Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around The World on the Madness of the Coronavirus Pandemic!

Good Morning Disciples of Christ! I am posting the Pastor Paul Begley Show on The Coming Apocalypse, with Mike From Around The World last night. Mike and Pastor Paul spoke about the Coronavirus finally being declared a Pandemic, and now people are going crazy over unrealistic hoarding, such as toilet paper! These people that are so afraid of not having control over this virus, that they are buying out toilet paper everywhere. As if thinking, this will help them somehow.

What we have to remember is that we have the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ covering us everyday! We invoke the name of Jesus everywhere we go, and we read all of Psalm 91 everyday with our families before we leave the house. Are we still wise about washing our hands? Yes. Do we still use precautions about being in large gatherings? Yes. But this is the time where the children of God stand out because we are not afraid! We stand on God’s Word that He will deliver us in time of Distress because we know His mighty name! Go to Church, unless your diocese or pastor has closed the doors, because it is in Church where we receive the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ! And if your Church is closed, go to another Church! Love Jesus even more because control of everything is in His hands! Represent Him as a Disciple of Christ with no fear because we Know God, and He has promised to protect us while the plague ravages at noon. Teach others Psalm 91, especially those that are not close to Jesus right now. Someone asked on a search of this blog, which Saint to pray to during these times. The strongest prayers during the labor pains, will be prayers to Jesus to cover us with His Precious Blood! Then read Psalm 91! Then Consecration prayers through the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Then pray the Holy Rosary everyday! Then the Saint Michael prayer, long form! Then Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the Salvation of Souls! If you have printed out the notes from the John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue Conference, you will see how he tells us to Consecrate our homes to God Our Father through the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You can also pray the Litany of the Precious Blood of Jesus,

Pastor Paul and Mike From Around the World also spoke about how our Sun is going to continue to react to the waves of energy and radiation that are affecting it. Also, we will begin to see the sky slowly changing color and people beginning to panic just over these types of changes. Mike continues to tell us that we have some massive forces inbound to our planet, and he is concerned about how people will react to it. Because we are barely seeing the surface of catastrophic events to come, we have to witness to people about Jesus as much as possible! Pastor Paul reminds us that we are definitely at the beginning of sorrows, and we have to continue to be strong for Jesus Our Lord. If you have not Surrendered to Jesus Christ, do it now. Do not waste another minute waiting to see what catastrophic event will take place next. If you have already become a Disciple for Jesus, say your prayers and begin to be a witness for Jesus that God is good and protects His Children. Be the rock like Saint Peter was to others to reflect Our Love and Faith in Our Lord. People will be motivated by your strength and be motivated by the Holy Spirit to seek Jesus so that they are no longer afraid! Fear is not of God, 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice but rather of power and love and self control.”

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

Update! Important information for those just joining the blog! Please review the Video on Father Adam Skwarczynski before it is removed! Also, print out all of the critical information we have listed to prepare you for the end times!

Good Morning Disciples of Christ! We have some information to share for both those that have been following the blog for a while and also, those that have recently joined the blog. First, we would like to inform you that one of our followers, Caitlin, notified us that Father Adam Skwarczynski, who is listed in this blog on the “Priests and Religious Speak on End Times” page, has recently stated that he will not be allowed to discuss any longer his vision and prophetic message from God on the Parousia, or Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ! If you have not reviewed his video, please go to it and review it before it is taken down. I will not remove it from this blog, but if the source of the link we have in this blog is removed, we will not be able to review it. This appears to be more persecution that has already begun, but will continue to get worse as we move closer to the Great Tribulation. Caitlin was kind enough to send us the link to his website, Although it is in polish, I will attempt to google translate what he has written. Here is what has been translated into English from the Author of the blog above.

