Stay home for now, except for Church until we can’t go to Church any longer. Countries are moving into lockdown mode, and we need to try and prevent Martial Law from being enacted. Also, a Vision from Evangelist Perry Stone on America’s Empty Cities and a Message from Father Mark Goring.

We have been studying Prophet John Leary in this blog and he mentions in his prophecies from Jesus about Martial Law at some point during the Tribulation. We are looking at a potential for Martial Law with this Pandemic of the Coronavirus. So, what do we do? We continue to pray and ask God for more time to prepare and more time to assist for the Salvation of Souls. We obey our Governments and local cities and authorities to comply with safety measures that are implemented to prevent the spread of this virus as much as possible. If our Governments and local towns, cities and states have not closed our Churches, we try and go to receive the Blessed Sacrament with safety precautions as long as possible with six feet of social distancing. We have studied many of the preppers that give good sound advice for us to use that keeps us focused on safety and practicality in situations like these. We believe if we don’t try and take these measures, our Governments may have to resort to Martial Law. Here is some good advice from Full Spectrum Survival, except the part about Church. We can’t be scared to go and receive the Blessed Sacrament as long as it is still available, because we need Jesus now more than ever,

Here is a video of a Priest in Minnesota on March 15, 2020 conducting a homily on the importance of keeping his Church open during a time like this, We must stand firm in our Faith, that Jesus will cover us with His Precious Blood. We also must stand firm in believing that we can’t live without the Blessed Sacrament! We must continue to celebrate the Holy Mass and pray for God’s Mercy in stopping this Coronavirus. This Diocesan priest also reads a recent letter from Archbishop Carlo Vigano.

Lastly, here is a vision from Perry Stone that he had about 15 years ago involving America’s empty cities. Perry Stone is also a Pastor and Evangelist of the Show, Manna Fest, that studies Scripture and End Time Prophecy. Perry Stone has had many prophetic dreams and visions come to pass, to include the World Trade Center towers collapsing.

During this time at home, say your prayers continually and ask Our Lord for Mercy to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Also, read your Bible. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to all Truth and what He would like you to read today. Also, ask Jesus to show you how you can serve Him today. For those that are followers of this blog and already have a very strong relationship with Jesus, we don’t say these things to insult you. These words are for those that have just Surrendered to Jesus and are just starting to work on their relationship with Him, or those that have fallen away from Him and are coming back to Him. We can all grow Spiritually, no matter where we are on our Spiritual journey because we are working to become the best Disciples we can be and our Spiritual growth never stops. Here is a new video from Father Mark Goring,

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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