Visionary Valentina Papagna from Australia with Prophesies on the Coronavirus and much more from the Mary Refuge of Holy Love blog. Also, Father Mark Goring, as Christians, we should not be afraid!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. I want to share with you a new visionary by the name of Valentina Papagna, that we are adding to this blog, that I have been led by the Holy Spirit to post from the Mary Refuge of Holy Love blog. Mary Refuge of Holy Love will have many prophets and prophesies on their blog that we will not have, so please review their blog for many more modern day prophets that are continually getting messages, visions, and dreams from the Blessed Trinity and the Heavenly Kingdom. Because we are in the last days, there are many, many, prophets and visionaries all over the world. Acts 2:17, “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” Because we know from our own discernment from the Holy Spirit that we are end the last days, we are witnessing the Holy Spirit being poured out all over the world to different chosen prophets and visionaries.

Here is this visionary’s personal website and she is originally from Slovenia. We have discerned from the Holy Spirit to post this one visionary today from the Mary Refuge of Holy Love blog.

If you start reading from the top of the prophetic messages given to this visionary on the Mary Refuge of Holy Love blog, you will notice that Valentina received many messages about different man-made viruses that will be made as biological weapons. Also, that these viruses will be released by evil men to depopulate the world. During prayer, an Angel took Valentina to the Wuhan, China laboratory and showed her where this virus was made. Then Our Lord asked her to read some of her old messages from November 26, 2004. She was also told about the viruses being spread a little at a time as a test, and then eventually globally. In the message from November 26, 2004 from Our Lord, He said to her, “Be aware and take seriously My word that I come to you ahead of time to warn you that soon they are going to use very dangerous weapons and bio-weapons to kill and destroy the population. It will not destroy the houses, only the human beings in a large area, wherever they will be used. This will happen in many parts of the world.”

We believe this is another confirmation from the Holy Spirit not only about this Coronavirus being man-made, but that it was intentionally released to depopulate the world. Prophet Pedro Regis in the Anguera Prophesies also received these similar messages about biological weapons being made that we have listed in this blog from another post. Also, have you noticed that not a lot of children are contracting this Coronavirus, but mostly elderly people and people with compromised immune systems? We do believe that the Holy Spirit is guiding us to the fact that this Coronavirus was man-made in a level 4 biological weapon manufacturing facility. It was not accidently released, but intentionally released, and it was created to depopulate the world, starting with people with compromised immunity to new viruses. We also believe that there will be many more viruses coming because Our Lord has warned us, and Our Blessed Mother has warned us.

We need to continue to pray for the precious blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ to cover us daily for protection before we go out the door. For those of us that are Catholic, say the Holy Rosary daily along with the Saint Michael Prayer long form, which is the original Saint Michael prayer, that Pope Leo XIII wrote after he had the vision of Our Lord speaking with the devil. We also need to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the Salvation of Souls. There are many, many souls being lost in these natural weather disasters and the Coronavirus contagion. Please pray for the poor souls in purgatory. I know we have several followers that are not Catholic, and that is okay if you do not wish to say these prayers, but always pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit to guide you in all prayers and your actions throughout the day.

As we unite together in Christian denominations, our mission is the Salvation of Souls for Jesus Christ. We all follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit, who always guides us in everything that directs us back to Jesus and the Blessed Trinity. Be aware and cautious and alert to what the Holy Spirit is guiding you to do and ask Him to open your Spiritual eyes and ears. Also, pray for your own discernment from the Holy Spirit for every prophet or visionary we have listed in this blog. We pray about them before we post them, and that is why we have listed this new visionary today.

Here is the most recent video from Father Mark Goring on not being afraid of the Coronavirus,

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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