John Paul Jackson Knew What was Coming Before He Died. Our Lord Gave Him Prophetic Dreams of What is Happening Now and What is still to Come.

So, what makes this blog different, that the Holy Spirit has shown us, is that God has been speaking and preparing both Modern Day Prophets and Century old Prophets to prepare us for these times. Why is He doing this? Because He loves us and He is calling us back to Him! Some of us have never left Him, but a majority of the World has left Him and this is how He gets our attention. So, for those that are just joining us as new followers, because our numbers are growing daily because of the Holy Spirit, we are going to go over Our Mission for Jesus. Our Mission is to encourage as many people as possible to Surrender to Jesus, work on our Relationship with Him, be Transformed into His image, then become a Disciple for Jesus Christ. This is not complicated, but it takes effort on our part because of our own free will, and the temptations of the devil to lead us away from God. If we have Surrendered, but don’t seek Him everyday with all of our hearts, the devil will try and pull us away. This is a daily Spiritual battle that we don’t actually see, but that Our Guardian Angels are fighting, to keep us in the Divine Plan of God for our Souls. Because we are restricted to our homes, please take the time to put several hours a day speaking to Jesus, reading your Bibles, and loving Him the way He should be loved.

What we also like to do in this blog, per the guidance from the Holy Spirit, is look at different Christian prophets He has guided us to that have been showing us what is coming. Our Lord has shown both Catholic and Non-Catholic Prophets of what is coming and has used Our Blessed Mother to prepare us for His Second Coming. Because no one knows the day or the hour, except God Our Father, we know He just wants us have our oil lamps ready, and our robes washed white to be prepared for Him. We are doing our best in this blog, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to get everyone ready as best we can. We are not perfect, but we pray for Our Lord to guide us and ultimately we pray that when Jesus is standing before us, we have served Him the best way we could for these times. If you are new to this blog, please go all the way down to the bottom of the blog to begin reading why we are where we are right now, and why we are at the end of our current times. We are not at the end of the World. That does not come until after the New Heaven and New Earth has been transformed by Jesus. We are in that process right now, and this will be over a period of years, not days or months. As John Paul Jackson explains in his videos, you have to read your Bibles to know God completely, not just His Mercy, and not just the New Testament. God is both Mercy and Divine Justice, and He has shown us this throughout History and the Old Testament. Here is John Paul Jackson explaining what God showed him in his life of ministry,

Because God loves all of His Children, He wants all Souls to come back to Him. The Holy Spirit wants us to assist in bringing Souls back to Jesus and He needs Disciples to speak for Him. Everything we put in this blog points to the end times, and how we are in the labor pains just before the Tribulation. All of these prophets that the Holy Spirit has guided us to also helps us prepare Spiritually which is most important. If we know Jesus, and have the Holy Spirit working through us, He will take all fear away, and make us bold and fearless like the Apostles were at Pentecost. We believe that day is coming soon at the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience, and we need to be ready to serve Jesus even more than we are now! What is amazing about all of the prophets that God chooses is that they don’t have all of the answers. God never gives us or His chosen Prophets all of the answers, no matter what Christian denomination we are in, but He does give us enough information to bring us together to see that He is preparing us. Here is John Paul Jackson explaining what Jesus has shown him as, “The Perfect Storm”.

If you listened to some of the headlines that was shown to John Paul Jackson, some of those events are in the process of happening now. We believe that Hercolubus, or Planet X is the cause of all of the natural disasters he listed in his headlines and God is bringing in this solar system, or binary system to renew the Heaven and Earth. There are many facets to all of the events that are occurring and will occur and we are not meant to have all of the answers, but to only build up our own Faith and Trust in Jesus to get us through it all.

Emmanuel – “God is with us”. Have a blessed day.

Update! Mike From Around The World with Pastor Paul Begley on the Coming Apocalypse show. May 12, 2020 appears to be looking worse.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ. I pray that we all joined together yesterday in prayer to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit to stop this Coronavirus all over the world. We have to stay committed to keep praying with all of our hearts because only God can stop this virus. The sooner we can all open our Spiritual eyes and see that, the better, because more souls can join us in prayer. In fact, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has already asked for a United day of Prayer, Revival and Return to God and Our Lord Jesus Christ on September 26, 2020. Jonathan Cahn is a Messianic Jew that believes Jesus Christ is the Messiah which is the Son of God and the promised deliverer of the Jewish Nation.