On March 10, 2020, Kuria Siedlecka issued a special communication on Fr. Adam Skwarczyński. We have just received the content of the communication and published it to all readers – maintaining full obedience to the Mother church and at the same time closing all entries concerning Fr. adam or associated with him, not having ecclesiastical approval.
As a result, there are quite a few posts – I do not undertake to comment, reply or post for the next few days. I want to delete everything related to the publications of Fr. Adam Skwarczyński and there is no direct ecclesiastical approval.
In turn, entries such as, for example, “Litany to St. John the Apostle and the Evangelist with ecclesial approval” – click whether “The Rosary before the Blessed Sacrament – joyful mysteries” will be on this page. Father Adam is surrounded by a daily prayer that he will have from us forever. And we continue in Piotrowa Łódź
and we are engaged in evangelization and the defense of faith Message
In connection with numerous inquiries, doubts and allegations directed to the Diocese of Siedlecka By lay faithful and clerics in connection with the activities and teachings of Fr. Adam Skwarczyński, priest of the Diocese of Siedlecka, Bishop Siedlecki Kazimierz Gurda on 16 December 2019 established a special Commission to examine and evaluate the theological issue.
On the basis of the protocol presented of the Commission’s work of 31 January 2015, on the basis of the spiritual good of the faithful, Bishop Siedlecki on 9 March presented fr. Adam Skwarczyński with the opinion of the Theological Commission and handed over the decree in which fr. Adam cease:
teaching, also on the Internet and through printed publications, of Father Adam’s misguided teaching of Paruzia, and especially that Paruzia is a “middle event” and not the ultimate “at the end of the world”, that the coming of Christ is to be done “in our days”, which demands from the costly faithful, especially the material one, are supplying themselves for 3 days of darkness and promoting the idea of 25 years of happiness of new people after “three days of darkness”. At the same time, Fr. Adam was obliged to remove the teaching materials from the websites and any publication, including on the Internet, without the express permission of the Bishop of Siedlecki.
magical blessing of water “at a distance”;
because of the lack of a canonical mission from the diocesan bishop.
In addition, Bishop Siedlecki did not consent to the continued conduct by Fr. Adam Skwarczyński of the “clinic of spiritual life”, which was located in his house in Rakowec near Siedlec and the gathering of the faithful at the Eucharist in the private chapel of Fr. Adam.
Fr. Adam Skwarczyński accepted the decision of the Bishop and pledged to obey it. At the same time, he was informed that if he did not comply with the above orders, he would be subject to the penalties provided for by canon law.
Fr. Jerzy Duda
Director of the Pastoral Department
Diocese of Siedlecka

We, as Disciples of Christ, must pray for the protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus to cover Father Adam Skwarczynski, and all of the Priests, Pastors and Prophets in this blog. Everything appears to be escalating very quickly, and because we do know that Jesus will ultimately Win this battle, we don’t know how quickly Priests, Prophets, Pastors and Bloggers on the end times will be able to communicate via the internet.

For those that have not printed out or reviewed what we consider to be critical information and items to be prepared both Spiritually, and Physically for what is coming, we recommend you print out the following Posts and any word documents of notes or Natural Medicinal Preventions and Remedies from Our Blessed Mother, from this blog: “Preparing an Interim Refuge”; “How Do We Prepare Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically for the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”; “Making a ‘Go Bag’, or ‘Go Backpack’, to be taken to a Permanent Refuge.” “Updated Information from Prophet John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue.”; “Updated Information on The Warning! The more we are prepared, the better disciples we can be for Our Lord Jesus Christ! Please Print, and Share the Information about The Warning.”; “Our Blessed Lord Warns Us about the HAARP and Our Blessed Mother Warns us About Chemtrails!”

In all of these posts are different videos in this blog, and links to prophecies Our Lord Jesus Christ has given to His chosen Prophets and Our Blessed Mother has given to her chosen Prophets. Just in case you have not printed the Natural Herb and Medicinal remedies Our Blessed Mother recommends, here it is again, Neither this website, nor do we recommend you overlook Medical advice from your Doctors. However, we must pray about everything to the Holy Spirit, and we recommend you get these items that Our Blessed Mother has recommended to Luz De Maria and use according to the instructions Our Blessed Mother has given on dosing to keep our bodies healthy in these times. These are all natural herbs and food, but must be used according to the dosing instructions.

We have to understand that although we must remain obedient to Our Church, we are also battling in the Spiritual realm, those Bishops who have infiltrated Our Church from the Freemasons and are working against Our Lord Jesus Christ. This is all explained at the beginning of this blog and it is hard for us to comprehend because we are looking at everything from a worldly perspective, instead of with our Spiritual Eyes and Ears. As you go through Father Adam Skwarczynski’s video, you will see that Our Lord has already informed him that he will be martyred. Let us all pray for him to live the rest of his time with us in peace, and for us to receive the graces of courage that he has as we become Disciples for Jesus. Thank you Caitlin for informing us and we will continue to pray for Father Adam and all of the Priests and Prophets doing God’s Will.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

The Scales are Tipping! Get Ready for the Third Seal to Open. Message from God Our Father to Lois Vogel Sharp. Message to Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother from 2/29/2020. Also, teaching from Father James Manjackal on the Holy Spirit!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We continue to put together prophetic messages from the Blessed Trinity and Our Blessed Mother as we move closer to the Great Tribulation. As we have said in previous posts, we are living in the labor pains of the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24: 7-14. As Lois says, we are in the time frame of Seals being opened by Our Lord Jesus, and now God Our Father has given President Trump a Prophetic message about the economy getting ready to crash.

As we have said in previous posts, we do not even use the stock market as a source of making money any longer. If you have a substantial 401K savings, pray to the Holy Spirit to guide you on how to move that money without getting a substantial penalty, or completely withdrawing it. By now, everyone should be well on their way to storing up food, water, toiletries, and natural medicinal remedies and preventions that Our Blessed Mother has recommended that is listed in the message below. As you can see in different countries, people are starting to buy out toilet paper in the larger chain supermarkets. Not exactly sure why except for the fact that if there is no more toilet paper on the shelves, they can turn around and sell it for large amounts of money, which is really sad and called extortion. Please, buy the things you need for your families, and a little more, in case Our Lord decides that your home will become an interim refuge for your family and others. You can start with just small amounts of food and water and slowly increase it every week. You should be working on at least 6 months to 1 year supply of food and water per person in your household at this time. We have all of this listed under the “Interim Refuge” post in this blog.

