New Show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on The Coming Apocalypse!

Good Evening Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have reviewed the show from Thursday night, August 27, 2020 with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World. Wow, the show begins with a photograph taken from a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) camera at Bradley Lake in Alaska of what appears to be a large red planet in the sky! Pastor Paul stated that an FAA employee sent this image to him and wanted Mike From Around the World to see it.

We have a lot of new followers to the blog and we wanted our new followers to know that we listen to Mike From Around the World with Pastor Paul Begley and we also listen to Steven Ben-DeNoon on Israeli News Live because they are the most knowledgeable on Planet X, or Hercolubus, or this binary system that is moving through our solar system and causing the catastrophic weather phenomena and natural disasters that Our Lord is using to transform the New Heaven and New Earth. They are also most knowledgeable on Biblical Prophecy and current world events that correspond to Biblical Scripture being fulfilled. We have also been shown by the Holy Spirit that this binary system is what is identified by Our Blessed Mother as the Comet of Chastisement or Great Chastisement and you can find this at the beginning of the blog in Her prophetic messages. Our Blessed Mother’s most specific message about this binary system with “Two suns” was to Gianna Sullivan in Our Lady of Emmitsburg, Pedro Regis, and the Anguera Prophecies, Luz De Maria Bonilla, and Veronica Leuken, and the Bayside Prophecies, in which none have been approved by our Church. However, the Holy Spirit has guided us to many prophets that have not been officially approved, but we know they are true prophets based on their similar prophetic messages and their messages being fulfilled. It is what it is, and these prophets are having their prophetic messages fulfilled as the times of distress and the birth pangs are getting worse. So, as Mother Miriam stated on LifeSite News, we need to start taking heed to the signs that are happening and get prepared.

In the show with Pastor Paul Begley, Mike has confirmed that the image of a large red planet taken in the Alaska sky does look like it is a true image, and it would be good if someone could confirm it from the South pole. Mike stated that if that image is real, then we can look forward to a very disastrous hot winter. Mike stated that the heat factor mixed with the season of winter, and definitive changes in our weather patterns, reflects that we have an external factor or force at play. The heat factor is taking a toll on the Earth all over the place, to include crops, and drought. Mike also stated that the image that was taken in Alaska is not Planet X, but could be something intermediate, that is coming in before Planet X, or before this binary system. Mike stated if this thing is real, one of the cautions would be an imbalance of the Earth. Mike also stated that it could have an elliptical orbit that only appears in our atmosphere for several hours, and then it is gone again for several weeks, which means it has a very short orbit. If this is a true image, this object will appear again and it will start popping up all over the internet. Pastor Paul stated that this camera that took this image took the image in moments or seconds, and not for hours at a time. Pastor Paul stated they will keep a close eye on it.

Pastor Paul spoke about different lightening bolts killing animals in Argentina. Mike stated that these are extremes that the Earth is experiencing right now, and we will see some of that this winter. Mike stated the more you have the direct light hitting an object, you will feel the heat in an extreme difference between the shade and directly in the sunlight. Mike stated something is pulling the photons from our Sun, and we are seeing massive physical effects in our Sun and our Earth. Mike stated that we should not have 110 to 120 temperatures in the summer or very extreme cold temperatures in the winter. Mike also stated that this also is reflected in the poles as the ice melts. In fact, they are discovering viruses and bacteria from thousands of years old that is coming from the melted ice. Mike stated that there are also flesh eating bacteria in this ice that affected a scientist that had to have his leg amputated. They have discovered this in some of the dinosaurs by analyzing some of the items in their stomachs, and their bones. Mike stated that there are some lifeforms that can freeze for hundreds of thousands of years that can be brought back easily when they are thawed out, and this includes bacteria and viruses. Mike also stated that the oceans will heat up so extreme that the humidity will be about 125 percent on the coasts. There will be a lot of mold from the humidity and they are finding now cooked fish in the oceans from the internal heat vents in the Earth. There are also red tides and algae tides that are caused from the super heated water in the Earth. As soon at it hits the ocean water, it cooks everything in the vicinity. Mike stated that the volcanic activity in the oceans right now are just tremendous, and scary. There are certain areas already quarantined from Naval operations, and these areas are releasing Nickel, and a brand new land mass.

Pastor Paul brought up Hurricane Laura and our prayers going out to people suffering through the Tropical Storm, but also the Middle East and the South China Sea. Russia had a submarine that sank and Pastor Paul asked about the radiation leakage from that submarine. Mike stated, yes, don’t expect Russia to tell the truth on that not leaking any radiation. Mike stated that when things like that happen, it can be covered up, and he suspects we will have another chemical accident in the Northern hemisphere. Pastor Paul asked if this would be the deep state that caused this, and Mike stated that there is a hidden accord of different scenarios that the deep state has already mapped out and planned. A super-cane is a hurricane in a certain area that they have planned and they know about how many deaths there will be, and how devastating it will be to that area and who would be allowed to be saved. They have a perfect road map to their scenarios and already mapped out the outcomes. Mike stated they already know where they are going to have FEMA delays, and if we have a natural disaster with cell phone service, it is not a big deal. But, if we have a natural disaster and there is no cell phone service, then that is a big deal. Mike stated that these weather disasters will continue and stores and malls will continue to close because of people not spending money. That genetically modified organisms (GMO) crops were created because of the increased weather conditions and radiation in the Earth, and pretty soon it will affect the meat, and they will push the vegetable meat. Mike suggested we begin to down grade the demand of our tastes and palates to include sugar so that we don’t crave sugar when we will not have access to it. Mike stated that we will not run out of these things, but they will be replaced because we have a serious issue with our crops and there is no way they can produce for all of America, and that we are already importing grains from other countries right now to include Israel.

Pastor Paul talked about the Middle East and all of the different things going on with China firing missiles at U.S., with U.S. just conducting reconnaissance plans in international waters. Pastor Paul also asked about Saudi Arabia intercepting missiles, and Greece ratifying a deal with Egypt because of Turkey trying to take over Greece. Mike stated we are close to the Trumpets in the Bible. There are major things coming out, for example Saudi Arabia, everyone is going to turn on Saudi Arabia and there is a dark element rising and that country will have to be split up. Egypt needs to be watched and so does Jordan. Russia is putting defense systems all over the place, and we must stay focused on Biblical prophecy. We are hitting the critical years where the Saints are going to be confused because they are not studying their Bible. Pastor Paul stated we have to make sure we go by what the Scripture says, and not what we think. Mike stated this is the time of Jacob’s trouble and as the celestial phenomena evolves, we will be dealing with a war. Mike also stated that “We” in America will get bit eventually, because we will see allies turn on us if it comes to a world war. Mike stated he is more concerned about the celestial troubles than he is a war right now.

Pastor Paul stated that they didn’t even speak about the deep state very much, but asked if there is any information before the show closes. Mike stated that we needed much prayer and if the Saints of the house make sure they don’t lose their temper or control and stand against any demonic oppression, they will not lose control of their homes, (meaning Spiritually). But if the Saint allows his or her temper to flare, then it trickles down to the children. (Good advice from Mike about keeping our emotions in check as the labor pains increase.)

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Abba, Father, Thy Will be Done. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, have Mercy on us sinners. Have a blessed day.

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