Mike From Around the World came on the Pastor Paul Begley’s Show, The Coming Apocalypse, last night. Mike said we will start to see different atmospheric changes in the sky with different colors. Mike re-iterated to stay home for at least 2 weeks and have food and water. Mike also stated that we are at a tipping point because if people will not stay in their homes as much as possible, then our Governments have no other choice but to take enforcement action. Mike said that in the United States, the younger generation is not listening, and our President will do what he has to do. Also, that it is eating into our finances and if the United States can’t keep people separated, we are looking at months of this virus running through the population. Pastor Paul stated we have 13,678 cases in the United States and infections have doubled in 24 hours. Pastor Paul is concerned that we may see many deaths and asked Mike if the U.S. could see a lot of deaths. Mike stated, “Yes”, because this virus spreads 35 times faster than any other virus. As this virus continues to spread, the death rates will go up because we will have many more infections. The more people that have the virus, the higher the death rate, because it spreads so rapidly, not because the virus is deadly, but because most will get it, if it is not contained.

Mike also stated that the Media confused the facts of this virus, and the test kits are going out, but they are going out slowly. Mike stated that there is a lot of fear that has gone into the spreading of this virus, and sadly, if there aren’t enough tests being conducted on people who have the symptoms, then that means there are more infected people with this virus than we realize. Mike alluded to the fact that our President is most likely aware of the facts of how this virus originated and why it was created. Mike stated that most people aren’t aware of what certain wealthy people or “who we on this blog call the Elites or Freemasons”, and if people did know about it, it would create more panic. So, Our President can’t say what he really wants to say on why this virus was created and that is why he is calling it the “China Virus”. This virus is mutating and if this virus does go airborne, then there will be more enforcement action taken by our Governments.

Pastor Paul Begley stated that he has noticed more Elites going into hiding or underground. Mike stated that if certain key figures, or people, start going missing, then that is significant. If any important official is not seen outside, then that does mean something is horribly wrong. Mike stated that Our Governments are aware of all viruses, and the fact that this one just exploded all over the world, is very suspicious. The question goes back to why they allowed this particular virus to spread so quickly. For us in this blog, this goes back to what an Angel told Valentina Papagna in Australia about this being a “Test” to see how it will work and how we will react, and there will be more of these types of viruses to come. We have posted this prophecy to Valentina Papagna in this blog.

Pastor Paul Begley brought up May 12, 2020 again and the Conference in Indiana that is now a webinar, because of the virus. Pastor Paul brought up the question of May 12, 2020 and what is the debris field that is coming that Mike has talked about in previous shows. Mike stated “lately, the frequency of rocks slamming into our Earth is increasing. We are going to be exposed to exotic gas clouds, atmospheric condition changes, and meteor storms of rocks coming in all over the world. People will become quite fearful over these storms, and the process of these coming in have already begun.” They are trickling in right now, but they will continue to increase in size and frequency, and they will also start many fires. Mike stated that this is part of the May 12, 2020 concern and this will come in waves of small rocks hitting the earth. Mike also stated that these rocks will have small amounts of arsenic, which will taint the drinking water. This arsenic will taint the storm clouds in the air and Pastor Paul stated that this sounded like “Wormwood” in the book of Revelation. Mike stated that these small debris fields will cause more problems to our Earth with fires and no drinkable water, than Apophis, because Apophis will not be here for many years to come.

Mike stated that what we are facing right now, is the battle of good and evil playing out. Mike also stated that this system of evil is moving in and Pastor Paul stated that this is prophecy and it can’t be stopped, even if we wanted it to be stopped. Mike went back to talking about controlling this virus by separating the populous and that we must pray for good leadership and we definitely do not want a swap of leadership in the United States. Mike From Around the World stated he would be back next week on March 26, 2020.

Pastor Paul Begley is doing an excellent job of leading people to Salvation with Jesus Christ and we all have to help Jesus in the Salvation of Souls. Things are getting worse, and this is just the beginning. Do not be afraid, but get closer to Jesus, and begin helping people understand that we all need Jesus Christ and to start praying if they have not already started.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

An International Day of Prayer To The Blessed Trinity To Stop The Coronavirus on the Feast Day of Saint Joseph! Also, an update by Dr. John Campbell on the numbers of Coronavirus cases in different countries and what they are doing to stop the spread of the virus. Visionary Mirjana in Medjugorje gets a disappointing message from Our Blessed Mother.

