastors, and Prophets, be sure and know their fruits!

As we grow in our Relationship with Jesus and we are transforming into His image, the cross may get heavy. What does this look like in life you ask? This can come in many ways depending on how God allows. Some of us get Cancer, some of us deal with the death of a loved one, some of us experience a traumatic event. But, these do not come from God you say? True, however He may allow them to occur to make us stronger in our faith, courage, hope and trust in Him to help us grow in our relationship with Him. The best well known example of this type of growth is Dr. Joyce Meyer. She was sexually and physically abused by her own father for many years as a child until Jesus delivered her from that tragic life. And, after all that, she forgave her father and he surrendered to Jesus before he died! Wow, what courage! Now, she evangelizes, gives her testimony on forgiveness and helps others get saved! If you are carrying a heavy cross right now, and offering up your pain and sorrow to Our Lord for the salvation of souls, you are serving Him! And, the more you surrender and come to Him with this cross, the more you grow in your Love for Him. He gives us these graces and sometimes it is hard for us to see them. Also, sometimes, it feels like we are going through the dark night, like St. Teresa of Calcutta, of dryness and not feeling His presence. This makes it difficult, but we have to remember our thoughts are not God’s thoughts, Isaiah 55: 8-11. He makes us more fruitful as we go through these trials with heavy crosses and we never understand until we get to the other side.

So, if you are carrying a heavy cross right now, chances are there is a reason for it that only God knows. Offer it up to Him and allow Him to give you graces to persevere. Ask for these graces to persevere and continue to offer up your pain and at times He may relieve the burden of the cross. It never hurts to seek healing from Priests, Pastors and Lay People who have received the gift of healing from the Holy Spirit, but know that God heals in His time, not ours. So, while you are waiting for that healing, study the lives of the Saints like St. Faustina, and St. Teresa of Calcutta. Also, study people like Dr. Joyce Meyer and understand that God is Our Creator and only He can allow the good, the bad, and the indifferent. If it helps to write or journal your thoughts on paper, do that too, but most importantly turn to Jesus through your suffering! The suffering doesn’t make us Saints. But, how we deal with suffering and turn to God so that He can use it to transform us, and serve others is the road to sainthood. So, if you are going to bear good fruit for Jesus, expect to see a cross somewhere along the way and pick it up and keep going! Never give up, because Jesus never gives up on us as sinners, and He wants all of us to be Saints. We just have to be able to see with our Spiritual eyes, that is His goal for all of us, no matter how much sin we have done. Repent of your sins and turn back to Jesus if you are suffering today and keep praying for His graces, and they will come! Sometimes the grace is learning how to be dependent on Him even for the small matters in life. Remember, we have to be like little children in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. And sometimes a heavy cross humbles us enough to let go of our egos and become like little children to come back to Him!

In the meantime I am posting another video from Revelation Mary preparing us for these times.

What do we do while waiting for Jesus in this 35 year time frame of Chastisement and Labor pains before Jesus returns?

As I have explained in previous posts, that the Holy Spirit revealed to me, we are in the 35 year period of Chastisement from the messages of Our Lady of La Salette. Our Mother Mary warned us that we would receive punishments, one after another for more than 35 years. The Holy Spirit did not reveal to me exactly where we are in this period of time, but based on research and how Planet X is slowly moving in, I believe we are two thirds or more into this period. Of course, God does not reveal to anyone specifically when He will allow His son to return, so we have to be perpetually ready, Matthew 24 : 36-44 and 1 Thessalonians 5 : 1-3. Most of the prophets I have listed on the Prophets and Bloggers page have been speaking on these times for at least 20 years or more. For those He has chosen to put out His messages have such a sense of urgency to serve Jesus that they can’t just stop. The Holy Spirit sets us on fire to speak for Jesus, especially in the end times. That is why I feel the Holy Spirit urging me to start this blog, so that you not only know what is coming, but to get ready Spiritually for Jesus to serve Him! We are all in this together as Christians and Disciples for Jesus and we are all continually growing in Love for Him and the Salvation of Souls. So, as I continue to write this blog, I will continue to update information as the Holy Spirit reveals to me what He wants me to write. Remember, we have to pray for the graces of courage and the truth daily because these events that are coming will get harder to deal with and evil will be spreading all over the world. This is not to discourage anyone, but to tell you that we always have Hope in Jesus Christ! He is our Living Water and we can’t do any of this without Him, John 4 : 10!

So, while we continue to learn what the Holy Spirit wants us to know, discern that it is the Holy Spirit, grow in the Love for Jesus, and the Love of others, we prepare daily like Jesus will come as a thief in the night. Read your scripture! Know your Bible! I can’t stress this enough because of the deception of the times we are living in, Matthew 7 : 15 -23. Constantly ask the Holy Spirit to tell you the truth. Constantly pray to Jesus to transform you into a child of God and do this with a contrite heart! As Catholics we ask for the intercessory help of the Angels and Saints and Our Mother Mary. I have to come realize that Our Mother Mary has a huge role in leading many souls to salvation and I say the Rosary daily to ask her to pray for me and my family to lead us all back to Jesus. Many people will not see Our Mother’s role until Miracles and Signs will be given at many Marian apparition sites such as Garabandal and Medjugorje. When we start to see a huge out pouring of the Holy Spirit, which will be after the Warning, we will see how big Our Mother’s role is in bringing souls back to Jesus! We have already seen in this blog how her prophecies over the centuries have shown us about these times and recently Planet X. Listen to this message given to Luz de Maria on October 11, 2016. In this message, Our Mother said the “Proximity” of the Great Comet will cause coastal cities to be flooded and the crops will wilt. I talked about the 70,000 witnesses at Fatima, of the miracle of the sun in 1917, at the beginning of this blog. Remember, that the witnesses not only saw the sun dance along with the amazing colors shooting off of it, but they also became terrified when it appeared that the sun was falling down on top of them from the sky! In addition, their clothes became dry after it had been raining on them. If this along with every other proof I have posted does not point to Planet X moving into our orbit, then I don’t know what else to write. Our Mother Mary did not say when the Comet hits the Ocean in Our Lady of Emmitsburg, she said the “Proximity”. As Planet X gets closer and closer over this period of 35 years, it will have devastating effects on our planet. I have explained this before about the magnetic pull that this giant Comet-Planet has on our planet, but you have to study and listen to Pastor Paul Begley’s show with Mike from around the World to get a very clear understanding.