Next, Our Blessed Mother Mary has given Luz De Maria another message dated February 29, 2020. Our Blessed Mother is telling us to wake up and begin to live Spiritual lives, which means to walk with the Holy Spirit. As I was able to attend the John Leary Conference in Tennessee, I was also able to attend a Retreat with Father James Manjackal. Father James Manjackal is from Bangalore India, and bears the stigmata of Christ! He had open wounds of whip marks on his arms that I actually witnessed and scarred wounds of nail holes in his hands that open and bleed on the First Friday of every month. I was so blessed to be able to hear him speak about the goodness of Jesus Christ and how we must depend on the Holy Spirit in these times. The reason I mention to you about Father Manjackal is for one to know that there are Priests out there right now that carry the stigmata of Christ for the Salvation of Souls. Secondly, to help all of us understand how imperative it is to get closer to the Holy Spirit. This is what Our Blessed Mother keeps emphasizing in her messages to Luz De Maria. We have to become more Spiritual in these times, which means letting go of the flesh and the things of this world, and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us. For those that are interested in hearing him speak. Here is a video from Father Manjackal’s teaching about the Holy Spirit. His messages are very powerful and the Holy Spirit is working through him right now as he continues to preach the gospel all over the world! I have already heard of a healing someone received from Jesus in Father Manjackal’s healing service on Sunday night in Tennessee.

Lastly, here are two videos from Father Mark Goring speaking on the Coronavirus as possibly being a chastisement from God and how serious the sin was of allowing these pagan gods in our Church during the Amazon Synod. Father is again saying that we should not be afraid, but for those that are living as though God doesn’t exist, should repent.

Also, We should all repent of our sins daily and ask Jesus how we can serve Him in these times. We become Disciples of Jesus Christ because we Love Him, and want to Serve Him! We Surrender our Lives to Him, and then the Holy Spirit begins to transform us to become Disciples. As we are being purged of our sins, we begin to walk with the Holy Spirit and guided to stay away from sin, pray more, read more scripture, do acts of kindness, and spreading the gospel. Don’t forget to speak about Jesus when the Holy Spirit guides you to speak! This generation is moving away from God and Jesus Christ, and it our duty to bring people to Jesus before it is too late.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

Who are the Men in Black? Are John Leary’s Prophecies on the Men In Black and Mena Lee Grebin’s Dream on Detention Camps, and Ken Peter’s Dream on the Men in Black and Detention Camps the same?

After attending the John Leary Conference in Nashville, TN this past weekend, John stressed the importance of getting your “Go Bag” or “Go Backpack” within 20 minutes after you get an inner locution from the Holy Spirit to leave your home with your Guardian Angels leading you. John mentioned that if you don’t leave when prompted by God, the “Men in black” may come for you and you may be martyred. It is believed that these Men in Black are either part of the European Union, (E.U.) Army or part of the One World Order Army of the antichrist that could be part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). If you recall, Mena Lee Grebin had a prophetic dream about detention camps and people being taken to these camps. The reason why we know Mena’s dreams are truly from God, is because they are confirmation that the Holy Spirit has guided us to for what Prophet John Leary is saying and now Father Michel Rodrigue. This is why we have these specific Prophets in this blog that we believe the Holy Spirit has guided us to, in that they are confirmation to each other’s prophetic dreams, visions, and messages from God. The whole video is very good, but Mena speaks about detention camps and unmarked vehicles coming to get people at about the 37 minute mark of the video. Mena saw unmarked cars, and unmarked vehicles that are coming to get people out of their work, and their homes. In her dream, she saw a detention center where people were placed in blue jumpsuits and were not allowed to leave. All of the people that were placed in these detention camps were of all different kinds of races and ages. Mena said that these people were being watched and this type of detention camp was tied with the closing of all borders all over the world.

Prophet Ken Peters also had a prophetic dream that was given to him by Jesus in 1980. Ken Peters was Catholic and was given this dream, but did not realize it was a prophetic dream until he researched it in the book of Revelation. Catholics are prophets too, but it is important to know your Scripture to understand that God gives us dreams, visions, and messages to warn us and all of His Children, especially in the end times. Sadly, Ken Peters left Catholicism, but it was because he did not know his own faith. Maybe, he was never shown by his parents, but we have to teach our children not only about our faith, but also about God’s Word, the Bible. This is taught in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but is not stressed enough now, except by really good priests, such as Father Mark Goring. At about the 16 minute mark, Ken begins to explain what the Army was wearing in his prophetic dream. He described them as wearing black fatigues, with blue ball caps. What is also interesting is that he mentions that the Televisions did not have to be turned on to transmit what the antichrist was saying, they just had to be plugged in! In Ken’s dream, he mentions an outpouring of the Holy Spirit for a period of about 3 to 4 months that spreads the gospel. Ken also mentioned that he saw many state prisons that were detention centers for Christians. Ken also spoke of the mark of the beast in people’s right hand that started out as an option to buy and sell in business, but eventually became mandatory.

