Our Blessed Mother Mary has warned us about Hercolubus, or Planet X in both Our Lady of Emmitsburg and the Anguera Prophecies of Brazil.

Continuing from the previous post on Our Blessed Mother Mary in all of Her warnings over the centuries and just now, the Holy Spirit has given us confirmation on two of the Prophets in this blog. Many months ago, the Holy Spirit was guiding us to post about Pedro Regis, in Brazil and the Anguera prophecies from Our Blessed Mother Mary. The Holy Spirit has also guided us in writing about all of the warnings Our Blessed Mother has been giving to us over the centuries to prepare us for what is coming. What we have just put together, was the language that Our Blessed Mother gave to Gianna Sullivan when She said, “the orbit will come between the Earth and the Sun.” As I was writing this, immediately, the Holy Spirit reminded me of what Pedro Regis prophesied about a second sun, (not ours), entering our orbit and taking out the Planets Mars and Uranus! Now, what we have to remember, is that each Planet in our Solar system orbits separately around our Sun while staying in an elliptical alignment. So, our planets do not all orbit around our Sun in the same pattern or cycle, https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=how+do+our+planets+orbit+the+sun+youtube&view=detail&mid=7D780F4574F24855DEC87D780F4574F24855DEC8&FORM=VIRE.

We are not scientists that contribute to writing this blog, but when we are guided by the Holy Spirit to post something, we obey. So, we have posted this revelation that someone with either Pedro Regis put together, or Pedro Regis has put this together himself. We are not sure on the discernment of this part, however, this information was given to Pedro Regis from Our Blessed Mother and this is confirmation for us from the Holy Spirit that this will take place as Hercolubus, Planet X, or this binary system enters our orbit. Here is the prophecy from the Anguera Prophecies, http://www.jesusmariasite.org/endtimes-a-solar-system-is-approaching-our-sun/. Now, unless you are an astronomer, or someone that is really smart, this looks very confusing, as it does to us also. But, if you go down towards the bottom of his explanation, he appears to be off on the arrival of this solar system because he states it will be here by May of 2017. However, the fact that he also has calculated the trajectory of this solar system entering in between Earth and our Sun is what ties these two prophets from different countries together. About a little over half way down, he speaks about this system colliding with Uranus and Mars and eventually throwing Earth off its axis. Because we are in an elliptical orbit, this makes sense and meets the book of Revelations 8:12. In fact, the first four trumpets in the book of Revelation, Chapter 8 does make sense in alignment with this prophecy and possible destruction of planets. In addition, this also meets Habakkuk 3:6, “He stood and shook the earth; he looked and made the nations tremble. Ancient mountains were shattered, the age-old hills bowed low, age-old orbits collapsed.” Lets all continue to pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit on this and we will continue to monitor what Mike From Around the World is saying on the Pastor Paul Begley Show, the Coming Apocalypse on his discernment about Planet X.

In the post from this morning, when we were referring to people only looking at the posts about Planet X, we were not referring to those that have become followers on this blog. We appreciate everyone that has chosen to become a Disciple of Christ, and believe, like Father Michel has said, that Our Blessed Mother has called you to serve Jesus. Our mission for this blog is the Salvation of Souls, so the more we can gather together to do that or inspire Christians to work together the better. There is never any intention to insult or turn people away, but bring them to the Truth, and serve Jesus with Love and we apologize if we have not conveyed that effectively.

Our Blessed Mother has been appearing to people all over the world, and we do believe She is appearing in Medjugorje, Herzegovina. We try to focus on how Her prophetic messages are pointing us to where we are right now. The beautiful messages to the visionaries in Medjugorje focus on all of us striving to be more holy, to get closer to Jesus and to focus on the Sacraments and the Holy Mass. Everyone that contributes to what goes into this blog has been to Medjugorje and maybe this is our calling to serve Jesus through Her Immaculate Heart in these end times, as well as yours. As soon as the Holy Spirit guides us to write something, we follow His guidance. We believe that the secrets will start to be revealed soon and so does Father Michel Rodrigue. Until that time, it is good to listen to all of Her messages because they are all important to us and the Mary Refuge of Holy Love blog does an excellent job of listing the messages from Our Blessed Mother to the visionaries in Medjugorje, https://maryrefugeofholylove.com/.

Emmanuel – “God is with us”. Have a blessed day.

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