If you don’t work on your relationship with Jesus, you are just going to end up like your average prepper. That is not the purpose of this blog. We are in the process of saving souls, so we work on our own souls first, then Jesus and the Holy Spirit guide us into what is in His will for us in these times. Also, please start praying for all of those who need Jesus and how you can serve Him to help the Lukewarm souls in the world and unrepentant sinners. If God has put it on your heart to share this blog, then please do so. But, remember, we are not trying to scare anyone, just save souls and prepare for what is coming so we can help Jesus save other souls, Revelation 3 : 14-21. Work on your relationship with Jesus and help others to work on their relationship with Him. If their spiritual eyes are not open, they may not be ready for this information. These are all important steps into understanding these times. If we are not ready Spiritually and have not responded to the Lord’s graces of Redemption and Salvation, we can’t go any further in helping others. That is why Jesus told His disciples to pick up their cross and follow Him. As your Love for Him grows, you will be glad to pick up your cross because you will start to understand His Will for you and the cross will not be as heavy. If life gets tough, you constantly turn back to Him for more Love and guidance. Jesus is the center of all of our lives and always should remain there as we live our normal daily lives on earth with our families. As we change, with the help of the Holy Spirit, and transform into a disciple for Jesus, our families will recognize the change and we can share Jesus with them. Always speak for Jesus and share with people the graces and blessings your receive because you will be sowing a seed for Him, even if it is small seed, Ecclesiastes 11: 6.

How do we Prepare Like Joseph in the Old Testament before we are led to a Refuge?

In the Old Testament, Joseph prepared the Pharaoh and Egypt for a seven year famine that God had warned Joseph about in Genesis 47: 13-27. Joseph prepared not only by storing up food, but he was also wise in bartering Pharaoh’s food for people’s riches, land and their hard labor to work for Pharaoh and the land of Egypt. God warned Joseph of this famine because He wanted Joseph and the Israelites to be able to prosper in this land, even though it belonged to Egypt. If Joseph had not been placed in the position he was in with the Pharaoh by God, he would not have been able give the information about the famine to the Pharaoh in order to prosper and survive. Because God knows what is coming for His people, He gives us instruction on how to survive! Why does God do this if we are all going to be raptured you ask? Because according to Prophet John Leary, some people will be brought back down to Earth to bring in the Era of Peace after we have been caught up in the clouds with Jesus. Also, we are going to have to survive the catastrophic weather events before we are caught up in the clouds with Jesus. God’s plan is for us to build these refuges, not only to be supernaturally protected before we are caught up in the clouds, but also for some to bring in the Era of Peace, Genesis 45: 6-8. So, we have to prepare as the remnant.

According to Prophet John Leary, we will be led to the refuges by our Guardian Angels. However, we need to store food and water in our homes for each person for up to possibly a year before we go to these refuges that Christians are preparing all over the world. When you start to listen to the posts by Luz de Maria and Pastor Paul Begley with Mike from Around the World, you will start to understand how bad things are going to get even before God’s tribulation period. If you have not seen the devastation of Hurricane Dorian on the Bahamas, take a look This Category 5 Hurricane is only a glimpse of what is coming as Planet X, or the Comet of Chastisement moves closer into our solar system. Not only will areas be devastated like the area of Abaco Islands in the Bahamas, but with no food, water, shelter or electricity, people will get desperate and start doing drastic things to survive. We are called by God to be an Army of Love, so we are not planning on hurting anyone to survive these times. But, we are being told to prepare by God through the prophets like Joseph was told to prepare.

You need to start storing non-perishable food and water now! Do not wait any longer because we don’t know when or if our own town, city or state is going to get affected with a catastrophic weather event. Also, like I said earlier in a post, we don’t know if our power grids for our cities could be affected by a Geomagnetic solar emanation or from an Electro Magnetic Pulse. If we have no power, it will not take long before people start running to all of the grocery stores to buy canned food and water. I am going to post some basic prepper videos that will help you get started, but this will be things you have to research and figure out what you need right now, and what can wait until you have some money to purchase later. Canned goods, toilet paper, and water you can get now. Later on, you can look at purchasing Sterno stove kits, generator, water filters, rain barrels to catch water, batteries, and flashlights, which are only a few items to think about. Also, In addition, if you get a small freezer, you can store frozen food for several months if you purchase a generator to run small appliances. If you purchase a generator, I would recommend purchasing a duel fuel generator that can run on gasoline or propane. That way, you don’t have to worry about storing up hundreds of gallons of gasoline. In addition, you don’t want a generator that will make a lot of noise because you don’t want to draw a lot of attention to yourselves if you are the only one on the block that has power. I believe we will be protected by Angels before we go to the refuge, but put some thought on not drawing any attention to your home during a catastrophic event. I am not an expert in this area, so do some research on all of this and use your best judgement and guidance from the Holy Spirit. We will all be praying as these events unfold and God will help us, but start preparing now, like Joseph prepared.

How do we Prepare Spiritually, Mentally and Physically for the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ?