When you watch John Leary’s videos, Parts 1 and 2 on the Prophets and Bloggers page in this blog, you will see where Jesus tells John Leary that during the Warning, Jesus will tell us that we are not to take the mark of the beast, no matter the costs, because we are denying Him if we do. This is also in the book of Revelation 13:15-17. “It was then permitted to breath life into the beast’s image, so that the beast’s image could speak and [could] have anyone who did not worship it put to death. It forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the stamped image of the beast’s name or the number that stood for it’s name.” John Leary actually shared a recent message this weekend from Jesus where he said three times in part of that message to tell His Children, “Do not deny Me!”, “Do not deny Me!”, “Do not deny Me!”

It is important to understand that if we do not get closer to Jesus in our Relationship with Him, and we don’t work on our Spiritual growth with the Holy Spirit, that we don’t know what we will do under duress, even if we believe we are good Christians. We have to put Jesus first daily and that is why His Prophets are constantly telling us to get closer to Him everyday through prayer, reading Scripture, and receiving the Sacraments, if you are Catholic. We must strive to remain in a state of Grace by eradicating sin in our lives, going to confession often, and receiving the Blessed Sacrament daily if possible. Everything we can do to keep Jesus first in our lives daily is what we must do for ourselves, our children, and to tell others. We don’t post these videos to scare anyone, but there is a reason why the Blessed Trinity and the Heavenly Kingdom have been preparing us for this over the last 30 years now through the Prophets. So, if you have not Surrendered and given your life to Jesus Christ, you must do it now, so that you can start preparing Spiritually for what is coming.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Update! New Information to add from a Conference with Prophet John Leary in Nashville, TN. Also, Lois Vogel Sharp getting some of her Safe Havens completed and food shortages.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ! I was able to attend a Conference with Prophet John Leary this weekend, even amidst the Tornado strewn damage that the ten Tornadoes did in Middle Tennessee last week. The news in TN actually stated that Middle Tennessee had 10 different Tornadoes from EF-0 through EF-4 touch down last week. Here is another Jason A video about the recovery of the Bibles through the strewn damage of the homes and people calling on God for survival! Amen, thank you Jesus!

Again, I would like to speak on how humble John Leary and his wife are and how it is amazing that they both continue to travel to spread God’s messages even with catastrophic weather events and viruses spreading. I was able to get some answers from John on preparing an interim refuge and what we can definitely take with us and what we just need to leave behind when Our Guardian Angels come to get us. For those that have just joined the blog, you will have to go back and read the prophetic messages from Prophet John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue and watch John Leary’s two videos we have posted on the Prophets and Bloggers Page of this blog. John goes into detail about the Warning that has been prophesied at Garabandal, Spain by Our Blessed Mother and to Saint Faustina by Jesus through the Divine Mercy. He also goes into detail about His messages from Jesus on physical refuges that will be used to protect God’s Children.

So, the basic questions we needed answered from John are if we will be able to take a vehicle and a camper when Our Guardian Angels come to get us to take us to these places of Refuge. The answer John gave was “Yes”, we will be able to take a vehicle, as long as it will start, and doesn’t have a GPS, or Global Positioning System, in it. Also, if you are towing a camper, you can take that with your vehicle, because you may need to sleep in it on the way to the permanent refuge. John said the problem is, that we will literally only have 20 minutes, to get our “Go Bags”, or “Go Backpacks”. In fact, Father Michel Rodrigue, that also gets similar messages as John Leary, stated, we may not even have 20 minutes, and that number was being generous. So, when Our Guardian Angels come to us and we receive that inner locution from the Holy Spirit to “Go”, we have to be ready to “Go”. You have to look at this time frame and compare it to when the Angels were escorting Lot, and his family out of Sodom. The Angels are protecting us, so we have to be obedient to what they are saying so that we stay under God’s protection. If you remember, Lot’s wife, was not obedient and she looked back, after the Angels told them not to, and she turned into a pillar of salt. The second question, I needed to clarify with John Leary was the Real IDs that we are being required to get because of the mandatory Real ID Act with microchips in them. I asked John if we needed to carry any form of identification or purses, billfolds or wallets. His answer was “No”, we will not need any of those items after Our Lord Jesus has renewed the Heaven and the Earth. He said to just leave all identification, credit cards, or anything that has microchips at home, because they can be tracked and we will not need them anyway. If anyone else has any questions on this, please feel free to contact us through email on the contact page. Also, you can go to John Leary’s website at

Also, for those that have just joined the blog, we that work on this blog remain anonymous, because we do this for the Blessed Trinity and the Salvation of Souls. We have a team of prayer group members and a Spiritual Director that guides us and we pray to the Holy Spirit about what the Blessed Trinity wants us to put in this blog for the Salvation of Souls, and to inspire all Christians to become a Disciple for Jesus Christ in these end times.