By now, we should all be staying in our homes as much as possible to not only keep from contracting the Coronavirus, but also to keep from spreading it to others. We all have a moral obligation to God to do everything we can to keep from spreading this virus any further. We all have the Precious Blood of Jesus covering us as His Children, but that does not mean we test Our Lord. Since we can’t go to Church, we must stay home now and only go out to get essentials such as food, water, and toiletries. We should not be going to the beaches on Spring Break, or to bars, or restaurants. This will be hard for us, but at least we can take our kids out to the backyard to play and get some sunshine and fresh air. This is not about entertainment and taking time off from work to have fun. This is about being morally responsible for the good of all of the citizens all over the world.

Also, we have seen many requests for prayer at 3:00 pm today Central time in the United States, but Our Pope has requested praying the Holy Rosary of the Luminous Mysteries at 9 pm in Italy. So, we need to pray all over the world to stop this virus. Our Blessed Mother has asked us to pray (3) “Our Father’s” at 3 pm, and now on the Feast Day of Saint Joseph, we should also pray the Holy Rosary at the request of Our Pope. We must all pray for Our Pope, because even though he has made mistakes, we must pray for his Salvation, as much as we should pray for all of our Salvation. We are all subject to temptation and sin, and we all need God’s MERCY.

Also, here is a video from Dr. John Campbell from the United Kingdom. He does an excellent run down on the larger countries in the world of how many infected people there are with the Coronavirus and what each of these countries are doing to curtail the spread of the virus. We are getting many videos from people in our prayer groups and we are praying about what the Holy Spirit wants us to put on this blog.

Lastly, we have an update from Spirit Daily on the message that Mirjana, one of the visionaries in Medjugorje, was informed by Our Blessed Mother that she will not longer get an apparition from Our Blessed Mother on the 2nd day of the month any longer. She will only get apparitions of Our Blessed Mother on her birthday, which is March 18th. This has to be extremely painful for Mirjana and our hearts go out to her, because we can only imagine that being in the presence of Our Blessed Mother is like getting a taste of Heaven on Earth. We believe this is a sign to Mirjana that possibly Our Blessed Mother will soon allow the ten secrets to begin to be revealed. Mirjana mentioned in her book, “My Heart Will Triumph”, that when Our Blessed Mother has told her to do so, she will begin to release the secrets to Father Petar Ljubicic and he will assist Mirjana in releasing the secrets to the world. We agree with Jeffrey, that Our Blessed Mother is appearing there and the fruits of Conversion are phenomenal. Here is another website for you to research on Medjugorje, If you have not read Mirjana’s book, you should order it and read it while we are stuck in our homes. It is truly transforming as Father Mark mentions below, especially on suffering and offering up your suffering for the Salvation of Souls.

Here is Father Mark Goring on Medjugorje,

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

Update! Our Lord told John Leary the Coronavirus will subside this Spring, but will come back again more severely in the Fall. Also, Our Blessed Mother has asked us to Pray the Lord’s Prayer on March 19, 2020 at 3:00 pm all over the world to stop the Coronavirus. Perry Stone gets another Prophetic Word from God.

There is so much going on with the Coronavirus, that we have to check the Prophets regularly to see what Prophetic words they are getting daily now. Our Lord is warning us that this Coronavirus is not from Him, but He is allowing it because of the sin in the world and is calling people back to Him. This is really hard for some Christians to understand because we are so familiar with God’s goodness, that it is hard for us to comprehend that He is allowing this virus as a chastisement to call souls back to Him. But, this is clearly the way God shows us, like He did in the old Testament, of how He has to resort to this for the Salvation of Souls, especially with the amount of evil and those that work for Satan and are working against God. God loves us and does not want to lose any more souls to Satan eternally, and this is what He has to do to bring souls back to Him.

Because we are in the labor pains, and the beginning of sorrows, we are going to witness a lot of death, even with God’s Children, but they are eternally saved. Even though people are dying from this plague, some unbelievers are calling out to God for forgiveness and He is saving souls because of His Mercy.

