Lois Vogel Sharp gets a Prophetic message from God Our Father, explains the Safe Havens and gets a visitation from an Angel.

In this prophetic message from Lois Vogel Sharp on March 29, 2020, she explains a Prophetic message from God Our Father about a time of suffering. God explains that He loves us, but we will go through suffering as His Children because of the times we are living in. God protects His Children, but that we will have to endure some suffering as plagues continue to come. This is what we, in this blog, explained the other day that this is part of our purgatory on Earth before Jesus renews the Heaven and Earth. There are Non-Catholic Christians that don’t believe in purgatory, but this is the suffering that we will all have to endure that is part of the plague or chastisements and time of distress that is explained in the Book of Revelations. Lois does an excellent job of explaining this type of suffering that we will all have to endure whether we are God’s Children or not, but we can still rebuke the evil that has come upon the Earth. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ymbR3li0USk&t=24s.

Lois also does an excellent job of explaining the safe havens in scripture, in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 12, which is also what we have explained in this blog in a previous post. Lois explains how the safe havens are being built right now, but it is not time to go to these safe havens. In this blog, we are following what Prophet John Leary is saying that Our Guardian Angels will come for us to take us to a Permanent Refuge, when God sends them to us. Lois Vogel Sharp was told by God Our Father that the Holy Spirit will guide you to the safe havens when the time is right. Lois still believes this time frame to go to the safe havens is still one to two years away. But, what Lois also does is explain to Non-Catholic Christians that there is no pre-tribulation rapture. God Our Father explained to her that His Children will be caught up with Jesus, but it will not happen until God’s wrath will come upon the evil in the world. This is the same information that Jesus has given to Catholic Prophet John Leary. Jesus explained to John Leary that God’s Children will be caught up with Jesus in the clouds after we have entered the refuges and before God’s wrath. Jesus also told John Leary that we will then be brought back down to Earth after He has renewed it. So, this period of time in the refuges and safe havens will be around three and a half years or less.

In the video from Lois Vogel Sharp on March 27, 2020, Lois and her husband Gary got a visitation from an Angel. The Angel told Lois that it was important that she get the safe havens competed because we are in very serious times. The Angel explained that this is Daniel’s time line and the time line will not change. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FWWt8mup8JE. Lois reads from the Book of Ezra, Chapter 7 that speaks of getting the gold and silver to the Priests and Levites in a speedily manner. Lois is telling her listeners that people have to help with the building of the safe havens. There are many people that have built the permanent refuges and have been for the last 30 years that have followed John Leary, but it is not time to go the refuges either. There will be many more catastrophic weather events and more plagues to come before God will take us to these refuges and safe havens. This is not to scare anyone, but we have to Trust and have Faith in Our Lord that He will guide us when the time is right.

This is the time to work on your Relationship with Jesus and your Spiritual growth with the Blessed Trinity. Because we have no control over how long it will be before we are able to get back out, we must use every opportunity we have to grow Spiritually. It is not a time to get angry, or depressed, but to call out to Jesus and Surrender our lives to Him. Once we Surrender, then we can start to ask the Holy Spirit to guide us to what He wants us to learn. Once the Holy Spirit begins to Transform us in to Christ’s image, we begin to receive the graces of courage and love for God. This transformation will help us to become Disciples for Jesus as we get closer to the Warning. We must do this daily to continue to receive the graces, and we must read God’s Word to receive understanding of the times we are in. If you are unaware of what the Warning is or Illumination of Conscience, you must go back and read the many posts we have written about the Warning in this blog. Being prepared will also help us to be better Disciples for Jesus to serve Him in these times.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

2 Replies to “Lois Vogel Sharp gets a Prophetic message from God Our Father, explains the Safe Havens and gets a visitation from an Angel.”

  1. Can you please stop mentioning Catholic word? Because religion won’t help us to get saved. Christ doesn’t care our sects or congregations. It’s just our love for our brothers. No religion can save us. Many people in the world regardless of religion, whom he have called. Many, many, so many. And many of them are not catholics.
    So please stop mentioning Catholic because, actually we know that the false prophet is the Pope.
    Although he is not a catholic cause he’s a pagan. But please, no religion can save us. We all know that. That’s what’s all the modern true propheta been saying.


    1. Hi Jupiter, I appreciate your comment. Jesus is the Church and I agree with you that He wants all of His Children to come together and love each other, so we are speaking the same language. But, I do believe in Catholicism because of the Love I have been taught, just like other denominations feel that same Love they have been taught about the Blessed Trinity. We must all come together and not judge anybody, even the Pope, because that is not our place, but belongs to Jesus. So, the best way for us to serve Jesus is to work together, and to obey the Holy Spirit in what He is guiding us to do. If you feel guided to a non-denominational Church by the Holy Spirit, we support you. Thank you for your comment, but this is how we operate by the guidance of the Holy Spirit in this blog.


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