Lastly, here is an updated video from Prophet Lois Vogel Sharp on her Safe Havens and the work they are doing to complete their refuges. Lois and her family live in New York State and have been getting similar messages to Prophet John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue on God protecting His Children in these places of Refuge during the Great Tribulation. There are differences between the two Prophets on how we are being led to these refuges and we have listed that in this blog. But, the main point is that God is speaking to His prophets on how His Children will be protected during the Tribulation. We must all pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction because He leads us to all Truth through Jesus Christ.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

First Case of Coronavirus in the Vatican, do not worry, by Father Mark Goring. Also, May 14, 2020 Global Meeting on Climate Change at the Vatican has been delayed until October 11-15, 2020!

Here is an update from Father Mark Goring on praying to Our Lord Jesus Christ for protection from the Coronavirus. Father Mark gives us some good advice on not worrying about what is coming, but to Trust in the Lord! God hears all prayers and simple prayers can be just as powerful as our regular prayers, if they come from the heart! In fact, all prayers should come from your heart! Never, ever say prayers with distraction because it is important to focus on reverence and Love for Our Lord while praying. Father Mark also tells us that they do have 1 confirmed case of the Coronavirus at the Vatican and we need to pray for them.

We have just discovered that the Global Education Pact that Pope Francis was going to have on May 14, 2020 has now been delayed until October 11-18, 2020. This video was conducted by Return To Tradition, Anthony Stein, This meeting was involving world leaders, celebrities, religious leaders and anyone else that was interested in discussing solutions and education to Global climate change. The Pope also mentioned a solidarity in humanism, and to nurture the dream of humanism, and solidarity. We posted on the blog many months ago that we did not believe it was a coincidence that this event was taking place on May 14, 2020, along with Mike From Around the World’s scientific data that alluded to something significantly catastrophic happening to our Planet Earth on May 12, 2020. In addition, many prophets in this blog, to include Father Michel Rodrigue, was told by God Our Father, to not travel any longer after this date unless He authorized it.

What is even more alarming, as Anthony Stein pointed out, is now the Vatican has decided to have this global meeting on climate change on October 11-18, 2020. The Miracle of the Sun occurred on October 13, 1917 with Our Blessed Mother in Fatima, Portugal. So, it will be going on during the 103rd anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun. Remember, that in that Miracle that took place with approximately 70,000 witnesses on that day, it appeared like our Sun was falling to the Earth and was going to kill everyone. Then, the Sun retracted and went back into it’s normal position. For those that have just joined this blog, we believe that only half of the 3rd Fatima Secret has been released to the public. We believe, based on our discernment from the Holy Spirit, and what He has guided us to, is that the rest of the 3rd Secret has something to do with the Prophecies disclosed to Gianna Sullivan at Our Lady of Emmitsburg, which is also in this blog. Our Blessed Mother has revealed to Gianna Sullivan that there is another orbit with celestial bodies coming into our solar system that will eventually be between Earth and the Sun. When we see two Suns, then there will be tremendous devastation to the Earth and a New Change. We believe that this is Hercolubus (the Red Planet), or Planet X, that Our Blessed Mother is referring to in her prophetic message to Gianna Sullivan.

What is significant to understand is that Our Blessed Mother has been warning us that Our Churches and Government authorities are aware of this second Sun that will enter our orbit. This is not to make us angry, but to prepare us, as are all of the Prophets warning us, that we have listed in this blog. It is also important to understand that we have a mission for Jesus to assist Him in the Salvation of Souls as His Disciples. We will continue to follow Mike From Around the World on the Pastor Paul Begley Show to get updates on the May 12, 2020 possible catastrophic weather event. Until then, we need to continue to prepare Spiritually First, for what is coming, then mentally, and physically as best we can. As Father Mark tells us, as Christians, we do not need to be afraid, because we are already Children of God, and that is what is most important.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Visionary Valentina Papagna from Australia with Prophesies on the Coronavirus and much more from the Mary Refuge of Holy Love blog. Also, Father Mark Goring, as Christians, we should not be afraid!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. I want to share with you a new visionary by the name of Valentina Papagna, that we are adding to this blog, that I have been led by the Holy Spirit to post from the Mary Refuge of Holy Love blog. Mary Refuge of Holy Love will have many prophets and prophesies on their blog that we will not have, so please review their blog for many more modern day prophets that are continually getting messages, visions, and dreams from the Blessed Trinity and the Heavenly Kingdom. Because we are in the last days, there are many, many, prophets and visionaries all over the world. Acts 2:17, “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” Because we know from our own discernment from the Holy Spirit that we are end the last days, we are witnessing the Holy Spirit being poured out all over the world to different chosen prophets and visionaries.

Here is this visionary’s personal website and she is originally from Slovenia. We have discerned from the Holy Spirit to post this one visionary today from the Mary Refuge of Holy Love blog.

