New Messages on After The Warning Website To Giselle Cardia, Pedro Regis, and Shelley Anna. New Video By Light of Mary on a Message Given To Ned Dougherty and The Calamity of the Church in Rome. The Fatima Center on “Has Pope Francis Sparked a Great Awakening”! Where is the World Economic Forum Taking Us? Why is There Such a Global Push For Vaccination? What is The True Intent of Transhumanism 2.0?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Many of you that have been with us since 2019 have already seen the posts we wrote about the push of the Elites of our societies to become Trans-human. As crazy as this sounds, we believe that Our Lord has been trying to tell us this through His Prophets on the many messages He has given on mind control. When we first read these messages a few years ago, we believed this was only through the subconscious mind as a subversion tactic using propaganda in the media, movies, television, schools, music, etc… to elicit us to sin. But now, we see that Our Lord was trying to tell us that it was through these means to degenerate our societies over the last hundred years, but also now, it is on a progressed level of trying to physically control our minds through nanotechnology.

Before we go any further.

Let us PrayLord, we have been praying for the Truth to come to light so that we may not be deceived in these times. You have been guiding us through Your Prophets of what it is that You wanted us to know to prepare ourselves not to be deceived as the Elect, so that we may persevere until the end as you have warned us about in Revelation 3:10. We know that You have told us this information not to scare us, but to prepare us to remain faithful to You and the True Magisterium of the Church. We know that we are not to focus on the negative, but to only know what is happening so that we may persevere as Your Disciples in order to help others not to be deceived. Thank You Lord for Your love and we pray for the Graces to continue to Serve You with love, courage and compassion for all of Your Children. Amen.

Here are the latest messages on After The Warning website, the first to Giselle Cardia. Our Lord is calling us to evangelization because everything is getting ready to occur suddenly, and we have little time left to spread the gospel before the Warning/Illumination of Conscience.

Here is another to Pedro Regis.

Here is another to Shelley Anna about a weaponized virus.

Here is Light of Mary with a message from Ned Dougherty from Our Blessed Mother on world takeover with Marxism, and Communism.

Here is the Fatima Center and The Kennedy Report on the recent back lash of the attempt to push out the Traditional Latin Mass. Are we beginning to awaken as a Church of the push towards modernism?

Next, we are going to discuss the agenda of the globalists and elites pushing everyone to be vaccinated. This is what many people can’t actually understand and see with their Spiritual eyes because it just seems so nonsensical. This is why the elites have been able to push the idea that it is all just conspiracy, and it doesn’t do any us any good to pay attention to conspiratorialists. However, when Our Lord tells us through His prophets to be aware of what is coming, it does make sense, and no longer seems like a conspiracy, but a reality Satan is trying to impose to prepare everyone for the beast system and antichrist.

We first wrote about what is Transhumanism 2.0, when we knew the Holy Spirit was guiding us to the idea that the vaccines had something to do with making us Trans-human with synthetic RNA messaging. Here is what we wrote in that post.

Now, more research has been conducted by many, many Doctors uncovering more of what is in this nanotechnology that make up a large portion of the “trial vaccine” that is in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. But first, here is a recent clip from Dr. Fauci on the mandate for vaccines becoming more likely.

Here is what Life Site News posted on Rumble from Klaus Schwab and the intent of the World Economic Forum to have everyone micro chipped by the year 2030.

Here is something that one of our prayer group members found with an in depth research that is being conducted on Graphene, which is a synthetic polymer substance that is used in the vaccine as part of the hydrogel to create the spike proteins to fight the corona virus symptoms. This is supposedly what helps our bodies create the spike protein to fight the virus. However, what is the true intent of this hydrogel nanotechnology? We already know what the Holy Spirit guided us to last year when we wrote the first post on Transhumanism 2.0, but here is more proof. This video is very long, so the important information to know goes up into about the 40 to 45 minute mark. The rest is primarily speculative. We don’t agree with the narrator that this vaccine is the mark of the beast, but we do agree that it is a trojan horse for mind control.

Now, we look at the many messages given to Luz De Maria from Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother on mind control put together by Revelaciones Marianas.

Now, look at this very specific message from November of last year that now makes sense about the electromagnetic induction.



Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding us to the Truth and showing us that this is not conspiratorial, but the work of Satan. Please continue to guide us to all Truth in and through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Emmanuel – “God is with us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Father, Abba, Thy Will Be Done.

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