New Messages on after the Warning Website. New Messages from John Leary. New Videos from Mystic Post TV with Father Livio Explaining the Second Beast as a New World Order. New Videos from Mother and Refuge of The End Times, Servants of Christ, Daily Prophecies from Heaven, and Holy Trinity Messages from Heaven. Father Dan Reehil with Catholic Radio Maria on the “Four Last Things”. Howard Storm’s Experience of Getting a Second Chance at Life by Jesus Christ. Current News Reports from BBC News, and MSNBC News.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We pray that the rest of your Easter Season is spent on spending as much time as possible going to daily Mass and attending Adoration in prayer and getting closer to Jesus Christ.

Our whole goal in our small prayer group was to get the word out for Our Lord about being prepared for His Second Coming with the beginning of the Warning and how we can serve Him both before the Warning and after the Warning. We can definitely sense that Our Lord has pulled back from allowing us to receive the many prophetic dreams and locutions we were getting three years ago until now, which means to us that our first mission for Him is almost complete in writing this blog.

Our second mission will continue, which will be what occurs after the Warning and us assisting Our Blessed Mother with the salvation of souls, then to the refuges that are protected by Our Lord’s Heavenly Legions of Angels. We stated that we had a whole lot to say at the beginning of this blog, and now 623 posts later, we believe we have covered almost everything and keep praying for Our Lord to guide us to what He still wants us to talk about for the salvation of souls. Something that we wanted to point out today is a comment that Father Livio with Medjugorje TV made in a video that we listened to yesterday. Father Livio made the statement that the Second Beast is the New World Order. This is very interesting because we made a similar connection last year with guidance from the Holy Spirit that the First Beast is actually the One World Government with the antichrist coming out of this beast system that we are all experiencing right now. Here is what we wrote last year.

Here is the video from Mystic Post TV stating that Father Livio believes the New World Order, or the One World Order is actually the Second Beast in the Book of Revelation. He has some interesting points, but it has not changed our position on what we wrote last year. Here is Father Livio from Mystic Post TV.

Here is the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13:11-18.

As we read both descriptions of the first and second beast in the Book of Revelation, it describes what appears to be two people, with the second beast advising people to worship the first beast. This is why we still believe that the First Beast is a system with the antichrist (who is a possessed man by Satan) rising out of this system or “New World Order.” We still believe this beast system is currently developing and almost completed with the arrival of the antichrist (Satan possessed) at the forefront of this beast system or New World Order that is actually running the beast system.

Here is the latest Jason A video on how the development of the New World Order is here pushing itself onto the whole world.

Let us PrayLord, we know that You have been preparing us and we are thankful for everything You have shown us as the Truth. We are also thankful for all of the assistance we have been provided from the prayers of Our Blessed Mother, our Guardian Angels and the Saints. We know that we all have much more refining to do through this Purification that has already begun, and we pray for more Heavenly assistance now to complete Your Divine Will. We pray that everyone that has read this blog has come back to Your Sacred Heart, and we pray that we have all gotten closer to You as Your Disciples. We continue to accept more refinement and we continue to pray for the gift of Living in Your Divine Will and for more Spiritual gifts from Your Holy Spirit to complete all of our missions for You as Your Disciples. Please forgive us of all of our failures to root out all of our defects but continue to help us as we stumble and fall climbing up the mountain of holiness. We ask this in Your mighty name, Jesus Christ.

Also, we would like to post Father Dan Reehil’s Catholic Radio Maria Podcast on the Four Last Things. Father Dan speaks about how we as human beings refuse to contemplate why we are here, and what occurs to us after we die and leave this reality of what we call “Life”. However, those of us that are followers of Jesus Christ, know that this time on Earth is temporary, and our REAL LIFE begins in eternity with God Our Father, Jesus Christ Our King, and the Holy Spirit. Here is Father Dan teaching us our catechism on the Four Last Things. Podcast from March 18, 2022,

Here is our Catholic Catechism teaching on the Four Last Things for us to reflect on today as God’s Disciples.

Here is the man that Father Dan spoke about in his podcast, Howard Storm, who got to experience a second chance by Jesus to come back into his body and live his life with LOVE. In this video, Howard Storm stated that he believes Jesus gave him a second chance to live his life with LOVE because he believes we are in the birth pangs of the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24.

Here are the latest messages from After the Warning website. The first to Giselle Cardia,

This next one is from Pedro Regis,

Here are the latest messages from Shelley Anna,

Here are Shelley Anna’s messages from her you tube channel Holy Trinity Messages from Heaven.

Here are the latest messages from Prophet John Leary.

Here are some very important messages that everyone needs to read.

Here is another about the Warning.

Here is another about the Era of Peace.

Here is the latest video from Mother and Refuge of the End Times.

Here is another from Mother and Refuge of The End Times.

Here is another great video from Mother and Refuge with an excerpt from Dr. Daniel O’Connor’ s blog about not leaving Our Church even in the midst of chaos because we still belong to the True Magisterium and Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Here is a video message from Daily Prophecies from Heaven.

Here is another great video from Mystic Post TV.

Here is the latest from Servants of Christ.

Here is another from Servants of Christ.

Here is a report from BBC News explaining how our current war in the Ukraine will cause a food shortage and crisis. Of course, this is all generated by the Elites and this chaos will continue to get worse so that when our lives and environment are at it’s worse, the antichrist will make his appearance to try make people believe he is the savior in the midst of all of our troubles.

Here is the first case of monkey pox in the United States. Could this be the prophetic message about blisters or boils on the skin that have been mentioned in many previous prophetic messages?

Here is the latest garbage news about U.F.O. s being a threat to humanity. We have written many posts about this being a deception from Satan as the prophets have stated that the U.F.O.s are actually demonic beings. You can find these posts in our search bar.

We know the only thing everyone should be concerned about at this time is getting closer to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, or if you have fallen away from Him, to come running back into His arms of Mercy. We will continue to write posts until we believe Our Lord is telling us to stop, but we should all be prepared physically now and just focus on moving deeper into Our Lord’s Sacred Heart. If you can attend daily Holy Mass, you should do so because a recent prophetic message stated that the desecration of our Churches will cause them to be closed permanently. Also, prophetic messages have stated that when they re-open, they will not be our True Church. So, please try and receive the body of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, as often as possible.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. O’ Blood and water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a font of Mercy for us, we Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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