If you start reading from the top of the prophetic messages given to this visionary on the Mary Refuge of Holy Love blog, you will notice that Valentina received many messages about different man-made viruses that will be made as biological weapons. Also, that these viruses will be released by evil men to depopulate the world. During prayer, an Angel took Valentina to the Wuhan, China laboratory and showed her where this virus was made. Then Our Lord asked her to read some of her old messages from November 26, 2004. She was also told about the viruses being spread a little at a time as a test, and then eventually globally. In the message from November 26, 2004 from Our Lord, He said to her, “Be aware and take seriously My word that I come to you ahead of time to warn you that soon they are going to use very dangerous weapons and bio-weapons to kill and destroy the population. It will not destroy the houses, only the human beings in a large area, wherever they will be used. This will happen in many parts of the world.”

We believe this is another confirmation from the Holy Spirit not only about this Coronavirus being man-made, but that it was intentionally released to depopulate the world. Prophet Pedro Regis in the Anguera Prophesies also received these similar messages about biological weapons being made that we have listed in this blog from another post. Also, have you noticed that not a lot of children are contracting this Coronavirus, but mostly elderly people and people with compromised immune systems? We do believe that the Holy Spirit is guiding us to the fact that this Coronavirus was man-made in a level 4 biological weapon manufacturing facility. It was not accidently released, but intentionally released, and it was created to depopulate the world, starting with people with compromised immunity to new viruses. We also believe that there will be many more viruses coming because Our Lord has warned us, and Our Blessed Mother has warned us.

We need to continue to pray for the precious blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ to cover us daily for protection before we go out the door. For those of us that are Catholic, say the Holy Rosary daily along with the Saint Michael Prayer long form, which is the original Saint Michael prayer, that Pope Leo XIII wrote after he had the vision of Our Lord speaking with the devil. We also need to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the Salvation of Souls. There are many, many souls being lost in these natural weather disasters and the Coronavirus contagion. Please pray for the poor souls in purgatory. I know we have several followers that are not Catholic, and that is okay if you do not wish to say these prayers, but always pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit to guide you in all prayers and your actions throughout the day.

As we unite together in Christian denominations, our mission is the Salvation of Souls for Jesus Christ. We all follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit, who always guides us in everything that directs us back to Jesus and the Blessed Trinity. Be aware and cautious and alert to what the Holy Spirit is guiding you to do and ask Him to open your Spiritual eyes and ears. Also, pray for your own discernment from the Holy Spirit for every prophet or visionary we have listed in this blog. We pray about them before we post them, and that is why we have listed this new visionary today.

Here is the most recent video from Father Mark Goring on not being afraid of the Coronavirus,

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

New Message to Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother on more plagues coming. Do not get discouraged, but keep moving closer into the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Tornadoes rip through middle Tennessee, in the United States.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ. As many of you can see across the world, the United States got a taste of catastrophic weather in Tennessee with several EF-2 and EF-3 Tornadoes that took the lives of 25 people and 38 people still missing in one Tennessee County. The rest of the world is going through some of these same disasters with flooding, landsides, and wild fires. This is not a time to retreat, but a time to dig into our Faith and Trust in Jesus even more. There are many people who are out helping others and showing kind acts of love and compassion for those whose family members were killed or lost their homes. These are the kinds of acts that we must do to not only show people that we love Jesus, but also telling them that we rely on Jesus for strength, courage and endurance during these times. For those that have not heard about the Tornadoes in Tennessee yesterday, here is an aerial footage conducted by Global News,

As these events continue to escalate, we will keep putting out messages that Our Blessed Mother continues to give Luz De Maria to warn us and continue to prepare us as much as possible. In this message, Our Blessed Mother tells us that people continue to turn away from God, and there will be more plagues coming. We have to remember, that God allows these weather events and plagues to bring us back to His Sacred Heart. This is how he has to call us back from turning away from Him. For those of us that are His Children, we are being protected by His precious blood, but we will also witness many more events to come. This is our time to serve Him as His Disciples! When people have been hit with a devastating event, we bring them Hope with the Love and Compassion of Jesus Christ. We show them kindness, but we also tell them that Jesus gets us through these events and we have to rely on Him. Here is the message to Luz De Maria for February 24, 2020. If you notice, Jesus Maria website lists the Revelaciones Marianas medicinal herbs and remedies again that Our Blessed Mother recommends to use during these times at the bottom.

At the top of this most recent message on the Revelaciones Marianas website, they posted a previous message from July 30, 2018.