Okay, this is the biggest question that needs to be answered right now because of the sense of urgency that a lot of Christians are feeling as we speak. Our first Mission is Salvation of Souls! If you have not given your life to Jesus, do it now. Get down on your knees, because we have to be humble and have a contrite of heart. Now, tell Jesus you are sorry for your sins and you want Him to come into your heart. You accept Jesus as the son of God Our Father in Heaven and you surrender to Him. This is our first step, because without Jesus, we can go no further. If you have not surrendered to Him, it will also make it difficult to get closer to Him and receive the graces of the Holy Spirit that moves us closer to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord. If you want to be a true disciple of Jesus, you have to surrender and work on your relationship with Him! You have to spend time with Him in the morning, afternoon, evening, whatever time you can give Him! You might say, I don’t have time, I’m too busy. You have to make time for Jesus! Your salvation and the salvation of others depends on it! Pray and talk to Jesus in the car, while taking the kids to school. Talk to Him at the grocery store. Talk to Him at work. Go to another part of your house, where it is quiet and spend time with Him in mental prayer. Jesus knows all of our thoughts, so you don’t have to pray or talk out loud. And you can talk to Jesus about anything, but most of all tell Him you LOVE Him. This is the beginning of preparing Spiritually which is the most important!

Next, I want to talk about prayer groups. The one thing I have noticed in the prophetic messages to the prophets I have posted in this blog is that Jesus and Mother Mary stress getting in prayer groups to help prepare for His return. I believe it is because Jesus wants us to be unified for what is coming in the natural disasters and He wants us to work together as His Church in defending His Word, the Bible. I am in three different prayer groups myself, but it is because I believe Our Lord has brought me to all of these prayer gatherings. It has not been easy to find people who have an understanding of the times we are in, but there are many people who are being called by God right now for this reason. Some people had this understanding many years ago, some of us recently. But, the Holy Spirit is working with many of us and He is wanting you to become a disciple for Jesus! The two prayer groups I am going to talk about right now is the Marian gathering with the Holy Spirit and also just a prayer group with the Holy Spirit! The first prayer group was mentioned by Mother Mary to another prophet in a prophetic message that I read on Mary Refuge of Holy Love. Also, And, The last post is a good description on how to start a prayer group. It is important to remember to allow the Holy Spirit to lead the prayer group. We all have to learn to remain humble and open to how He guides us in these groups, because it is our faith in Our Lord and the graces we receive from Him on how to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit. This will help us with the mental preparation we need for what is coming.

We have to understand that as sin grows, and darkness covers the earth, people will be so scared and start to abandon their faith. They will believe this is necessary in order to survive. But, this is where our faith In God will lead us to become the elect in Revelations 7: 9-17. Jesus explains to John that the elect are the ones who survive the time of great distress! Now, this may or may not mean physically, but I believe it will for some to bring in the Era of Peace. There will be many, many martyrs, but as I explained before with prophets John Leary and Lois Vogel Sharp there will also be refuges. These refuges are not just an allegorical place under God’s shelter in Psalm 91. These refuges will be a real area of protection that will be a supernatural protection area with God’s Holy Legions of Angels, Zephaniah 2:3, and Isaiah 26:19-20. There is no way, anyone is going to survive what is coming physically, unless you are Supernaturally protected by God. Please review the videos I have posted on the Prophets and bloggers page so that you have a clear understanding of how God has chosen certain homes, farms and locations as refuges. Prophet John Leary said that all of the Marian apparition sites and Holy sites will also be refuges. I have been to the Mary Refuge of Holy Love location in Ohio and have seen how they are preparing their location as a refuge. There is much preparation because if we have no electricity, due to a natural disaster or an EMP, Electro Magnetic Pulse, we will need solar energy or wind energy to help sustain the refuge. An EMP, is a weapon that our adversary can use in a war that disables power in grid blocks across an entire nation! If this is used, power could be down for several months. There are also Geomagnetic Pulses from our Sun that can also have the same effect of an EMP. The Department of Homeland Security has already put out a Preparedness Disaster Memo on this possibility. This proves to me that what Our Mother Mary said to prophet Gianna Sullivan about our Governments and Churches know what is coming with Planet X. The refuges will help us prepare physically, but you have to be led to these refuges by your Guardian Angel or the Holy Spirit. You will not be able to enter these refuges unless you are a child of God!

Biblical Prophecy and other Prophecy that appears to be Happening Now!

Now that you know our mission for Jesus, I want to go more into what looks like Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled and some prophecies that have been fulfilled by prophets I have posted on this blog. Luz de Maria is a Catholic woman from Argentina and has been a visionary and prophet since the 1990s. She has had many prophecies that are being fulfilled now and have already been fulfilled. Her messages from Jesus, Mother Mary or St. Michael the Archangel speak mostly on the catastrophic events occurring all over the world and the increase in sin. The most notorious prophecy that caught my eye was her prediction of the collapse of Venezuela. But, she also predicted the attack of the twin towers and a big earthquake in Japan. I have posted Luz de Maria’s web page to the Prophets and Bloggers page of this blog. Our Mother Mary has also informed Luz de Maria of a celestial body that is entering our solar system. For me, this is more confirmation that Planet X is the Comet of Chastisement that Our Mother Mary has been warning us about. Since Planet X is seven times the size of Earth, it is too big to hit our planet without completely destroying it. But, it is the magnetic pull of the exoplanets around Planet X that is causing the magnetic shifting of the poles and what will bring in all of the debris that will hit the earth as it gets closer. Mike from around the world on Pastor Paul Begley’s program that does the best job in explaining how Planet X affects Earth.

