Update! New Information to add from a Conference with Prophet John Leary in Nashville, TN. Also, Lois Vogel Sharp getting some of her Safe Havens completed and food shortages.

Good Morning Disciples of Christ! I was able to attend a Conference with Prophet John Leary this weekend, even amidst the Tornado strewn damage that the ten Tornadoes did in Middle Tennessee last week. The news in TN actually stated that Middle Tennessee had 10 different Tornadoes from EF-0 through EF-4 touch down last week. Here is another Jason A video about the recovery of the Bibles through the strewn damage of the homes and people calling on God for survival! Amen, thank you Jesus! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dwi3KE9DzCM.

Again, I would like to speak on how humble John Leary and his wife are and how it is amazing that they both continue to travel to spread God’s messages even with catastrophic weather events and viruses spreading. I was able to get some answers from John on preparing an interim refuge and what we can definitely take with us and what we just need to leave behind when Our Guardian Angels come to get us. For those that have just joined the blog, you will have to go back and read the prophetic messages from Prophet John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue and watch John Leary’s two videos we have posted on the Prophets and Bloggers Page of this blog. John goes into detail about the Warning that has been prophesied at Garabandal, Spain by Our Blessed Mother and to Saint Faustina by Jesus through the Divine Mercy. He also goes into detail about His messages from Jesus on physical refuges that will be used to protect God’s Children.

So, the basic questions we needed answered from John are if we will be able to take a vehicle and a camper when Our Guardian Angels come to get us to take us to these places of Refuge. The answer John gave was “Yes”, we will be able to take a vehicle, as long as it will start, and doesn’t have a GPS, or Global Positioning System, in it. Also, if you are towing a camper, you can take that with your vehicle, because you may need to sleep in it on the way to the permanent refuge. John said the problem is, that we will literally only have 20 minutes, to get our “Go Bags”, or “Go Backpacks”. In fact, Father Michel Rodrigue, that also gets similar messages as John Leary, stated, we may not even have 20 minutes, and that number was being generous. So, when Our Guardian Angels come to us and we receive that inner locution from the Holy Spirit to “Go”, we have to be ready to “Go”. You have to look at this time frame and compare it to when the Angels were escorting Lot, and his family out of Sodom. The Angels are protecting us, so we have to be obedient to what they are saying so that we stay under God’s protection. If you remember, Lot’s wife, was not obedient and she looked back, after the Angels told them not to, and she turned into a pillar of salt. The second question, I needed to clarify with John Leary was the Real IDs that we are being required to get because of the mandatory Real ID Act with microchips in them. I asked John if we needed to carry any form of identification or purses, billfolds or wallets. His answer was “No”, we will not need any of those items after Our Lord Jesus has renewed the Heaven and the Earth. He said to just leave all identification, credit cards, or anything that has microchips at home, because they can be tracked and we will not need them anyway. If anyone else has any questions on this, please feel free to contact us through email on the contact page. Also, you can go to John Leary’s website at http://www.johnleary.com.

Also, for those that have just joined the blog, we that work on this blog remain anonymous, because we do this for the Blessed Trinity and the Salvation of Souls. We have a team of prayer group members and a Spiritual Director that guides us and we pray to the Holy Spirit about what the Blessed Trinity wants us to put in this blog for the Salvation of Souls, and to inspire all Christians to become a Disciple for Jesus Christ in these end times.

Lastly, here is an updated video from Prophet Lois Vogel Sharp on her Safe Havens and the work they are doing to complete their refuges. Lois and her family live in New York State and have been getting similar messages to Prophet John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue on God protecting His Children in these places of Refuge during the Great Tribulation. There are differences between the two Prophets on how we are being led to these refuges and we have listed that in this blog. But, the main point is that God is speaking to His prophets on how His Children will be protected during the Tribulation. We must all pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction because He leads us to all Truth through Jesus Christ. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8H9ckjNXdFM&t=8s.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

2 Replies to “Update! New Information to add from a Conference with Prophet John Leary in Nashville, TN. Also, Lois Vogel Sharp getting some of her Safe Havens completed and food shortages.”

  1. Dear Souls!

    I have some questions regarding shelters! (I am from Croatia)
    Why do we have to worry if someone can accompany us to the shelter, when it will be safe and protected from angels?
    If we dedicate our own house to be a shelter – can we than stay in it? Or leave? If we stay can we have an old computer without internet or we should throw them away?

    What about our relatives that live around the world? Are we going to see them, after tribulation???

    Thank you, and God save all us!



    1. Hello Antonia,

      From what we have understood from studying John Leary and Father Michel and discerned with the help of the Holy Spirit, is that approximately 6 weeks after the Warning, the antichrist will make his appearance and try and influence and deceive everyone all over the world. Even though we are God’s Children, if we are not in a refuge or safe haven, then we stand the chance of being martyred, captured and taken to a detention center, and try to be forced to take the mark of the beast. The refuge will be a place protected by God for God’s Children. If you consecrate your home to God as an interim refuge, your Guardian Angels may still come to take you to a permanent refuge for protection if God thinks you are still in danger. We recommend throwing out anything that has access to an internet; TV, Computers, cell phones after the Warning. The antichrist will try and use these devices against us to speak to us and deceive us. Best to get rid of anything in question. We have 6 weeks to get our families into our interim refuges after the Warning. If they are in a another country or place to where they can not come to us, then they should also do the same actions now as we are to get closer to Jesus and prepare their homes as we are doing. The most important is preparing ourselves Spiritually first with Jesus, then Faith and Trust in the Lord for the rest. It is up to Our Lord, when He renews Heaven and Earth on who is ushering in the Era of Peace.


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