New Messages to Prophet John Leary through November 10, 2020! Also, a Great Homily From a Priest with Remnant TV and Another Letter read From Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. I am posting Prophet John Leary’s messages as early as possible before his website is attacked again, and taken down. Also, from what I can see in the messages on the Remnant TV Channel, this video that I am posting from them was also attacked and removed and they managed to get it posted again. Satan is working very hard through his minions to continue to attack on all sides. If I didn’t know this to already be true of how everything is being suppressed that speak up for President Trump or against the deep state, we would continue to not believe all that we are witnessing at this time. But, sadly, we can even see it from Fox News at some levels.

Here are John Leary’s Messages. I cut and pasted the most significant ones from this past week, because his website will most likely be attacked again. For those of us that continue to speak out, it might just be only a period of time before our blogs and websites are attacked, but for now they are not.

November 11, 2020

Monday, November 9, 2020: (Dedication of St. John Lateran Basilica)
Jesus said: “My people, on this feast of the Pope’s church, you can see how I am the cornerstone of the Roman Catholic Church that I set up with St. Peter as the first Pope. I told you that the gates of hell would not prevail over My Church, even if you have to go underground at My refuges. I will be with you always, and My angels will defend you from the evil ones who are trying to take over your country with their cheating and illegal ballots. Have faith that there will be a contested election, because of all of the fraudulent ballots. Be prepared for an attempted revolution. Trust in My support for My faithful.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are facing two recent developments. One is President Trump is bringing his case of an illegal vote before the Supreme Court. The other development is that Pfizer is claiming it has a covid 19 vaccine with a 90% success rate. Any vaccine for covid 19 that is accepted, could cause a demand that everyone has to take the vaccine. This could mean a threat to your lives if you refuse to take the vaccine. Do not take the vaccine, even if they threaten to kill you. If they threaten you, you will have to come to the safety of My refuges. Your President can still win his election. The Supreme Court will decide on the facts of the election. Keep praying that your President can still win.”

Friday, November 6, 2020: (First Friday)

Jesus said: “My people, you have been given so many gifts as a country with fertile lands for crops, and natural resources for your needs. I also have given you Myself in Holy Communion at every Mass. But amidst all of My earthly and spiritual gifts, you have squandered them in your evil lifestyles. Your biggest offenses to Me are your many abortions. There are many people who do not have faith, or believe in Me. They either hate Me, or ignore Me. Even My faithful are weak in their prayers, coming to Mass and Confession, and very few thank Me for all of My gifts. Because of your many sins, I am bringing punishments on you for your many abuses. You are seeing communist mobs trying to take over your country by force. The natural storms and fires are causing losses. You still need to be praying for your President to win his re-election. Whether he wins or not, you will be facing more problems from a revolution, a possible invasion, and an EMP attack. I will bring My Warning to offer sinners a chance to improve their spiritual lives and be saved. I will call My faithful to My refuges to be safe from the evil ones, who will be cast into hell. I will renew the earth, and bring My believers into My Era of Peace and later into heaven.”

Jesus said: “My son, I want to thank you for praying for the souls of your family and for encouraging your grandchildren to have their babies baptized in the church. I know it is hard to encourage them to come to Sunday Mass, but still show them your good example. You are seeing spiritual laziness in the younger generation, as there are many distractions, and their love for Me is weak. Keep praying for their souls, and tell them My Warning is coming when they will be truly sorry for their sins against Me. There will be six weeks of conversion and you will need to work hard to make them into true believers. They need to be believers, or they could be facing the flames of hell forever. Help them to get crosses on their foreheads so they can come to your refuge. Keep praying for these souls because you do not want to lose anyone in hell.”

Wednesday, November 4, 2020: (St. Charles Borromeo)

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I spoke of the division I bring into your families because some believe in Me, while others are weak or do not accept Me. I also told people that they have to count the cost of believing in Me. If you truly believe in Me, then I must be first in your life; above your money, your family, and even your own life. Do not pride yourself on amassing wealth of money and possessions. You need certain things to live, but trust in Me to help you obtain what you need for your survival. I know what you need, and I will take care of you, as I have through the years. The guard house in the vision, is another sign to be ready for any riots or attempts to overthrow your government from the communist mobs. This means you need to have your National Guard ready for any attacks. Trust in Me to protect My faithful, even if I have to call you to My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, you were wondering how your President has lost several swing states just as he was ahead. The Democrats have launched several hacking programs that added millions of fraudulent ballots to these states. If you investigate the actual ballots for the last 2% of the vote, mostly absentee votes, lawyers would find duplications, illegals, and dead people on these ballots. Without a true investigation of these illegal ballots, then your President could lose. Pray that your President starts an investigation immediately to uncover this fraud. Otherwise you will be allowing the Democrats to steal this election. This is all part of an evil Democrat plot to give Biden a victory. You are still going to see the communist mobs make an attempt to take over your government. Your National Guard and your armed patriots will need to fight for your freedoms. The evil ones will try to initiate a civil war to cover up the fraudulent voting. Be prepared for some serious fighting with guns. Your President may have to declare a martial law. If your lives are in danger, I will call My faithful to the safety of My refuges. The evil ones will also spread more false testing of corona virus cases, with more shutdowns.”

As you can see in the messages, that we must continue to fight for God and keep praying for President Trump to be re-elected because God is testing our hearts. But, Our Lord said in the November 6, 2020 message that we must keep praying for Our President, however, we will face more problems from a revolution (civil unrest), a possible invasion and EMP attack. So, we must be obedient to Our Lord and keep praying for Our President and God’s Laws to prevail. We must also keep praying for the Salvation of Souls.

Here is the video from Remnant TV with a great Homily from a Priest, but they did not share his name. This Priest also reads another letter from Archbishop Vigano to the Faithful to keep praying the Holy Rosary and fight the Spiritual battle for and with Our Lord.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

2 Replies to “New Messages to Prophet John Leary through November 10, 2020! Also, a Great Homily From a Priest with Remnant TV and Another Letter read From Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano!”

  1. Peace of Christ

    If you want to hear a great homily from last Sunday’s Gospel please see the following from 12.20.

    Love From Sydney Australia Dan

    > >


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