Pastor Paul Begley is the best Biblical Prophecy expert that I have found that does a great job of showing that Biblical Prophecy has been fulfilled or looking like it is coming to fulfillment. I listened to his program regularly and most specifically when Mike from around the World is giving an update on the events that are occurring from Planet X. The reason I feel like the Holy Spirit has prompted me to start this blog is because all of these events, weather related, political, economical, and the violence that has been escalating so quickly, I believe people have to see this now! Especially if the Warning is coming soon! Time is of most importance, not only for our salvation, but for those that Jesus wants us to help save! If you start following these bloggers and prophets that I have listed and you pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit, you will start to see with your Spiritual Eyes what other Christians and I have been seeing. Jesus needs His army of Love to serve Him in these end times and we don’t actually know how soon it will be before He returns! Again, this is not to put fear in anyone, but to prepare you Spiritually first for your salvation, then mentally, and lastly physically. Prophets John Leary as well Lois Vogel Sharp and many others are saying to store at least six months to one year of food for each member in your household. This is because the more the catastrophic weather events get worse, the chances are higher we will start to experience famine. These weather events could wipe out power in some areas for weeks or months at a time and are starting to devastate crops all over the world. If you don’t have a lot of money, just start buying a few canned goods at a time and bottled water. I will go more into basic prepping videos at a later time on another post.

Some of the Biblical Prophecy that appears to be starting to be fulfilled is President Trump moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem in support of Israel. The Jewish Council of Sanhedrin created a coin with the picture of Trump on one side and King Cyrus on the back. If you aren’t familiar with King Cyrus, he is the Babylonian King that God used to bring the Jews back out of exile from Israel. The minting of this coin is reflecting that the Jewish people believe Trump could be their political messiah they have been waiting for, which could lead to the building of the Third Temple. In addition, a red Heifer calf was born on September 5, 2018. In the Old Testament, a red Heifer calf with no blemish was offered as a sacrifice on the altars to God, Numbers 19:1-10. The Sanhedrin are constantly looking for signs of the coming of their political messiah because they do not see Jesus as the “Messiah” that fulfills scripture. Right now, Jared Kushner is working on a Peace Plan to be presented from the United States to Israel and the Middle East. It does not appear to be going over very well when he presented the Economic portion of the proposed peace plan, however he is still working on it.

Evil and darkness is growing, 2 Timothy 3:1-9. I know you have recognized the mass shootings and violence increasing all over the world, but have you seen the evil in books, pagan worship increasing, and the increase of sin in television and the media? In Our Lady of La Salette, Our Mother said that the demons and devil will put an end to the faith little by little. Evil books will be abundant on Earth and the spirits of darkness will spread everywhere. This Illuminati, One World Order has influenced our children in movies, music and books. Harry Potter, although seems like a good children book series, glorifies witch craft as a good thing. TV programs like the show Lucifer, glorifies the devil. The music industry is glorifying violence in popular artists songs. All of this indecent and sinful propaganda is influencing our kids into believing not only are these things okay, but good, Isaiah 5:20. Remember, Our Mother Mary also warned us about this in Our Lady of Good Success. She said, the Masonic sects will focus primarily on the children in order to sustain this corruption. So, if you allow your children to listen, watch, and read these things, you are helping the enemy use propaganda to corrupt their hearts. The subversion tactic by the enemy is used constantly against us especially with the increase in technology of the internet. We have to be very careful about what we are reading, looking at with our eyes, and listening to, Romans 12:2. Jason A, is another End time Youtuber that posts very good information about current events in the world and the infiltration of the Illuminati in Hollywood.

The Warning or Illumination of Conscience

I have already mentioned some of the bloggers that have been doing this for a while that have also been informed by the Holy Spirit on what to write for Our Lord. God is constantly calling us into service when we surrender because He needs souls like you to be a vessel to save all souls. This is not something that pops into our heads. This is a prompting by the Holy Spirit and we serve Jesus by listening and putting into action that prompting. The reason I mention this is because if you are a new follower of Jesus Christ, all of this will sound very strange and bizarre until your Spiritual eyes are opened. If one of the things that a prophet or a blogger I have posted in this blog offends you, that is not my intention. The enemy has a way of putting fear in our hearts to make us believe we are not following Jesus if we do this or don’t do this or listen to this. Those are just thoughts. When you learn how to discern from the Holy Spirit, you feel it in your heart first, then as you get better at understanding of this tugging at your heart or soul, you begin to understand discernment. Because someone says something that you don’t like, doesn’t mean he or she is not getting a prophetic word from God. As my friend always says, you have to take the meat of the message and leave the bones, Luke 9: 23-24. God is speaking to all Christians who pick up their cross and follow Him, and we have to learn to put our differences aside and fulfill His Will, especially as the persecution of all Christians gets worse!

Blogger Mary Refuge of Holy Love has done an excellent job of giving the details of this Warning, which I will post, but first let me touch on how this Warning that Jesus is going to give us is related to His Divine Mercy. As I said before, Jesus wants all of God’s children to come to Him for their salvation before it is too late. When the antichrist makes his appearance, he is going to be so charismatic and charming and appear to be so holy, that if you have not surrendered to Jesus, and reading Scripture regularly, and using discernment from the Holy Spirit, you will be deceived! There is already deception now in the world with the news and the One World Order trying to control our governments and in our churches! Just imagine how bad it is going to be many years from now, when the cup of iniquity is full! Some of you may say, well the Warning is not in Scripture, so I am not going to believe it. Remember, in the book of Revelations, Chapter 10, there is an angel that gives John a small scroll to eat that tastes sweet, but then turns his stomach sour. This is a reminder that as events unfold in the end times, we don’t have all of the information. Some of it is kept hidden for reasons only Our Lord knows. Because this Warning that Jesus spoke of to St. Faustina, and Mother Mary at Garabandal, and now Prophets such as John Leary explain it as being so critical, I feel like the Holy Spirit wants us to focus on this and make it a mission for Jesus!

