Fireballs Falling and Earthquakes growing in intensity all over the Earth. New Show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World! Also, New Jason A video showing Fireballs. Also, more prophetic messages on the Jesus Maria Website and After the Warning Website!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely ready for Our Lord to bring the Warning, especially after President Trump announced yesterday that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine will be used in the United States as early as the next two to three weeks. They announced yesterday that Pfizer uses the same RNA Messaging that Moderna also uses to alert our bodies to create antibodies to the virus. We have written about Moderna’s vaccine in this blog by writing out exactly what Dr. Carrie Madej said that the RNA messaging does and how it can possibly alter your DNA and becoming Trans-human. Here is the word document we created based on her description in her video on RNA messaging, that has now been removed.

Needless to say, because we have said it so much, we will not be running out to get this vaccine, because we are still listening to the Prophets in this blog that are alerting us to this vaccine as being used to alter our DNA and as a form of mind control. So, looking back at Dr. Madej’s video on our word document, we see that they have removed it already, and that is why we created the word document explaining what she stated about RNA messaging. Although we are fighting for President Trump to be re-elected because he is following God’s Laws and fighting against abortion, he is also pushing this vaccine out at warp-speed as he stated yesterday.

So, this goes back to what we mean by putting our Faith in God and not in men. We fight for those that are standing for God’s Laws in our Country, but we also continue to discern what Our Lord is saying and seek God for our answers. Nothing has changed from the Prophets on the vaccine being safe at this point, so we continue to discern, pray for the Truth, and listen to what Our Lord is saying to the Prophets.

Here is the Pastor Paul Begley show, the Coming Apocalypse with Mike From Around the World.

Pastor Paul and Mike spoke about the increase of fireballs across the sky that are penetrating our atmosphere more on a frequent basis. Pastor Paul also talked about Apophis speeding up and a new Planet they discovered located behind our Sun. Pastor Paul and Mike both agreed that this was a soft disclosure of Planet X, or this binary system that is moving closer to Earth. Mike stated that we will begin to see more and more fireballs and fires being started from objects from space. This meets Revelation 8:7.

As we move deeper into this asteroid field, because as Mike stated we are only seeing sprinkles at this point, these fireballs will increase and begin to catch various locations of the Earth on fire. There is really no way to prepare for this except to Consecrate our homes to God Our Father, as Father Michel Rodrigue explained, through the Sacred Heart of Our Lord and the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother. We have this consecration information in the Retreat notes we posted with Father Michel and John Leary under the page in this blog titled, “How to Prepare Physically for the Coming Tribulation before being taken to a Refuge.”

Pastor Paul and Mike also talked about the increase of earthquakes and the election most likely going to the Supreme Court, and regardless of the outcome, there will be civil unrest. We will continue to pray for President Trump to be re-elected, because Our Lord is testing us as His Church to fight for His Laws, but be prepared for a civil war regardless of the outcome. We posted an order of events to take place prophesied by Luz De Maria a few months ago, and it does appear that we will possibly have a civil war very soon.

Here is the latest Jason A video showing the increase of fireballs and many strange lights seen in the sky in Texas.

Remember, there are no aliens, but the devil will try to create this scenario for people to believe in this possibility instead of God. This has also been prophesied that the fallen angels will deceive many into believing these are aliens, but will actually be demonic entities. Jason A is a Christian and not promoting this thought that these are aliens, but actually showing how much people are seeing these orbs of lights in the sky and believing they are aliens. Again, our Faith is in God and we will not be deceived.

Lastly, here are two more prophetic messages we wanted to post from the Jesus Maria Website and After the Warning website. They are both still pointing to the Purification coming, and fire falling from the sky. Here is the one from an unknown Prophet named “Jennifer” and her messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ on fireballs from the sky that she received in 2004.

Here is the one from After the Warning Website to Children of the Renewal from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Keep praying Disciples for all of us to receive an increase in Faith and the gift of Living in the Divine Will like Luisa Piccarreta. Witnessing everything that is coming can all be very draining, but that is why we Surrender it all to Our Lord and unite it to His Cross that He carries now for the Salvation of Souls, and He carried during His Passion. “Lord Jesus Christ, please allow us to receive more of Your Graces to be Your Disciples, to live in Your Divine Will, and to have a portion of Our Blessed Mother’s Faith, we can’t do this without YOU.”

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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