Prophet John Leary just received prophetic words from Jesus about this Coronavirus getting better by the end of Spring, but then coming back in the Fall more deadlier, and we have to prepare, Here is part of the message from Jesus to John Leary on March 16, 2020, “I am confirming that your current version of the corona virus is similar, in that it will be mild in the spring, but the same virus will return in the fall, and it will be deadlier than it was in the spring. It is prudent to warn your people of the return of this virus in the fall, when more people could die in the fall than died in the spring. Keep your quarantine preparations ready to deal with the fall version of the corona virus. Pray that your people can remain isolated so you can minimize the spread and deaths from this virus.”

Here is the message from Jesus to John Leary on March 17, 2020, Jesus said: “My son, I am showing you this small round window as a sign that you will have a window of opportunity to prepare for a worse virus that will come back in the fall. The round window is also a sign of My coming Warning that will come in a time of chaos. Even if the Warning does not come in the fall, I will call My faithful to My refuges if you see a lot of people dying in the fall. You are already hearing of a possible martial law or a mandatory quarantine in your homes. If your airplane flights are cancelled, and your state borders are closed, this will not allow you to travel to any more talks. You can still put your messages of the fall virus out on the internet. It is important to warn the people that your summer window of opportunity is time to stock up on food, and possibly get to Confession before the fall version of a worse virus. This virus is a laboratory creation that the evil ones are using to try and remove your President, and take over your government. Any martial law control could easily be the means for a takeover which could definitely be a time to come to My refuges. I will give an inner locution to everyone when it is time to come to My refuges. Give praise and thanks to Me because I am more powerful than the demons and any virus that I could cure so easily.” Jesus is telling us here that the Warning is coming soon and to be ready, and also be ready in case He calls us to the refuge before the Warning.

Our Blessed Mother gave a recent message to Luz De Maria, and is asking us to pray The Lord’s Prayer 3 times on March 19, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. all over the world to stop the Coronavirus. We pray we are getting this message out soon enough for those of you on the other side of the world. We are trying to keep up with the prophets that are in this blog and the messages are coming quickly because of the seriousness of this plague. We realize it is upsetting for some of us to comprehend the events, but that is why we must join together and pray so that God will hear our cries for Mercy and unbelievers will witness His goodness and mercy when He stops the virus. Here is the message recently given to Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother on March 15, 2020,

Also, here is Perry Stone with a recent message He received from God that he audibly heard after praying. Perry Stone stated that he heard the words, “The Day of Reckoning Has Come.” Perry immediately looked up the definition of “Reckoning” and discovered that it means – A time when the consequences of misdeeds are felt. Perry then goes on to read some various scriptures and right away, the one that caught my ear, was Hosea, Chapter 9. Perry Stone only reads verses 7 and 8, but it is good to read all of Hosea, Chapter 9. So, it is very clear that the Blessed Trinity, and Our Blessed Mother is speaking to the prophets all over the world right now, and we all need to take heed to what God is saying.

Let’s all pray as much as possible for God to stop this Coronavirus, so that we can gather the prayer groups together and begin to come up with plans on how to serve Jesus before, and after the Warning for the Salvation of Souls. We just had a 5.7 Earthquake in Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States today and we might be getting some more Earthquakes soon.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” God bless us all and have Mercy on our souls.

Time to get ourselves ready Spiritually, as we sit in our homes under restriction. Here are some ways to spend time with Jesus without the benefit of the Holy Mass. Dr. Taylor Marshall explains a Dry Mass with a guide for Catholics without the Holy Mass and Sacraments.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ. We are now, not being allowed to attend the Holy Mass and receive the Blessed Sacrament all over the world. Depending on where you are in the world, the spread of the Coronavirus has got most of us sheltering in our homes and Our Churches are closed. We are being safe and obeying Our Churches, our Governments and local authorities, but we are missing out on celebrating the Holy Mass with Our Lord and receiving His Body. Even though we have been given a dispensation from our Bishops, it just seems wrong, doesn’t it. Now, we are beginning to understand what Our Lord was saying to His prophets when He said we may not be receiving His body and blood much longer. Of course, we never imagined that it would be because of a very contagious virus that would keep us restricted to our own homes. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Our Churches will not re-open. We believe that they will. However, this does mean that everything is getting worse, and we have to be prepared in case these contagions continue to come, and we can’t get to our Church, or they close our Churches permanently for any other reason.