Not only is it critical to the salvation of our loved ones souls, but all souls for Jesus! As Prophet John Leary goes into detail about the Warning, that we will have about 6 weeks before we are led to a refuge by our Guardian Angels, the antichrist will make his appearance to start deceiving many into believing he is our savior. We could already be at war at this time and have had many catastrophic natural disasters and experiencing famine! So, people will be looking for anything or anyone that will help them survive! John Leary also explains when Jesus shows us our sins, He will also advise us not to take the mark of the beast, Revelations 13:16-17. In case you haven’t heard yet, people all over the world, are starting to put micro chips in their bodies to buy and sell food, and open their car doors, their homes and to store personal medical data or bank information. There are also Tattoos you can get that have this micro chip technology in it, so you don’t even have to get it implanted now So, if we have chaos all around us and we have a person telling us if we join together in One Government so we don’t starve to death, you may be deceived into believing this is your only hope to survive. This all sounds scary and gruesome, but the truth is we have to choose Jesus now to build up our Faith and Trust so that we don’t fall to temptation in the final test! Jesus will show us this when we are experiencing the Warning with Him. The Warning is for every person on earth the age of seven and higher.

After the Warning takes place, the One World Order and the media are going to do everything they can to tell us it did not take place. That will be the biggest deception from the enemy, and if we don’t work for Jesus to tell the truth, then many souls will be lost. This is because if you get the chip, either in your body, or on your body in a tattoo, you have already taken the mark of the beast and lost your soul, Revelations 13: 11-18. Do not listen to any pastor or priest if he or she is telling you God will understand if you are starving to death and you take the mark of the beast to save yourself and your family. No, this is why you have to read God’s Word and know His Word, the Bible. Then you have to pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment when reading Scripture and He will reveal the truth to you. I will post here the Warning and what it is and then I will explain more. All of the prophecies that have been given about the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience is listed and description of events that take place. There is also a booklet that Mary Refuge of Holy Love has listed by a Father Philip Bebie. Father Bebie is now deceased, but he wrote the booklet in hopes to explain how critical it is to evangelize the world in order to turn people back to God so that the Chastisement doesn’t occur. Anything can happen with God’s graces and mercy, so if we do all we can to help Jesus save souls, maybe He will just shoot the Comet of Chastisement or Planet X back out of our solar system. We always have to have hope in Jesus Christ. He is merciful and loving and He got this from God Our Father, who has always been merciful to His children.

So, this is going to be our MISSION for Jesus because I believe this single event of Jesus’ Divine Mercy of appearing to every soul on earth to show us our sins is going to be the event that spreads the gospel throughout the world! Matthew 24:14. Do I believe the gospel has already been preached to all the nations? No. Many people have done an excellent job of trying to reach all of the nations, but we aren’t quite there yet. So, my mission in writing this blog for Jesus is to unite us to accomplish this mission and your mission as a disciple of Jesus Christ is to understand your role in spreading the gospel to all of the nations! All Christians believe that we are going to have a renewed evangelization when the Holy Spirit comes and sets us all on fire for the Love of Jesus! The Warning or Illumination of Conscience will be that fire we have all been waiting for!

Don’t be afraid! Become a disciple of Jesus Christ and put on the Armour of God! Ephesians 6:10-20.

God Has a Plan!

Now that we have discussed how it appears we are in the labor pains of the birth of a New Heaven and New Earth and the Era of Peace. Let’s discuss what a lot of Christians, Catholic and Non-Catholic have been having a difference of opinion about for a while now. Will God’s Church be raptured or caught up prior to the Tribulation. We Catholics don’t believe in rapture, because we know we will go through the Tribulation before the final judgement from Our Lord Jesus Christ. But, we do know that the Scripture tells us we will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, 1 Thessalonians 4:17. Catholic teaching does not go into detail on this, but John Leary, a Catholic Prophet, states this in his video on End Times, Part 1. John explains that we will be led to a refuge by our guardian angels and protected by God’s Holy Angels until the end of the 3 days of darkness, but prior to God’s wrath on the non-believers and evil that has taken over the Earth. John stated that Our Lord told him we will be caught up in the clouds with Jesus until the wrath of God has wiped out all of the evil. John Leary did not say that Our Lord told him about Planet X, but that this would be done by the Comet of Chastisement! I believe Planet X, which has seven exoplanets, will bring about the debris in their orbits that will hit the earth in Revelations 8: 3-12. This is also what Pastor Paul Begley believes could happen. Prophet John Leary also states that while we are caught up with Jesus in the clouds, some will be taken to Heaven and some will be brought back down to bring in the Era of Peace and the 1,000 year reign of Christ Spiritually. Some people will believe this, some will not. I believe the Holy Spirit is telling me this is true and this also lines up with Scripture. God will not punish us with His wrath in Revelations, Chapter 16, because He loves us and we have already been harvested by Jesus, in Revelations 14 : 14 – 16.

Confirmation for John Leary’s prophecies come from Christian Prophet Lois Vogel Sharp. Lois also explains in her videos that God Our Father gives her multiple visions, dreams and Prophetic words that all of God’s children need to seek refuge to a safe haven. Lois’ video is also listed on the prophets and bloggers page on this blog. Lois stated that we will be protected by God’s angels in these safe havens and compares God’s protection to that of the Israelites traveling through the desert in the book of Exodus. Both of these prophets speak volumes to my heart because how else would anyone survive what is coming unless you are supernaturally protected by God’s angels? In addition, who would bring in the 1,000 year reign of Christ? Unbelievers that suddenly become a believer just before God’s wrath? No, God has already chosen those of us who will be martyred Christians during these times, those who will die as a believer in a Chastisement and be martyred, and those of us who will survive the time of distress and bring in the Era of Peace. Revelations, 13: 5-10 states, “The beast was given a mouth uttering proud boasts and blasphemies, and it was given authority to act for forty-two months. It opened it’s mouth to utter blasphemies against God, blaspheming His name and His dwelling and those who dwell in Heaven. It was also allowed to wage war against the Holy ones and conquer them, and it was granted authority over every tribe, people, tongue, and nation. All of the inhabitants of the earth will worship it, all whose names were not written from the foundation of the world in the book of life, which belongs to the Lamb that was slain. Whoever has ears ought to hear these words, Anyone destined for captivity goes into captivity. Anyone destined to be slain by the sword shall be slain by the sword. Such is the faithful endurance of the Holy ones.” Prophet Lois Vogel Sharp believes in the rapture, but she knows we will go through some trials and tribulation before God’s wrath and caught up with Jesus in the clouds to be taken to Heaven. We all would like to have a pain free death and I am sure there is much skepticism about all of this information. However, what is most important, is our salvation and the salvation of souls for Jesus. We could go back and forth on what is or is not going to happen, but what we need to unify on, as Christians, is that we must save souls! Psalm 91 is the most eye opening when reading about a refuge and how both of these prophets are speaking the truth.