The Blessed Virgin Mary, July 30, 2018

So, as we serve Jesus, we are also assisting Our Blessed Mother for the Salvation of Souls. This should be the goal of every Disciple of Jesus Christ. It is our mission to assist Jesus in the Salvation of all Souls, not just our own. Because, He is calling us to this mission, we need to pray everyday, no matter what country we live in, how we can assist Jesus in the Salvation of Souls. The prayer should be, “How can I assist you Jesus in the salvation of souls? Please guide me today Holy Spirit, in all of my actions and words, to bring people to Jesus Christ.” If you live in an area, like Tennessee, then you can go out and give someone a helping hand in cleaning up from the natural disaster and also sharing a kind word. Then ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in your words, actions and everything you do to assist Jesus in the Salvation of Souls. We can all do these same tasks, no matter what country we live in, because these events are happening everywhere and will continue to increase. As we go out to serve Jesus and help others, be sure to wear gloves, and wash your hands frequently, because of the Coronavirus, and be sure to pray for the precious blood of Jesus Christ to cover you for protection of you and your family.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

We will still be a Disciple for Jesus at the Last Trumpet. Do not be afraid, pick up your cross and follow Jesus! Videos from Father Mark Goring on Self-Quarantine and going back to Confession.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ! We are going to study 1 Corinthians 15: 50-53 today and make a decision that will lead us to victory in Christ. What we see with Saint Paul is not only love for God through his teachings, but his Wisdom that Jesus infused into him to speak God’s Word to soon be Disciples of Jesus Christ. In 1 Corinthians, 15: 50-53, Saint Paul writes, “This I declare, brothers: flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does corruption inherit corruption. Behold, I tell you a mystery, we shall not fall asleep, but we will all be changed, in an instant, in the blink of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we will be changed. For that which is corruptible must clothe itself with incorruptibility, and that which is mortal must clothe itself with immortality.” The last trumpet that Saint Paul is speaking of here is the 7th Trumpet in the Book of Revelation, 11:15. Notice, Revelation Chapters 12 and 13 are interludes, then in Revelation, Chapter 14:14, Jesus commences the Harvest of the Earth. We have already shown this to be the time period that we will be taken by Jesus into the clouds in previous posts in this blog.

Going back to Saint Paul’s disclosing a mystery that God had revealed to him in 1 Corinthians, 15:56-58, “The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brothers, be firm, steadfast, always fully devoted to the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” Saint Paul is helping us understand, that because we have become Disciples for Jesus Christ, we are His Harvest, and we have already won the victory over eternal death. We have to encourage each other, just like Saint Paul did, to believe that we will make it all the way to the 7th Trumpet, if we follow Jesus and serve Him with all of our hearts, minds, and souls. Will we see many Tribulations along the way? Yes, but that is why we go back to Psalm 91 and say it throughout the day.

In fact, try to memorize Psalm 91 so that you can say it throughout the day without having to look it up. “You who dwell in the shelter of the most high, who abide in the shade of the Almighty, say to the Lord, ‘My refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.’ He will rescue you from the fowler’s snare, from the destroying plague, He will shelter you with his pinions, and under his wings you may take refuge; his faithfulness is a protecting shield. You shall not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day, Nor the pestilence that roams in the darkness, nor the plague that ravages at noon. Though a thousand fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, near you it shall not come. You need simply watch; the punishment of the wicked you will see. Because you have the Lord for your refuge, and have made the Most High your stronghold, No evil shall befall you, no affliction come near your tent. For he commands his angels with regard to you, to guard you wherever you go. With their hands they shall support you, lest you strike your foot against a stone. You can tread upon the asp and the viper, trample the lion and the dragon. Because he clings to me I will deliver him; because he knows my name I will set him on high. He will call upon me and I will answer; I will be with him in distress; I will deliver him and give him honor. With length of days I will satisfy him, and fill him with my saving power.”

Go back now and read all of 1 Corinthians, Chapter 15. Saint Paul is our model in helping people understand that Jesus Christ is the only victory over death. The more we study Scripture and the messages of God’s Word, the more we can help people see the Truth in Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the revealer of all Truth, but we can guide people to Jesus, and we can encourage each other not to be afraid as the labor pains get worse.

We have started a prayer that our family prays to Jesus before we walk out the door for work and school. We recommend that you also say a similar prayer to start getting in the habit of teaching our kids to pray without ceasing throughout the day. Here is the prayer, “Jesus, we ask that you cover us with your precious blood today and protect us from all of the trials and tribulations. We consecrate ourselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother and we also pray for her mantle of protection to shield us from all harm. We pray for the graces to be obedient to the Will of God, and serve Him in these times. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.” You can tweak this prayer anyway you like, but be sure to ask for the precious blood of Jesus to cover you and your family for protection, and ask for the graces to be obedient to His Will. I believe we will also add reading Psalm 91 to our Children, so that they can also memorize this very important prayer in these times.

Here is Father Mark Goring,

Also, Here is Father Mark Goring on going back to Confession,

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Becoming a Disciple For Jesus! How do we emulate Saint Paul the Apostle?