Even though this is discouraging, Our Lord has said as well as Our Blessed Mother that we must continually pray and work on our Relationship with Jesus to continue to receive His graces. Even though we can’t go to church, we can do a Spiritual Communion with Jesus. Here is an article from the National Catholic Register that tells us how to make an act of Spiritual Communion,

In addition, we can say our prayers in Adoration by using the internet recording of a perpetual Adoration of Our Lord exposed in the Blessed Sacrament.

Also, here is Dr. Taylor Marshall, who is a well known Catholic Theologian, that explains the Sacraments and how they can be conducted at home per the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is also good to take with you to a refuge, a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. We believe, per John Leary, that Jesus is going to have Priests at the permanent refuges, but if you have a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church by John Paul II, bring it with your Bible to the refuge. Also, if you have not gotten a copy of the 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal that Dr. Taylor Marshall recommends, get a copy of that and bring it with you to the refuge. This video for Catholics is long, but it is good to watch since we are at home and now have time, Dr. Marshall also walks us through a dry Mass that we can do at home without a Priest under the guidance of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

In the questions and answers portion of Dr. Marshall’s video, he answers the question of whether he thinks we are in the end times. His answer is that he does not. We respect his answer as a Theologian, and as a fellow Catholic. We don’t push what the Holy Spirit has guided us to on others. Everyone must continue to pray for the Truth, and Dr. Marshall strives to be Holy as we all do, and He is a very good instructor on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Only God knows why He has put on some of our hearts where we are in these times, and others he has not. We can only continue to pray that the Holy Spirit guides us to all Truth and we all come together to serve Jesus as His Disciples.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

Stay home for now, except for Church until we can’t go to Church any longer. Countries are moving into lockdown mode, and we need to try and prevent Martial Law from being enacted. Also, a Vision from Evangelist Perry Stone on America’s Empty Cities and a Message from Father Mark Goring.

We have been studying Prophet John Leary in this blog and he mentions in his prophecies from Jesus about Martial Law at some point during the Tribulation. We are looking at a potential for Martial Law with this Pandemic of the Coronavirus. So, what do we do? We continue to pray and ask God for more time to prepare and more time to assist for the Salvation of Souls. We obey our Governments and local cities and authorities to comply with safety measures that are implemented to prevent the spread of this virus as much as possible. If our Governments and local towns, cities and states have not closed our Churches, we try and go to receive the Blessed Sacrament with safety precautions as long as possible with six feet of social distancing. We have studied many of the preppers that give good sound advice for us to use that keeps us focused on safety and practicality in situations like these. We believe if we don’t try and take these measures, our Governments may have to resort to Martial Law. Here is some good advice from Full Spectrum Survival, except the part about Church. We can’t be scared to go and receive the Blessed Sacrament as long as it is still available, because we need Jesus now more than ever,

Here is a video of a Priest in Minnesota on March 15, 2020 conducting a homily on the importance of keeping his Church open during a time like this, We must stand firm in our Faith, that Jesus will cover us with His Precious Blood. We also must stand firm in believing that we can’t live without the Blessed Sacrament! We must continue to celebrate the Holy Mass and pray for God’s Mercy in stopping this Coronavirus. This Diocesan priest also reads a recent letter from Archbishop Carlo Vigano.

Lastly, here is a vision from Perry Stone that he had about 15 years ago involving America’s empty cities. Perry Stone is also a Pastor and Evangelist of the Show, Manna Fest, that studies Scripture and End Time Prophecy. Perry Stone has had many prophetic dreams and visions come to pass, to include the World Trade Center towers collapsing.

During this time at home, say your prayers continually and ask Our Lord for Mercy to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Also, read your Bible. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to all Truth and what He would like you to read today. Also, ask Jesus to show you how you can serve Him today. For those that are followers of this blog and already have a very strong relationship with Jesus, we don’t say these things to insult you. These words are for those that have just Surrendered to Jesus and are just starting to work on their relationship with Him, or those that have fallen away from Him and are coming back to Him. We can all grow Spiritually, no matter where we are on our Spiritual journey because we are working to become the best Disciples we can be and our Spiritual growth never stops. Here is a new video from Father Mark Goring,

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Our Blessed Mother Mary has warned us about Hercolubus, or Planet X in both Our Lady of Emmitsburg and the Anguera Prophecies of Brazil.

