New Prophetic Message to Cryptic1! Also, “Chastisement Explained” by Father Mark Goring. Also, Archbishop Cordileone Responds to Nancy Pelosi’s Abortion Comments on EWTN. Also, the Second Best Homily for 2021 by Father Bill Casey on “We Need Repentance”! Also, “Spain Rocking with Earthquake Swarms” by Mary Greely News.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have tried to do our best in this blog to inform everyone of what is coming because of the egregious sin we all have conducted on a whole as Countries and the World against God. This is a very hard concept for God’s Children to see if they have been conditioned by the world to live in the flesh, instead of by the Holy Spirit.

If we are to truly follow God as His Disciple, we have to follow ALL Of GOD’S WAYS, and not just the ones that we agree with. If we are not seeing this now that we have fallen away from God as a serious issue in the world and this era of time that we are currently living in, then we have succumbed to worldly ways and not of God’s ways. If we believe that we are looking at the hearts of men and it appears they are kind, but don’t follow God’s Laws, but they are followers of God, then we are being deceived by Satan. God wants all of His Children to follow all of His Commandments and not just some of them. He loves all of His Children, but He will never love the sins we commit against Him, nor will He say that it is okay to break His Commandments because that is just the advancement of the times and the way the world is going. No, He wants us to obey everything He has ever Commanded of us because we are created by Him, and are expected to remain in Him, and not of Satan.

So, why do I say this now? Because many of God’s Children are still being deceived that the Biden Administration, since Biden is Catholic, will change our Country for the better. Unless President Biden changes all of the Democratic platform that is currently in favor of Abortion, Homosexuality, Euthanasia and Paganism, then we will continue to move towards the Great Chastisement and the Tribulation period that has already begun as we are currently in the Pre-Tribulation period now. We can pray for Biden’s conversion back to God, but our hearts have to be with God and His Ways and not with a man that seems very nice, or to hate a man that was following God’s Laws, but appeared not to be very nice. This is the deception the devil wants us to believe because sin removes us away from God. Satan wants us to believe that abortion is okay and not the only issue to look at as a problem. Satan wants us to believe that Homosexuality and Transgender is okay, because people are just born that way and God accepts it. Satan wants us to believe we can allow a person suffering to commit suicide because God doesn’t want us to suffer. Satan also wants us to be divided and fight each other because he pulls us into more sin when we argue or fill our hearts with hate. These are all lies that the world has fallen for over the last 100 hundred years or longer, and we have to Repent and Surrender to God’s Divine Will in order to be saved from our own soul’s demise. We all sin, and we all fight the temptations of sin and God knows this, and this is why we have the Sacrament of Reconciliation because we have to be reconciled back to God. As Father Chad Ripperger stated, we have to be rightly ordered back to God and His Ways on a perpetual basis through Confession so that we can receive the Graces from God to stop sinning, and to See that we must stop accepting the idea that it is okay to sin because this is how the world is going. At this point, we may not be able to change what God has already put in action to fulfill His Holy Word in the Book of Revelation, but we can change ourselves and be better for God by Repenting of our own sins through Confession and submitting to His Ways, Laws, and Commandments.

This is why we are seeing all of these events happening now with the Pandemic, the movement towards Socialism/Communism (A world without God), severe natural weather disasters, civil unrest, and hate growing all over the world. God is allowing the Elites, (who are being ruled by Satan) to push us deeper into a One World Government to choose ultimately who WE WILL SERVE! This is a test for all of us to either choose God and His Ways, or choose the World and Satan’s ways. So, we all must continue to Repent and pray for God’s Divine Will and seek His Holy Face for Truth and Guidance by the Holy Spirit and examine our own conscience and ask Our Lord where we stand with Him. We can’t believe we are okay with God now as a Country, since we have a nice person as a President if he does not follow God’s Laws, because God said so throughout all of His Holy Word. Even in the New Testament, Our Lord said “I have not come to abolish the Laws or the Prophets, but to fulfill them”.

So, this means we have to follow all of God’s Laws, but also Love one another the way Jesus has shown us His Love and Compassion. God is a Divine God of Mercy, but also a Divine God of Justice. We have to live out the Commandments of God’s Laws and Love on a perpetual basis, and we have to pick the platform for our Government that does both, and bring God back into our Country and Lives and make Him the center of Everything, so that we stay under His Divine Providence. Everyone that supported Trump was praying for him to be a better Christian, but he also was trying to support God’s Laws that are against abortion and he also supported Israel. Yes, he needed to be a much more kinder person to others in his words, but he was the only person that stood in the way to block what our Country is now heading towards with other countries, which is a One World Government and Religion. The Build, Back, Better Platform that the Biden Administration is speaking of is directly from the Davos World Economic Forum Movement of the Great Reset that we have also explained thoroughly in this blog. So, until we as a Country, and as Individuals Repent and stop aborting babies or voting for platforms that condone it, (if you allow it, you condone it) stop accepting that Homosexuality is okay, and euthanasia is okay, and stop believing that we can all get to God Our Father without going through His Son, Jesus Christ, we will all experience the Great Chastisement that Our Blessed Mother warned us about, but first we will experience the Warning. Here is the latest Prophetic Message to Cryptic1.

Here is “Chastisement Explained” by Father Mark Goring,

Here is Archbishop Cordileone’s Response to Nancy Pelosi’s latest Abortion Comments. The Biden Administration is still in favor of abortion all the way now up until birth and after birth for abortions that did not take.

Here is Father Bill Casey with Fathers of Mercy with the Second Best Homily of the year for 2021! This Homily is on everything we have tried to express through the 400 posts in this blog on God’s Divine Mercy and Divine Justice. Both of these Church teachings on God come together and have to be understood by all of His Children, as who God is and not who we try to make Him out to be in our own minds to allow sin and the ways of the world.

Here is a recent video by Mary Greely News on earthquakes in Spain that support what Gill Broussard stated in his video yesterday with TradCatKnight Catholic Radio that they are not reporting all of the earthquakes that are taking place, and how many earthquakes are occurring all over the world.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, have Mercy on us and the whole world, save us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be done.

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