Good Afternoon Disciples of Christ. God has put it on my heart that we need to start being like His Apostles to become His Disciples. When we started this blog, I mentioned that we were going to try and treat this blog like a ministry that transformed us into the image of Jesus, but with the mouth and actions of Saint Paul. Why do we want to be like Saint Paul you ask? Go back and read the book of Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians, Galatians, Philemon, 2 Corinthians, Philippians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, Colossians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus and Ephesians. Saint Paul was chosen by Jesus in a special way because he wasn’t originally, one of the first 12 Apostles, and he initially had no knowledge of Jesus until Jesus instantly softened his heart. Remember, Saint Paul was blind for three days after Jesus’ Spirit came into his presence, then Saint Paul’s eyes were opened physically and spiritually to the Truth, and he was on fire with the Holy Spirit! Then, there was no stopping him on spreading the good news about Jesus!

So, if we have Surrendered to Jesus, and worked on our Relationship with Him to be Transformed into His image, our next step is to become His Disciple. We know we have different types of readers looking at this blog. So, although our goal is basic, which is to convert everyone to Christianity, we know we do have some devout Catholics and Christians that already know how to be a good disciple. But, it is always good for us to encourage one another to always be better for Jesus! Our Discipleship and learning never, ever, ends. We are always on that same journey to become Saints for Jesus and this journey takes a lifetime!

So, how do we act like Jesus, but speak like Saint Paul? Start speaking about Jesus every opportunity that is presented to you by the Holy Spirit. When we are working with the Holy Spirit, you will start to feel His promptings to speak about Jesus. You may say, well it is not my nature to go up to people and just start talking about Our Lord. But, it is your nature now, just like it happened to Saint Paul. Once, we have fully Surrendered to Jesus and have prayed to Him that we want to serve Him, the Holy Spirit will start putting that fire in your heart! Never push yourself on people. Always be gentle, and loving, but courageous! Start off slowly by mentioning Jesus in casual conversations. If the cashier at the checkout counter starts to tell you that her back is hurting from a long day, then tell her about how you pray to Jesus for healing when you are not feeling well. If your friend is complaining about his boss because he didn’t get the pay raise he was expecting, tell him how you pray to Jesus for blessings and then tell him about all of the blessings in your life. So, we need to say His mighty name JESUS, to people every opportunity we can, because you are sewing a seed! Yes, you might get a few weird looks, but who cares? We are on the track of pleasing Jesus now, because He is LORD! We don’t care what other people think. If we still care about others thinking we are weird, then we need to keep praying for God’s graces of courage and keep telling Him you want to serve Him!

Once, we feel comfortable enough to speak about Jesus when we have opportunities, then we ask people if they would like us to pray for them. We learned this from Father Richard McAlear, It is important to understand that we have to ACT for Jesus, and be doers of the word and not just hearers of the word, like James 1:22, “But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.” When we start to move for Jesus, the Holy Spirit moves with us. We can all be great prayer warriors at home, but when we are out amongst others, we need to act for Jesus. Again, we never push Jesus on others, because Jesus is a choice! But, we can sew a seed, and we can ask people if we can PRAY for them. Father Richard McAlear does a wonderful job of explaining that if we simply ask people, can I pray with you? Most people will say, Yes! If they say, No, that is okay to. Remember, you are still sewing a seed, just by mentioning the mighty name of JESUS. So, don’t get embarrassed, and don’t get discouraged. We keep going as Disciples for Christ. As Father McAlear explains, God is a mystery. God heals when He wants, God touches people when He wants, and God reveals Himself when He believes the timing is right. Sometimes, this happens in an instant like Saint Paul had, or sometimes it takes us sewing many seeds to one individual. The point is, as Disciples of Christ, we never stop, and we never give up on others and their Salvation, who don’t know Jesus. We keep PRAYING, and We keep SEWING THE SEED.

Lastly, we want to discuss the urgency of us moving with the Holy Spirit in action because events are starting to escalate and we are on a mission for the Salvation of Souls for Jesus. We start by talking about Jesus to others when situations arise for us to speak about His goodness and blessings. When we speak about Jesus everyday to different people we interact with, we begin to get more bold and confident. Then, when we have been praying to Jesus and the Holy Spirit for more courage, we begin to ask people if we can pray with them or for them. If we ask people if we can pray with them, then say a spontaneous prayer with them on the spot, like Father McAlear mentioned in his video and be sure to say, “In Jesus’ name we pray” at the end. We always give glory back to Jesus because He is the one that heals and gives peace. We are just vessels that sew the seed and act for Him with guidance from the Holy Spirit. If the person says, they don’t want to pray, then just ask if you can pray for them to Jesus Christ. We must always mention the name of JESUS, because we always give Him the glory. If the person still says no, that is fine, at least we have sewn the seed, by mentioning His mighty name.

When the Warning comes, we are expecting to be on Fire with the Holy Spirit, and a Second Pentecost. But, we do not want to wait until this time to start speaking for Jesus because events are happening all over the world, and we need to assist Jesus now and after the Warning. If you are still uncertain about having the courage to speak like Saint Paul, then start praying to Jesus for boldness like Saint Paul had boldness. Jesus needs us today and now to assist with the Salvation of Souls, as well as later.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

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