Continuing from the previous post on Our Blessed Mother Mary in all of Her warnings over the centuries and just now, the Holy Spirit has given us confirmation on two of the Prophets in this blog. Many months ago, the Holy Spirit was guiding us to post about Pedro Regis, in Brazil and the Anguera prophecies from Our Blessed Mother Mary. The Holy Spirit has also guided us in writing about all of the warnings Our Blessed Mother has been giving to us over the centuries to prepare us for what is coming. What we have just put together, was the language that Our Blessed Mother gave to Gianna Sullivan when She said, “the orbit will come between the Earth and the Sun.” As I was writing this, immediately, the Holy Spirit reminded me of what Pedro Regis prophesied about a second sun, (not ours), entering our orbit and taking out the Planets Mars and Uranus! Now, what we have to remember, is that each Planet in our Solar system orbits separately around our Sun while staying in an elliptical alignment. So, our planets do not all orbit around our Sun in the same pattern or cycle,

We are not scientists that contribute to writing this blog, but when we are guided by the Holy Spirit to post something, we obey. So, we have posted this revelation that someone with either Pedro Regis put together, or Pedro Regis has put this together himself. We are not sure on the discernment of this part, however, this information was given to Pedro Regis from Our Blessed Mother and this is confirmation for us from the Holy Spirit that this will take place as Hercolubus, Planet X, or this binary system enters our orbit. Here is the prophecy from the Anguera Prophecies, Now, unless you are an astronomer, or someone that is really smart, this looks very confusing, as it does to us also. But, if you go down towards the bottom of his explanation, he appears to be off on the arrival of this solar system because he states it will be here by May of 2017. However, the fact that he also has calculated the trajectory of this solar system entering in between Earth and our Sun is what ties these two prophets from different countries together. About a little over half way down, he speaks about this system colliding with Uranus and Mars and eventually throwing Earth off its axis. Because we are in an elliptical orbit, this makes sense and meets the book of Revelations 8:12. In fact, the first four trumpets in the book of Revelation, Chapter 8 does make sense in alignment with this prophecy and possible destruction of planets. In addition, this also meets Habakkuk 3:6, “He stood and shook the earth; he looked and made the nations tremble. Ancient mountains were shattered, the age-old hills bowed low, age-old orbits collapsed.” Lets all continue to pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit on this and we will continue to monitor what Mike From Around the World is saying on the Pastor Paul Begley Show, the Coming Apocalypse on his discernment about Planet X.

In the post from this morning, when we were referring to people only looking at the posts about Planet X, we were not referring to those that have become followers on this blog. We appreciate everyone that has chosen to become a Disciple of Christ, and believe, like Father Michel has said, that Our Blessed Mother has called you to serve Jesus. Our mission for this blog is the Salvation of Souls, so the more we can gather together to do that or inspire Christians to work together the better. There is never any intention to insult or turn people away, but bring them to the Truth, and serve Jesus with Love and we apologize if we have not conveyed that effectively.

Our Blessed Mother has been appearing to people all over the world, and we do believe She is appearing in Medjugorje, Herzegovina. We try to focus on how Her prophetic messages are pointing us to where we are right now. The beautiful messages to the visionaries in Medjugorje focus on all of us striving to be more holy, to get closer to Jesus and to focus on the Sacraments and the Holy Mass. Everyone that contributes to what goes into this blog has been to Medjugorje and maybe this is our calling to serve Jesus through Her Immaculate Heart in these end times, as well as yours. As soon as the Holy Spirit guides us to write something, we follow His guidance. We believe that the secrets will start to be revealed soon and so does Father Michel Rodrigue. Until that time, it is good to listen to all of Her messages because they are all important to us and the Mary Refuge of Holy Love blog does an excellent job of listing the messages from Our Blessed Mother to the visionaries in Medjugorje,

Emmanuel – “God is with us”. Have a blessed day.

Our Blessed Mother Mary has been Warning us for centuries. Are we listening?

