Who are the Men in Black? Are John Leary’s Prophecies on the Men In Black and Mena Lee Grebin’s Dream on Detention Camps, and Ken Peter’s Dream on the Men in Black and Detention Camps the same?

After attending the John Leary Conference in Nashville, TN this past weekend, John stressed the importance of getting your “Go Bag” or “Go Backpack” within 20 minutes after you get an inner locution from the Holy Spirit to leave your home with your Guardian Angels leading you. John mentioned that if you don’t leave when prompted by God, the “Men in black” may come for you and you may be martyred. It is believed that these Men in Black are either part of the European Union, (E.U.) Army or part of the One World Order Army of the antichrist that could be part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). If you recall, Mena Lee Grebin had a prophetic dream about detention camps and people being taken to these camps. The reason why we know Mena’s dreams are truly from God, is because they are confirmation that the Holy Spirit has guided us to for what Prophet John Leary is saying and now Father Michel Rodrigue. This is why we have these specific Prophets in this blog that we believe the Holy Spirit has guided us to, in that they are confirmation to each other’s prophetic dreams, visions, and messages from God. The whole video is very good, but Mena speaks about detention camps and unmarked vehicles coming to get people at about the 37 minute mark of the video. Mena saw unmarked cars, and unmarked vehicles that are coming to get people out of their work, and their homes. In her dream, she saw a detention center where people were placed in blue jumpsuits and were not allowed to leave. All of the people that were placed in these detention camps were of all different kinds of races and ages. Mena said that these people were being watched and this type of detention camp was tied with the closing of all borders all over the world. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=mena+lee+grebin%2c+the+end+as+we+know+it&view=detail&mid=51BB6B5BD280CDE18DEF51BB6B5BD280CDE18DEF&FORM=VIRE.

Prophet Ken Peters also had a prophetic dream that was given to him by Jesus in 1980. Ken Peters was Catholic and was given this dream, but did not realize it was a prophetic dream until he researched it in the book of Revelation. Catholics are prophets too, but it is important to know your Scripture to understand that God gives us dreams, visions, and messages to warn us and all of His Children, especially in the end times. Sadly, Ken Peters left Catholicism, but it was because he did not know his own faith. Maybe, he was never shown by his parents, but we have to teach our children not only about our faith, but also about God’s Word, the Bible. This is taught in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but is not stressed enough now, except by really good priests, such as Father Mark Goring. At about the 16 minute mark, Ken begins to explain what the Army was wearing in his prophetic dream. He described them as wearing black fatigues, with blue ball caps. What is also interesting is that he mentions that the Televisions did not have to be turned on to transmit what the antichrist was saying, they just had to be plugged in! In Ken’s dream, he mentions an outpouring of the Holy Spirit for a period of about 3 to 4 months that spreads the gospel. Ken also mentioned that he saw many state prisons that were detention centers for Christians. Ken also spoke of the mark of the beast in people’s right hand that started out as an option to buy and sell in business, but eventually became mandatory. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=ken+peters+prophecy+youtube&qpvt=ken+peters+prophecy+youtube&view=detail&mid=F14A13A0BBF59CD64602F14A13A0BBF59CD64602&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dken%2Bpeters%2Bprophecy%2Byoutube%26qpvt%3Dken%2Bpeters%2Bprophecy%2Byoutube%26FORM%3DVQFRML.

When you watch John Leary’s videos, Parts 1 and 2 on the Prophets and Bloggers page in this blog, you will see where Jesus tells John Leary that during the Warning, Jesus will tell us that we are not to take the mark of the beast, no matter the costs, because we are denying Him if we do. This is also in the book of Revelation 13:15-17. “It was then permitted to breath life into the beast’s image, so that the beast’s image could speak and [could] have anyone who did not worship it put to death. It forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the stamped image of the beast’s name or the number that stood for it’s name.” John Leary actually shared a recent message this weekend from Jesus where he said three times in part of that message to tell His Children, “Do not deny Me!”, “Do not deny Me!”, “Do not deny Me!”

It is important to understand that if we do not get closer to Jesus in our Relationship with Him, and we don’t work on our Spiritual growth with the Holy Spirit, that we don’t know what we will do under duress, even if we believe we are good Christians. We have to put Jesus first daily and that is why His Prophets are constantly telling us to get closer to Him everyday through prayer, reading Scripture, and receiving the Sacraments, if you are Catholic. We must strive to remain in a state of Grace by eradicating sin in our lives, going to confession often, and receiving the Blessed Sacrament daily if possible. Everything we can do to keep Jesus first in our lives daily is what we must do for ourselves, our children, and to tell others. We don’t post these videos to scare anyone, but there is a reason why the Blessed Trinity and the Heavenly Kingdom have been preparing us for this over the last 30 years now through the Prophets. So, if you have not Surrendered and given your life to Jesus Christ, you must do it now, so that you can start preparing Spiritually for what is coming.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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