If you don’t take away anything from this blog, please know that is my service for Jesus in sharing with you this information. It is not to say that I am right, or Lois Vogel Sharp is right, or Pastor Paul Begley is right. All I have done is piece together what I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me and and other Christians around the world to show you that it appears we could be in the end times and a thirty five year period of chastisement prior to the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ. If you continue to follow this blog, great! I plan on continuing to add many things that I believe the Holy Spirit is showing me in these end times. Please also be aware that none of these prophets or bloggers have conferred with me on anything that I feel the Holy Spirit has revealed to me in this blog. I have just taken what Jesus and God Our Father has told them and put this together in my blog, because I believe their prophetic word to be true and complete to the Bible and the events that are about to unfold. There will be a few things that we all will not agree on, because out of God’s beautiful Wisdom, He continues to be a mystery in His full plan of Revelations.

So, if God’s plan is to send us to a refuge or safe haven for protection, what do we need to do prior to that time? Spread the gospel of course! For those of us that God has graced with this information, we must go out and help other lukewarm souls either to come back to Jesus and surrender, or bring others to salvation that have never known Jesus. How do we do that you ask? As I said in the beginning of this blog, you have to surrender first and work on your own transformation, then you have to get used to being obedient to God’s Will with the help of the Holy Spirit, and finally you have to follow where the Holy Spirit leads you to people to be saved. This all does take time, but I believe we have some time yet, because we are still at the second seal in Revelations. The next big event that we need to get prepared for to help Jesus is the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience. The blogger, Mary Refuge of Holy Love has done an excellent job of putting together information on the Warning in preparing us not only what to look for, but what we need to focus on for serving Jesus when this occurs. I will speak extensively about this on the next post, because I believe this is how the gospel is going to be spread all over the world quickly, and fulfills Bible Prophecy in Matthew 24 :14 and Acts 2:17.

How Do Marian and Saint Prophecies and Scripture tie in with the current historic weather phenomena and economic events that are occurring now?

I have given you a chronological time line of the warnings we have received from various Saints and Our Mother Mary on the slow corruption of our society and how the enemy has slowly decayed our world because of sin. Now, I am going to explain to you what I believe the Holy Spirit has shown many others and me of how God Our Father is going to allow the Chastisements to bring our world into the coming Tribulation and Era of Peace. In the last post, we covered the apparitions of Our Lady at Emmitsburg. In these messages from Our Mother, she spoke of natural disasters increasing and animals dying all over the world, most specifically fish. Our Mother also warned Gianna Sullivan of the increase in Mega Mergers of Banks and Corporate Institutions, A Cashless society around the world, forces of power restricting our freedom around the world, and Philanthropists exerting their monetary influence on world power that will affect the economy. Wow, Gianna Sullivan has received messages on everything that has already happened or is happening now!

The Illuminati, otherwise known as the One World Order, New World Order, or Elites is the biggest deception in our world governments today. The One World Order is a secret society that started out as Freemasons and has morphed into a huge world power that has everyone believing that they are just a made up conspiracy theory. This humanistic, man is his own god, ideology is a real concept adopted by some of the wealthiest people in the world. A secret society whose ultimate goals are a One World Government, One Currency, and One Religion without God. They have Luciferian beliefs in the depopulation of the entire world from billions to millions or less to save on natural resources. This video by Jan Markell is the best explained presentation of how this ideology of a One World Government was initiated. Although the information she discusses about our Pope is disparaging, we have to continue to pray for our Pope, and understand that we have no control on what is happening in our church. I have realized with the help of the Holy Spirit, everything that is occurring is still being allowed and controlled by God and we just have to keep praying for the truth to be revealed. We, as the elect, have to continue to pray for the truth and what Our Lord’s Will is for us in these times. Also, Prophet John Leary explains this in his video about the End Times, Part Two.

If you notice in Jan Markell’s presentation, she talks about the corruption of the children, which is exactly what Our Mother warned us about in the apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success. This presentation by Markell does an excellent job of showing us how the One World Order is trying to push us towards the coming of the antichrist. Like Markell said, who knows if all the people involved in this push, including the Pope, knows if they are moving us towards this One World Government. Some of these people could be doing these things with good intentions, however, we know the spiritual battle of the enemy and how the enemy is using every resource possible to move us into this direction. So, no point in getting angry at any particular person or group, and just start praying to Jesus on what He wants us to do to serve Him. If we are going to serve Jesus, we have to pray for His graces to be able to love all of His children enough to get past the anger and save souls before it is too late.

Next, we will address the increased weather phenomena we are having all over the world that Our Mother Mary warned us about in Our Lady of Emmitsburg. Carlos Ferrada was a Chliean Astonomer that discovered a “Comet – Planet” in the 1940s through his research that he named Hercolubus. He discovered that this Planet that looks like a Comet, because it’s tail that has red space radiation charged debris. He claimed this binary system is coming into our solar system and will cause devastating effects on our planet.

