Today is a National Day of Prayer! Go to Church, and Pray with all of your hearts for Our Lord to stop the Coronavirus! Also, messages from Valentina Papagna, Father Mark Goring and Lois Vogel Sharp.

Today is the day we join together as Christians to plead Mercy from Our Lord to stop the Coronavirus all over the world! We confess our sins to Jesus in reparation of the offenses we have committed against Him and the Blessed Trinity. When we join together as His collected Children, we are telling Jesus that He is Our Savior and only He can control how far this virus can go. We pray from our hearts with simple prayer, but also Our Lord’s Prayer. We pray with Our Love, Sincerity, Contrite Heart, Humility, and Repentance and we ask for His Forgiveness. We ask how we can serve Him while we are under self quarantine. We read His Word in Scripture and we reflect on His Goodness! During this time, we not only pray for Him to stop the Coronavirus, but we also give Him Honor and Glory that He is the only True God and we can do nothing without Him! We pray for those that have fallen away from Him to come back to Him and repent of their sins. We pray for the Priests, Bishops, and Pastors that have gone astray to seek repentance and come back to His Sacred Heart. This is a wakeup call for all of us to seek Jesus with all of our hearts because God hears all prayers and He loves for His Children to come running back to Him with open arms. Here is a message from Jesus to visionary Valentina Papagna from March 8, 2020,

Here is a homily from Father Mark Goring for today, March 15, 2020. Father Mark reminds us that Jesus forgives all sins and we should seek Him with a repentant heart. We strive for holiness, but we fall short, and so we must constantly seek forgiveness for ourselves and for others. This teaches us to be humble like little children, especially during times of distress.

Also, here is a message from Lois Vogel Sharp with a message from God Our Father. I love how Lois tells us to focus on God and nothing else in these times. Because God needs to be the center of our day, everyday. As events continue to unfold, we are to keep our eyes on Jesus and ask Him, Lord, “How can we serve you today?” Then we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us to help others come to Jesus for the first time, or for those that have fallen away from Jesus to repent and come back to Him. This is our mission for Jesus to assist Him in the Salvation of Souls.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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