Getting Ready For The Persecution. Reflection on Acts 5:27-31. Let’s Not Forget Who we Serve! New Messages From Our Blessed Mother To Pedro Regis on Mother and Refuge of The End Times. “How To Never Miss God’s Will” By Father Mike Schmitz. 15 Quotes From Saints and How To Pray The Holy Rosary By Dr. Taylor Marshall. Mark Mallet and His Blog, The Now Word on The Enemy is Within The Gates. Life Site News Interview With Sister Dede Byrne on “Masking Kids, Forced Vaccinations Are “Diabolical” Fear Tactics Meant To Control People”. Also, Father Mike Schmitz, “How To Never Miss God’s Will For Your Life”. More Drought and Wild Fires All Over Greece and the World. More Biblical Signs By The Two Preachers.

Good Evening Disciples of Jesus Christ. The labor pains are speeding up now and we are all now witnessing the beginning of the Persecution of the unvaccinated. The FDA is now only a few weeks away from approving the “trial vaccine” that will open the flood gates for more mandates of employers forcing vaccines on their employees. This was of course the plan from the beginning, because the globalists and the Elites are trying to push everyone to be vaccinated, and those that are choosing not to be vaccinated went from being ridiculed to now threatened with their jobs. Eventually, this will move quickly into threats of violence from the FEAR the Elites have created in the world of those that have chosen to stand with God and all of His Ways. We must prepare ourselves with God’s Graces to stand with Him in Love, just like the Apostles did in the Book of Acts. At the beginning of the blog, we wrote a post about emulating St. Paul because this is what Our Lord wanted to prepare His Disciple for in these times. Here it is,

So, we know the persecution is coming, and we have been preparing our hearts as much as possible with Our Lord’s Graces. But, we just did not know how it was going to manifest itself, until now. However, we have to understand that God is with us, no matter what happens, and as His Disciples we carry our crosses and never lay them down! Here is a good example of an incident that just occurred in Portland a few days ago. These Christians handled it very well in not getting violent and simply trying to speak the name of JESUS as much as possible to these people that were attacking them.

It isn’t important who attacked them or why, but only to understand that this type of violence will continue to increase from everyone that does not know Our Lord and His Ways. This is the fear and hate that is being perpetuated by the media, and governments that are trying to push everyone into a chronic state of fear, anxiety, socialist agenda of encouraging it’s citizens to take matters into their own hands because they are the ones that have been wronged and no one else will stand up for them. If we focus on what the Apostles did, and remove ourselves from the hate that is being perpetuated by these groups, we will continue to receive the Graces from Our Lord. But, if we focus on who is attacking, or why they are attacking, we take our eyes off the bigger picture of what is really going on here Spiritually, and what Our Lord wants of us as His Disciples, because these are things we can’t control. All we can do is focus on Jesus Christ, Our Lord, and seek what His Will is for us and how we are to proceed each day in Service to Him. We will not know what each day will bring for each of us until that day is present, because we have Surrendered to Our Lord, and yield daily to the Holy Spirit in our thoughts, words, actions, and deeds.

Let’s reflect on Acts 5:27-32,

“The apostles were brought in and made to appear before the Sanhedrin to be questioned by the high priest. 28 “We gave you strict orders not to teach in this name,” he said. “Yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and are determined to make us guilty of this man’s blood.”

29 Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than human beings! 30 The God of our ancestors raised Jesus from the dead—whom you killed by hanging him on a cross. 31 God exalted him to his own right hand as Prince and Savior that he might bring Israel to repentance and forgive their sins. 32 We are witnesses of these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey him.”

So, the Apostles did not know if they were going to be killed for speaking up for Our Lord, or what was going to happen. But, they spoke for Him, because they loved Him, and were not afraid. We too must ask Our Lord for these Graces everyday because He is preparing our hearts for what He has already planned for us, and when we go out in FAITH, we just take each day at a time, but speak for Him when the opportunity presents itself, because everyday we must remember, we are here to Serve Him.

Let us PrayLord, we are here to love, honor, adore, and Serve You. Today, we continue to pray for the Graces to be Your Disciples and to yield to the Holy Spirit and His promptings. We pray for boldness, courage, wisdom, knowledge, compassion, love, and mercy for everyone we meet to assist You for the Salvation of Souls. We also pray for the Graces of words of knowledge to speak to those that don’t know You or have fallen away from You. Although the labor pains are increasing, we will not lay down our crosses because we are Your Children, and we know that we are covered by Your Precious Blood to go out in Faith, no matter where the Holy Spirit sends us. We will never forget that Our Surrender to You reminds us of whom We Serve, and we pray that we can emulate all of the Apostles in their courage during the persecution. We ask this in Your mighty name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Here is Father Mike Schmitz on “How To Never Miss God’s Will For Your Life.”

Here is Mother and Refuge of The End Times on a message from Our Blessed Mother to Pedro Regis about the Persecution coming. We posted this same message in writing from After The Warning website the other day.

We have already stated many, many times in this blog of how Our Blessed Mother is playing Her role in assisting Our Lord in these end times for the Salvation of Souls. We have also mentioned many times how She is also bringing us to Our Lord and is our intercessor of prayer in receiving the Graces we need to be His Disciples and also part of Her Marian Army of Love. So, that being said, we are posting again how to pray the Holy Rosary because it is one of the most important Spiritual weapons we can use, if not the most important. Here is Dr. Taylor Marshall reciting 15 quotes from the Saints and Popes on the power of the Holy Rosary.

Here is Dr. Taylor Marshall going over how to pray the Holy Rosary for those that have never learned. I know most of you already know this and pray it daily.

Here is Mark Mallet with his blog, The Now Word. Here is his great commentary on where are are in these labor pains, and what we must continue to prepare for with God’s Graces. Here is “The Enemy is Within the Gates.”

Here is another interview with Life Site News on the vaccinations being forced on our children with Sister Dede Byrne, who also reminds us that we must be in a state of Grace to be able to hear God’s voice and know what to do each day we step out the door. She is another great example of being a Disciple listening to Our Lord’s call and being ready to Serve Him.

Here is another video by the Two Preachers on more Biblical signs of the end times.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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