What does this have to do with Mother Mary’s prophecies? I believe the Holy Spirit is telling us that Hercolubus or Planet X is the great Chastisement Our Mother has been warning us about! If you have ever studied Mother Mary’s prophecies in great detail, and compare it to Revelations in the Bible, it seems that the Chastisement she is referring to is probably one of the stars or asteroids that hit the earth in Revelations, 8 : 5 -12. But, what the Holy Spirit has shown me and others is that God is bringing this Comet-Planet into our Solar system to cause all of these devastating events in Revelations all the way through God’s wrath to wipe out the evil and save the elect! If this sounds too far fetched to you, keep reading. I have many things that the Holy Spirit has shown us as this being the truth. There are many novice astronomers and Christians looking for this Planet X, but what is even harder to believe is that the Elites, or the One World Order has known about this bianary system coming into our solar system for a while and are preparing for its devastating effects on our planet Earth. Why, you ask? Because they have the goal of depopulating the earth from billions of people to millions of people and what better way than to not tell the world about an unknown binary system that will wipe out most of the human population for them. Ex Special Forces, and now Investigator, John Moore discovered this fact many years ago and is traveling around our country trying to prepare as many people as possible who will listen. John Moore also said that if our governments do announce this, it might cause so much terror, that everyone will push to move off all coastal areas halting commerce and interrupting the global economy., also

Now, I know some of these videos are long, but as I said before, you have to look at the big picture and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Pastor Paul Begley has done an excellent job of doing this by getting people on his End Times Prophecy show that not only stay up with current events in Bible prophecy, but also on what the effects of Planet X is currently doing to our planet Earth. Pastor Paul has on his show a Christian, who calls himself, Mike from around the World. Mike has been studying Planet X for many years and has compared it to Revelations and Scripture and has predicted the weather phenomena that is occurring right now. In fact, Pastor Paul Begley has even been able to identify Scripture with this Planet X that will possibly cause a magnetic pole shift, a crustal shift, and an Axis shift. This means that the devastation will be so tremendous that it will cause geographical changes around the world! Read Isaiah 13:13, Isaiah 24: 1, and Isaiah 24:20.

In fact, all of the Christians I have posted on this blog all have one thing in common, and that is that they are all prophesying the same thing! They may not all be in the same exact words, because Our Lord speaks to each differently, but they are all pointing to end times, and Revelations and they all line up with Mother Mary’s Prophecies on the great Chastisement that she has been warning us about. Most specifically, this message that Gianna Sullivan got from Mother Mary in the 1990s. Our Mother said that even our governments and Church authorities know of this star’s aligning and its implications upon you! This is the same thing that John Moore said about Planet X in his investigations and research. Mother Mary said approximately 50 to 70 percent of the Earth’s population will cease to exist and 60 percent of those that will survive will die of disease and starvation. Again, if this is the first time you have read this, please don’t be afraid because Our Mother also said prayers can mitigate these events. God Our Father is merciful, but what He is trying to do is wake us up from our Spiritual slumber and repent! Our World has turned away from Him and if He doesn’t allow these events to happen, then we, His children, would end up destroying ourselves and all of His creation on this planet. By allowing Planet X, or the binary system to enter into our solar system and cause these catastrophic weather events, some people will turn back to Him!

If the One World Order knows about this Planet X and are preparing, how does this tie in with Revelations you ask? Because as we go through these thirty five years of chastisements that Our Mother has warned us about in La Salette, the angels will be busy separating the sheep from the goats and this will form the elect that is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life in Revelations. Myself and many others in our Marian prayer group felt compelled to get this message out to those who search for the truth. If you work on your own repentance and transformation into a child of God, not only are you asking Jesus to come into your life for your own salvation, but you could serve Jesus in these times for the salvation of all souls. When I get done telling you all that we currently know that the Holy Spirit has revealed to us, then we can talk about how we can serve Jesus and help Him save souls in these end times. There is still a plan that Our Lord will have for us after we get through the tribulation and I will explain that on the next post. This is where the modern day prophets that I have posted on the prophet and blogger page have been told by Our Lord that we will be led to a refuge.

Marian Prophecies and Saint Prophecies Continued

So, we see that Our Mother Mary is telling us centuries before, that corruption is not only going to take place in our Catholic Church, but also in society. The devil has unloosed his demons and he asked Jesus to allow him to destroy the Catholic Church. We also see that with the help of Freemasons and Illuminati, the enemy is succeeding in slowly removing God from our countries and replacing Our Lord with paganism and sin. I am saving the discussion of the Illuminati towards the end because I want to get into a chronological time line of Our Saints Prophecies and more Mother Mary prophecies to explain how much we have been warned about what was coming.

I started with Pope Leo XIII who had his vision in 1884 about the conversation between Jesus and the devil.

But, let me go back even further to Saint Francis of Assisi in 1181. St. Francis told his order before he died, these words. It is unclear if he had a vision from God, but this is what he said. “Malice of wicked will increase. Perplexities and dissentions, both spiritual and temporal abroad. The devils will have unusual power. Very few Christians, who will obey Sovereign Pontiff and the Roman Church. At this time of Tribulation, a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the Pontificate. Who, by his cunning, will endeavor to draw many into error and death. Many Priests will be divided and will not oppose error. Much diversity and schisms. Even elect will be led into error, were they not specifically guided, and such great confusion. Those who preserve their fervor and adhere to virtue with love and zeal for the truth, will sufferer injuries and persecutions as rebels and schismatics.”

Our Lady of Good Success 1610-1634, written on previous post.

Our Lady of La Salette 1846, written on previous post.

Pope Leo XIII, 1884, written on previous post.

