Update! Important information for those just joining the blog! Please review the Video on Father Adam Skwarczynski before it is removed! Also, print out all of the critical information we have listed to prepare you for the end times!

Good Morning Disciples of Christ! We have some information to share for both those that have been following the blog for a while and also, those that have recently joined the blog. First, we would like to inform you that one of our followers, Caitlin, notified us that Father Adam Skwarczynski, who is listed in this blog on the “Priests and Religious Speak on End Times” page, has recently stated that he will not be allowed to discuss any longer his vision and prophetic message from God on the Parousia, or Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ! If you have not reviewed his video, please go to it and review it before it is taken down. I will not remove it from this blog, but if the source of the link we have in this blog is removed, we will not be able to review it. This appears to be more persecution that has already begun, but will continue to get worse as we move closer to the Great Tribulation. Caitlin was kind enough to send us the link to his website, https://wobroniewiaryitradycji.wordpress.com/2020/03/11/komunikat-w-sprawie-ks-dr-adama-skwarczynskiego/. Although it is in polish, I will attempt to google translate what he has written. Here is what has been translated into English from the Author of the blog above.

On March 10, 2020, Kuria Siedlecka issued a special communication on Fr. Adam Skwarczyński. We have just received the content of the communication and published it to all readers – maintaining full obedience to the Mother church and at the same time closing all entries concerning Fr. adam or associated with him, not having ecclesiastical approval.
As a result, there are quite a few posts – I do not undertake to comment, reply or post for the next few days. I want to delete everything related to the publications of Fr. Adam Skwarczyński and there is no direct ecclesiastical approval.
In turn, entries such as, for example, “Litany to St. John the Apostle and the Evangelist with ecclesial approval” – click whether “The Rosary before the Blessed Sacrament – joyful mysteries” will be on this page. Father Adam is surrounded by a daily prayer that he will have from us forever. And we continue in Piotrowa Łódź
and we are engaged in evangelization and the defense of faith Message
In connection with numerous inquiries, doubts and allegations directed to the Diocese of Siedlecka By lay faithful and clerics in connection with the activities and teachings of Fr. Adam Skwarczyński, priest of the Diocese of Siedlecka, Bishop Siedlecki Kazimierz Gurda on 16 December 2019 established a special Commission to examine and evaluate the theological issue.
On the basis of the protocol presented of the Commission’s work of 31 January 2015, on the basis of the spiritual good of the faithful, Bishop Siedlecki on 9 March presented fr. Adam Skwarczyński with the opinion of the Theological Commission and handed over the decree in which fr. Adam cease:
teaching, also on the Internet and through printed publications, of Father Adam’s misguided teaching of Paruzia, and especially that Paruzia is a “middle event” and not the ultimate “at the end of the world”, that the coming of Christ is to be done “in our days”, which demands from the costly faithful, especially the material one, are supplying themselves for 3 days of darkness and promoting the idea of 25 years of happiness of new people after “three days of darkness”. At the same time, Fr. Adam was obliged to remove the teaching materials from the websites and any publication, including on the Internet, without the express permission of the Bishop of Siedlecki.
magical blessing of water “at a distance”;
because of the lack of a canonical mission from the diocesan bishop.
In addition, Bishop Siedlecki did not consent to the continued conduct by Fr. Adam Skwarczyński of the “clinic of spiritual life”, which was located in his house in Rakowec near Siedlec and the gathering of the faithful at the Eucharist in the private chapel of Fr. Adam.
Fr. Adam Skwarczyński accepted the decision of the Bishop and pledged to obey it. At the same time, he was informed that if he did not comply with the above orders, he would be subject to the penalties provided for by canon law.
Fr. Jerzy Duda
Director of the Pastoral Department
Diocese of Siedlecka

We, as Disciples of Christ, must pray for the protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus to cover Father Adam Skwarczynski, and all of the Priests, Pastors and Prophets in this blog. Everything appears to be escalating very quickly, and because we do know that Jesus will ultimately Win this battle, we don’t know how quickly Priests, Prophets, Pastors and Bloggers on the end times will be able to communicate via the internet.

For those that have not printed out or reviewed what we consider to be critical information and items to be prepared both Spiritually, and Physically for what is coming, we recommend you print out the following Posts and any word documents of notes or Natural Medicinal Preventions and Remedies from Our Blessed Mother, from this blog: “Preparing an Interim Refuge”; “How Do We Prepare Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically for the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”; “Making a ‘Go Bag’, or ‘Go Backpack’, to be taken to a Permanent Refuge.” “Updated Information from Prophet John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue.”; “Updated Information on The Warning! The more we are prepared, the better disciples we can be for Our Lord Jesus Christ! Please Print, and Share the Information about The Warning.”; “Our Blessed Lord Warns Us about the HAARP and Our Blessed Mother Warns us About Chemtrails!”

In all of these posts are different videos in this blog, and links to prophecies Our Lord Jesus Christ has given to His chosen Prophets and Our Blessed Mother has given to her chosen Prophets. Just in case you have not printed the Natural Herb and Medicinal remedies Our Blessed Mother recommends, here it is again, http://www.deunanube.com/blessed-virgin-marys-medicinal-plants/. Neither this website, nor do we recommend you overlook Medical advice from your Doctors. However, we must pray about everything to the Holy Spirit, and we recommend you get these items that Our Blessed Mother has recommended to Luz De Maria and use according to the instructions Our Blessed Mother has given on dosing to keep our bodies healthy in these times. These are all natural herbs and food, but must be used according to the dosing instructions.

We have to understand that although we must remain obedient to Our Church, we are also battling in the Spiritual realm, those Bishops who have infiltrated Our Church from the Freemasons and are working against Our Lord Jesus Christ. This is all explained at the beginning of this blog and it is hard for us to comprehend because we are looking at everything from a worldly perspective, instead of with our Spiritual Eyes and Ears. As you go through Father Adam Skwarczynski’s video, you will see that Our Lord has already informed him that he will be martyred. Let us all pray for him to live the rest of his time with us in peace, and for us to receive the graces of courage that he has as we become Disciples for Jesus. Thank you Caitlin for informing us and we will continue to pray for Father Adam and all of the Priests and Prophets doing God’s Will.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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