New Message from Our Lord to Luz De Maria from November 7, 2020! Also, New Messages to Pedro Regis in Brazil from Our Blessed Mother! Also, New Message to Enoch in Columbia from Our Blessed Mother! Also, a Message from Our Lord to a Woman named Jennifer about The Warning, posted on the Jesus Maria Website! Also, Have the Elites bought and control Fox News Now?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. The more we pray and ask Our Lord for the Truth, the more He reveals to us the tentacles of Satan in the Elites and how far they will go to control the world. We have not seen a new post from John Leary yet, but the rest of the Prophets have not received any new messages from Our Lord that the Warning or Purification will be delayed since the Election has taken place in the United States. We will all keep praying for President Trump to win the election so that he can get the Supreme Court to overturn abortion laws in the United States, but right now it does not appear Our Lord has changed His mind about the Purification and Tribulation beginning. We must all continue to pray for God’s Mercy and make acts of reparation for the sacrileges and offenses against the Blessed Trinity, Our Church, the Blessed Sacrament, and Our Blessed Mother. We also must continue to pray for the gift of living in His Divine Will so that we will know how we can serve Him as He implements His Will on Earth. This is the cross He has been preparing us for, and even though it is heartbreaking what we will witness and all have to endure, we know that by uniting our will to His, we are serving Him like True Disciples.

Here is the latest message to Luz De Maria, dated November 7, 2020.

All in this one message, Our Lord is telling Luz De Maria to prepare the Faithful Remnant by focusing only on our Lord and stand firm in the Faith and True to the Magisterium of the teachings of Our Church. Our Lord also told Maria to prepare for deception from the Elites preparing us for the mark of the beast being implemented without our realizing it. This is most likely the vaccine that Luz De Maria has informed us that will be used for mind control. Also, Our Lord is telling us about a celestial phenomena that will occur in the sky, and when He comes, each of us will receive an illumination from the Holy Spirit of our own sins and be our own judges of those sins against God. This is the Warning/Illumination of Conscience that Our Lord has brought up again in His messages to Luz De Maria, which continues to warn us all, that this is very soon! There is going to be two celestial bodies that will collide that is going to cause this phenomena in the sky Our Lord is talking about. When we see this, and see the cross in the sky, we will all know this is the Warning getting ready to happen. Do not be afraid of it, but embrace it, and be ready to tell Our Lord you are sorry for the sins you have committed against Him. Whether this comes in the next month or in a few months, this is coming soon, and it does not appear that the election in the United States will make a difference because of the amount of evil that is already in the world.

Here are the latest messages to Pedro Regis in Brazil from Our Blessed Mother.

Again, Our Blessed Mother is saying the same message to Pedro Regis that we must stand firm in Faith to Our Lord, spread the gospel of His Love, and after all Tribulation, Our Lord will wipe away our tears.

Here is a recent message to Enoch in Columbia from November 5, 2020 from Our Blessed Mother.

Our Blessed Mother is stating that She is shedding tears due to the loss of souls due to the amount of sin in the world and Schism that is coming to Our Church. Our Blessed Mother also said the Chastisement for humanity is already approaching and there is no way back, in which She is most likely speaking of the binary system (Comet of Chastisement) approaching Earth. So, through the Prophets in this blog, it is being made very clear from Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother that there is no change to God’s plans about the coming Chastisements, Purification, and Tribulation. We don’t believe it is due to a lack of prayers on our part, but mostly the evil that God has to eradicate all over the world for the Salvation of Souls. We have to realize that the Salvation of Souls is bigger than our own comforts, and fears of witnessing these events. If we have Surrendered to Our Lord, we have grown closer to Him in Our Relationships with Him, have worked on being Transformed into His image by eradicating as much sin as possible with His graces, then we are on our way to becoming a True Disciple for Him. We continue to learn about living in the Divine Will, and whatever Transformation we still need at the Warning and Second Pentecost, Our Lord will finish it. We just have to keep praying and keep spending time with Him as much as we can, in Our Churches and our Homes everyday.

Next, here is another unknown Prophet that the Jesus Maria Website has posted by the name of Jennifer about the Warning/illumination of Conscience. Here is the source, which is Jennifer’s website that has a Spiritual Advisor (Priest) approving her messages. Her website is called, Words From Jesus.

Lastly, here is something I believe the Holy Spirit is guiding us to because we have to be aware of the deception and evil that keeps closing in on all sides. Here is an interview with Newsmax TV and Glenn Beck about Fox News not being allowed to say anything about George Soros and basically informed Glenn Beck that he had to conform or leave the Network. Glenn Beck is no longer with Fox News and now has his own show called, The Blaze.

Why is this important that we see this from the Holy Spirit? Because we have to understand how far the evil has taken over the whole Earth and not just the United States and almost all of the News Media. Also, we have come to a point that we just have to turn to God for all of our answers and become solely dependent on Him for everything, because if we don’t, we could be deceived by something the devil is using against us that we believed was a good source for God. Keep praying for the Truth Disciples and abiding in God’s Word and the Truth shall set you free.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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