I have noticed that we have been getting a lot of attention on posts in this blog about Hercolubus, and Planet X, but not a lot about what Our Blessed Mother has been warning us about in everything else. What is incredible is the fact that Our Blessed Mother has even warned us about Hercolubus, or Planet X in Our Lady of Emmitsburg prophecies that are also listed in this blog! Our beautiful, Blessed Mother has been warning us for centuries in Our Lady of Good Success in 1610, Our Lady of LaSalette in 1858, Our Lady of Fatima in 1917, Our Lady of Garabandal in 1961, and Our Lady of Akita in 1973 about the events that are taking place right now. In addition, Our Blessed Mother is still giving current prophets today messages to all of God’s Children to protect us and prepare us. Some of us are listening, but I am going to post some of Her prophetic messages again just to make it very clear for those that are still skeptical. Of course, we want to unite all Christians in this blog to serve Jesus as His Disciples in the end times, but that is what Our Blessed Mother also wants us to do. All of our service is to Our Lord Jesus Christ, but Our Blessed Mother assists us with Her devotion and service to God the Son, God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit.

Here are a few prophetic messages to Luz De Maria about plagues and diseases that Our Blessed Mother warned us about in 2016.


We have talked about the refuges being a place of protection by God that Our Blessed Mother mentions in the message above. These refuges are detailed by Prophet John Leary and have been confirmed as true physical shelters by Father Michel Rodrigue in his prophetic messages from God Our Father. For those that have been following this blog for a while, you are already aware of all of this. But, the Holy Spirit has guided me to emphasize the importance of the role Our Blessed Mother has played in assisting Jesus in the Salvation of all Souls. Ultimately, as Father Michel Rodrigue has stated, this will fulfill the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. Her Triumph is serving Her Son Jesus in helping us, as His vessels, to save as many souls as possible! This is why Satan hates Our Blessed Mother so much, because Her humility is undeniable as she crushes the head of the serpent. This is a Spiritual battle for the Salvation of all Souls! So, Our Blessed Mother gives us prophetic messages to prophets all over the world and has been for centuries, so that we can look back and say, “Wow, She Was Right!” But, She is so humble, she is not looking for any recognition. She only wants us to unite, as God’s Children, and serve Jesus!

So, if you are a Christian, and not Catholic, please don’t feel like Our Blessed Mother is attempting to steal Glory from Her Beautiful Son, Jesus, that She loves so dearly. She is simply showing us how to prepare physically, how to get closer Spiritually to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and encouraging us to not lose hope, but increase our Faith and Trust in Him!

Here is the Prophetic message that Our Blessed Mother gave to Gianna Sullivan 20 years ago that speaks about an orbit that will enter our Solar System, that we believe is Hercolubus, or Planet X. What is important to take away from this video, is not only the fact that Our Blessed Mother is warning us about the two Suns, that Our Church authorities and governments already know about, but also She is telling us to prepare Spiritually. Which means, we have to get closer to the Blessed Trinity, and we have to help others prepare. For those that are skeptical of this video and Gianna Sullivan, take notice of how little she blinks, while she is getting the prophetic message from Our Blessed Mother.

What is also important to glean from this prophecy is that Our Blessed Mother said that this orbit that enters Our Solar system will come between the Earth and our Sun. From our understanding of the past trajectory of Hercolubus, or Nemesis, is that it always stays to the outside of our planetary orbits and makes its way to the outside of our Sun, which kicks it back out before it comes around again in approximately 3,600 years. But, Our Blessed Mother is saying that this orbit, which will come between Earth and our Sun, is what will cause tremendous devastation. The next question would be, what is in this orbit that is coming, because if we are seeing two suns, it definitely consists of at least one comet, or planet. Also, if this orbit meets the Book of Revelation, Chapter 8, and this burning mountain, and stars that hit the Earth are debris from this orbit, what is happening to Planets Mercury and Venus that sit between Earth and our Sun?

These are all things we need to continue to pray about to the Holy Spirit for discernment. But, if we listen to the prophets in this blog, and prepare Spiritually as much as possible, we are also listening to Our Blessed Mother’s advice. Ultimately, there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth, but as God’s Children, we have already won the battle of eternal Salvation. We just need to assist Jesus in the Salvation of all Souls like Our Blessed Mother has been trying to do for centuries.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Today is a National Day of Prayer! Go to Church, and Pray with all of your hearts for Our Lord to stop the Coronavirus! Also, messages from Valentina Papagna, Father Mark Goring and Lois Vogel Sharp.

