New Interview with Gill Broussard and TradCatKnight Radio on January 15, 2021 on Where is Planet 7X Now and What to Possibly Expect!

Good Evening Disciples of Jesus Christ. I decided to check up on Gill Broussard to see if he has done any more recent interviews and I discovered that he has conducted a recent interview with TradCatKnight Catholic Radio Podcast. For those that have been following this blog since last year, you may be familiar with what Gill Broussard has shared with Pastor Paul Begley on his explanation of Planet 7X, which is also the Binary System we have been following with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World. Here is the information we posted about Gill Broussard last year.

Gill has done an excellent job of keep up with tracking Planet 7X and believes if his calculations are correct, this binary system could be here at the end of March 2021! Only time will tell, and according to his latest interview with TradCatKnight Radio, he believes it is still on track. He also stated that it appears that everything else is also aligning Scripturally with the Book of Revelation. As we stated in the last post we did on Gill Broussard, he believes this Comet-Planet has three tails consisting of meteors, rocks and debris that will precede the Comet-Planet as it makes it’s elliptical orbital path around our Sun. Here is the video we posted on the trajectory of Planet 7X (Binary System) that Gill Broussard has calculated.

Gill said that Planet 7X could arrive anywhere between 2013 to 2021. So, as you can see by his initial trajectory calculations, he thought it’s arrival was possible in 2016, however now that we are in 2021, he believes this to be the most accurate in consideration with all of the other world events occurring, such as the Plague (Pandemic), increased earthquakes, flooding and volcanic activity. In this interview he conducted on January 15, 2021, he stated that he believes we could begin to see this Comet-Planet by February 20, 2021! Then it will begin to appear larger and larger in the sky as it continues to move around our Sun in the following months. Here is the interview that Gill Broussard did with TradCatKnight Radio on January 15, 2021.

According to the little green file that Steven Ben-Nun gave to Pastor Paul Begley, the NASA Scientists believed that Planet X will be close to Jupiter, and arrival of Planet X to Earth’s orbit being in 2023-2024 and this binary system is most likely TRAPPIST-1. However, from this most recent interview, it sounded like Gill believed we would be able to see this Comet-Planet with orbiting asteroids, (not planets) around February 20, 2021 and be hit by meteorites around the end of March, 2021! Then as Planet 7X continues it’s orbital path, we will get hit with another Meteor shower 150 days later (which would be the second and third tail), which would put us around September to October 2021. Gill Broussard has married this time frame with the Book of Revelation Chapters 6, 7, and 8, and specifically the opening of the 6th and 7th Seals in Revelation 6:12-16.

Also, Revelation 8:1-13,

As you recall, we have posted Gianna Sullivan’s Prophetic message from Our Blessed Mother several times in this blog that confirms prophetically what Gill Broussard is referencing of when we begin to see this Comet-Planet in the sky around February 20, 2021, Scientifically! Our Blessed Mother said that once we see the “Second Sun”, it will be too late and we will begin to experience severe catastrophic weather that will affect the Earth. Here is Gianna Sullivan’s prophetic message from Our Blessed Mother on the “Second Sun”. Many of you that have followed this blog for a while have seen this prophecy, but there may be some new followers that have not seen it yet.

We still believe in this blog, that if we do begin to see this Comet-Planet (Binary System) in the sky by February 20, 2021 as Gill Broussard stated could occur, then Our Lord will most likely have the Warning/Illumination of Conscience very soon because of the devastation of weather events and chaos that will follow afterwards.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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