Our Lady of Fatima, 1917. Our Mother Mary appeared to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal. The children had a vision of hell. Our Mother said if we didn’t repent and consecrate Russia to her immaculate heart, we will suffer from abandoning the Christian faith and embracing communism. Our Mother is warning us about communism and how Russia will spread it’s errors. She is also warning us about how bad sin encompasses our world and to pray and make sacrifices for the salvation of souls. Miracle of the Sun was witnessed on October 13, 1917 during the last apparition of Our Mother to the three children. Rain was pouring from the heavens when 70,000 to 100,0000 people showed to witness the apparition. Our Mother informed them, she was Our Lady of the Rosary. She pointed towards the sun, the sun became pale, St. Joseph appeared with the child Jesus in his arms as an apparition to the children. The sun had taken on an extraordinary color, it threw shafts of light one way and another. One witness said, you could look at the sun without it hurting your eyes. Then the sun appeared to be falling from the sky on to the earth. It terrified the witnesses because they thought the sun was falling on them, and suddenly the sun went back to it’s original position in the sky. The consecration of Russia to the Immaculate heart was never conducted by any of the Popes from 1917 until today. Pope John Paul II consecrated the “whole world” to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, but not specifically Russia. The reason I go into detail on what the sun did, which was reported as a real event in 1917, is because this has relevance to what I am going to explain about the extreme weather phenomena we have been having all over the world in the last several years. I will explain this more in detail in a later post.

Saint Faustina Kowalska, 1931. Saint Faustina was a Nun who had visions of Jesus in her convent. St. Faustina kept a diary of her visions with Our Lord and recorded all of her conversations as directed by a Spiritual Director Priest. In her diary, Our Lord informed St. Faustina of a day of Divine Mercy, where His Mercy will pour out over every soul on the earth and He will show all of us our past sins in an individual period of time with Him. In this act of Divine Mercy from Jesus, we will have one last chance to repent and turn away from sin and towards His Divine Mercy. This Warning of Divine Mercy occurs before Jesus’ Second Coming when He judges everyone on earth. This Warning will also be talked about by Our Mother Mary at Our Lady of Garanbandal apparition in 1961. Catholic Prophet John Leary speaks about this Warning extensively in his videos I have posted on the Prophets Page of this blog. In addition, Mary Refuge of Holy Love also has extensive information on this Warning experience before the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I will go into great detail later about what I believe our mission is for Jesus after this Warning, also called the Illumination of Conscience, occurs.

Saint Padre Pio, 1950. St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina was a Friar that became the first stigmatist priest in 1918. He also received many charisms in which he could read a person’s soul during confession and he had many visions from Jesus. St. Padre Pio once told a Catholic Priest in 1960 named Father Amorth that “Satan would come to rule a false church”. During his life time, St. Pio also warned his friar brothers about the three days of darkness. Three days of darkness is mentioned several times in the Bible. It was the ninth plague out of the ten plagues God cast down against the Egyptians (Exodus 10 : 21). It is also is in Matthew 24 : 29. “Immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” This sounds like total darkness except fire falling from the sky. Lastly, Revelations 6:12. “Then I watched while he broke open the the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; the sun turned as black as dark sackcloth, and the whole moon became like blood. The stars in the sky fell to the earth like unripe figs shaken loose from the tree in a strong wind.” This vision St. Pio had lines up with Scripture during the Tribulation. Catholics do not believe in rapture, but after reading 1 Thessalonians 4:17, the Holy Spirit gave me an understanding of what Prophet John Leary said in his videos about what the Lord told him. See John Leary’s Conference Talk Part 2 on the page of Prophets and Bloggers.

Our Lady Of Garabandal, 1961. Again, Our Mother appeared to four girls in Garabandal, Spain. Our Mother told them a great Miracle would occur for unbelievers and a permanent sign at Garabandal. Also, a Warning would come in which Jesus would appear to every soul on earth and show them their past sins so that they could turn back to Him. We will see interiorly, the good and the evil we have done. Our Mother also said if we don’t change after the Warning, a great Chastisement to the world would come. The cup of iniquity was filling up and we needed to convert for the sake of humanity. Our Mother Mary told the children about this great Warning and why it was so important. It is because when we each have this moment with Jesus, and we are given the fate of our soul, He is giving us a second chance to come back to Him with all of heart, mind and soul. This Warning has not occurred yet, but as we see the cup of iniquity filing up, we know in our hearts this Warning could occur at any time. We must unite for Jesus now, and especially after the Warning, because that will be when the gospel is preached to the whole world. We are the elect that will spread the gospel for people to repent and turn back to God (Matthew 24:14).

Our Lady of Akita, Japan, 1973. Our Mother appeared to Sister Agnes Sasagawa. Our Mother told Sister Agnes that a great chastisement from the Father would befall the world, if it did not change its course of sin. A great fire will come from heaven, a punishment greater than the flood. Again, Our Mother warns us of a chastisement of fire on the world if we did not repent of our sins and turn back to God. Our Mother has been asking us to repent over and over again and yet we still, as a world go deeper and deeper in sin.

Finally, we have had many, many more apparitions from Our Mother that has not been approved by our Catholic Church. Medjugorje, Herzegovina is where six children in 1981 started receiving apparitions of Our Mother Mary on a regular basis that still occur today. These children, who are adults now, have received secrets from Our Mother that are not to be released until she advises. Our Catholic Church has not approved these messages, but continue to allow pilgrimages because of the powerful conversion of sinners. Our Catholic Church does not normally make decisions until all of the apparitions cease.

Also, in Conyers, Georgia, an American woman by the name of Nancy Fowler received messages from Our Mother Mary and Our Lord Jesus Christ. Nancy Fowler received many messages in 1990 until 1999 and drew thousands of pilgrims, but these visions were never approved by the Catholic Church. Again, Our Lord Jesus warned of Russia and China and North Korea, which are all communist lead countries.

Lastly, in Emmitsburg, Maryland, an American woman by the name of Gianna Sullivan received messages from Our Mother Mary between 1993 to 2000. These apparitions were also never approved b the Catholic Church. Gianna Sullivan was also told about the Warning and God’s last act of Mercy. So, not only did Gianna Sullivan speak about the Warning, but she also spoke about the natural disasters that will increase all over the world. Now, what I noticed was different in these apparitions and messages from Our Mother Mary is that Our Mother was speaking on natural disasters that will increase. In earlier messages, She spoke on Chastisements and punishments that will come one after another, but in these messages to Gianna Sullivan, Our Mother was even more detailed in her description of future events. I will speak more on this in the next post.

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