Today is the day we join together as Christians to plead Mercy from Our Lord to stop the Coronavirus all over the world! We confess our sins to Jesus in reparation of the offenses we have committed against Him and the Blessed Trinity. When we join together as His collected Children, we are telling Jesus that He is Our Savior and only He can control how far this virus can go. We pray from our hearts with simple prayer, but also Our Lord’s Prayer. We pray with Our Love, Sincerity, Contrite Heart, Humility, and Repentance and we ask for His Forgiveness. We ask how we can serve Him while we are under self quarantine. We read His Word in Scripture and we reflect on His Goodness! During this time, we not only pray for Him to stop the Coronavirus, but we also give Him Honor and Glory that He is the only True God and we can do nothing without Him! We pray for those that have fallen away from Him to come back to Him and repent of their sins. We pray for the Priests, Bishops, and Pastors that have gone astray to seek repentance and come back to His Sacred Heart. This is a wakeup call for all of us to seek Jesus with all of our hearts because God hears all prayers and He loves for His Children to come running back to Him with open arms. Here is a message from Jesus to visionary Valentina Papagna from March 8, 2020,

Here is a homily from Father Mark Goring for today, March 15, 2020. Father Mark reminds us that Jesus forgives all sins and we should seek Him with a repentant heart. We strive for holiness, but we fall short, and so we must constantly seek forgiveness for ourselves and for others. This teaches us to be humble like little children, especially during times of distress.

Also, here is a message from Lois Vogel Sharp with a message from God Our Father. I love how Lois tells us to focus on God and nothing else in these times. Because God needs to be the center of our day, everyday. As events continue to unfold, we are to keep our eyes on Jesus and ask Him, Lord, “How can we serve you today?” Then we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us to help others come to Jesus for the first time, or for those that have fallen away from Jesus to repent and come back to Him. This is our mission for Jesus to assist Him in the Salvation of Souls.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

China Expert Steve Mosher, on LifeSite News, claims Chinese Communist Regime is falsely blaming U.S. as Coronavirus being brought over by U.S. military athletes as a bioweapon! Also, President Trump declares March 15, 2020 as a National Day of Prayer to stop the Coronavirus!

Good Morning Disciples of Christ! John-Henry Westen of LifeSite News conducted another interview with leading China expert, Steve Mosher. Steve Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute, and Author of the book, Bully of Asia, Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order. We posted Mr. Mosher’s research two weeks ago with LifeSite News that the Coronavirus is indeed a bioweapon that has been manufactured in Wuhan, China. This is also what was shown to visionary Valentina Papagna from Australia by an Angel, which we posted last week. Mr. Mosher identifies in this interview that the Coronavirus has two strains. One strain that has been primarily carried by Chinese tourists to different places in the world, such as Italy, and the other lesser strain that appears to be popping up all over the world with no way of tracing its origin. Now, Mr. Mosher is finding that false allegations are being spread to the Chinese Communist regime that the Coronavirus was brought over to China last year by U.S. military athletes.

As tensions build between countries of the Trade War and allies forming, we need to pray that this does not escalate into an eventual war. We know fear is not of God, and Satan can easily use it to cause people, who do not have God, to take drastic measures. Propaganda like this will be continually used because it fuels already high tensions of anger, jealousy, and resentment. Let’s all pray that these false allegations do not continue to spread and God reveals the Truth.

Also, as we take measures in Our Churches to pray for God Our Father to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, we also have President Trump tweeting for a National Day of Prayer for tomorrow, March 15, 2020. Let’s pray that he will conduct a visualized or televised prayer that will rally our Country and Christians all over the World to pray for Our Lord to stop this Coronavirus in its tracks. Our Lord is merciful, and hears all prayers. We believe that President Trump received a prophetic message from one of his Christian prayer advisors after watching the Sid Roth Show that had an urgent prophetic message from God to have a National Day of Prayer to stop the Coronavirus. If you aren’t aware of Sid Roth, he is a Messianic Jew that has had a calling from God to bring all Jewish people to Jesus Christ!

Let us all come together as Disciples of Christ, no matter what Christian denomination we are, to pray on March 15, 2020 to stop the Coronavirus! Here are some different prayers we can start today to the Blessed Trinity to stop the Coronavirus! The Divine Mercy Chaplet, The Holy Rosary, Psalm 51, replacing “me” with “us”, and “my” with “our”, The Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 91, replacing “me” with “us”, 1 Peter 5:8-9. James 5:13-16, and Ephesians 6:10-18, Saint Michael Prayer, Litany of the Precious Blood for the whole world.

Here is Father Mark Goring on why we need to cry out to God in repentance, Please forgive us Lord, and have Mercy.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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