Recent Prophetic Messages about Planet X/Nibiru Coming. Will we see the Two Stars Collide Soon that Begins the Warning/Illumination of Conscience?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. As you know this blog is a little different because Our Lord has asked us to unite all of of God’s Children and not exclude anyone that needs to hear these prophetic messages. So we listen, discern, and pray about what the Holy Spirit guides us to put in this blog for the Salvation of Souls. Our Lord has given us a gift of Understanding to be able to put together certain prophets that are speaking Truth and reflect how they are related to Prophetic Messages from Our Blessed Mother and the Saints and Mystics. Some of these modern day Prophets are Catholic, some are not, but their messages are consistent and similar to Prophetic messages that have already been fulfilled. We focus on whether the prophetic message is relative to what Our Blessed Mother has warned us about with the Great Comet of Chastisement and Her prophetic messages being fulfilled from Fatima, Akita, Garabandal, and Our Lady of Good Success and La Salette. Because we believe that the Warning is coming very soon, we will post some different messages from the Mike 444 website that align with John Leary, and the Little Prophet of Love saying that the Warning will be this Fall. Father Michel Rodrigue has said that the Purification will begin this Fall, but he has not confirmed the Warning for this Fall. We are also waiting to see if the visionary Conchita from the Garabandal Prophetic messages will announce anything 8 days prior to the Miracle occurring after the Warning, or if the Visionaries from Medjugorje, Herzegovina will also release the Secrets. Of course, there are several websites following this very closely as we are, and we are not trying to scare anyone, but just keep everyone informed so that we can all get our Souls correctly ordered back to God, while we still can.

This information is very heavy, but there is a reason that God keeps us informed and gives us Warnings through His Blessed Mother, Prophets and Watchmen and that is because He wants us to Evangelize for the Salvation of Souls. This is what His old prophets did, and it is no different today. God is always Faithful and True and He never changes. If you are new to this blog, you will see that Our Lord is using this binary system that is also called Planet X, Nibiru, the Destroyer, or in our Catholic prophecies, the Great Comet of Chastisement to renew the Heaven and Earth, and usher in the Era of Peace. This is also called the Purification that Our Blessed Mother has been warning us about because of Russia spreading it’s errors and Satan corrupting the Earth with evil men. All of this seems very bizarre, and overwhelming, but sadly it appears to be the Truth and the Holy Spirit has guided us to put this information out so that we will not be deceived and fall away from God as the times of distress increase. As you read this information and prepare, take everything to Our Lord and discern for yourselves from Him at Adoration. If things get really bad this Fall, as the Prophets are saying, then we need to spend as much time with Our Lord now as much as possible in front of the Monstrance, or Blessed Sacrament and receive His Holy Eucharist as the Living Bread and Living Water. We need to continue to ask Him to Transform us into His image, and pray for a portion of Our Blessed Mother’s Faith. Some people can’t handle receiving this information because it is too scary, and we understand, but it doesn’t mean that we will stop putting it on this blog, because this is what Our Lord has guided us to do. We have to all learn to be Obedient to the Holy Spirit’s promptings, no matter how scary it is, because We are being Tested and Refined as God’s Children by going through the times of distress so that we receive our white robes.

Here is a prophetic message on Planet X, Nibiru that Mike 444 prophecy reads from someone that received a prophetic dream. This prophetic dream aligns with what Mike From Around the World is saying on Pastor Paul Begley’s show about Planet X coming with multiple binary objects around it as a binary system, and the video refers to (two stars colliding) or celestial bodies, which is also what Conchita of Garabandal said about the beginning of the Warning/Illumination of Conscience that she described from Our Blessed Mother.

Also, here is Mike 444’s own research of Planet X/Nibiru and what Our Lord has shown him. He is not a prophet, but he receives many, many dreams from Our Lord and we do believe he is a Watchman.

It is important to understand that no one has perfect discernment and none of us can perfectly say this prophet is speaking Truth, and this one is not. But, we have to discern the prophetic messages as the labor pains increase because things will be upon us while we are waiting for Our Church to approve this Prophet, or that Prophet. This is why you also look at their fruits and if they are bringing people to Jesus Christ. So, we pray, and we ask that you also pray for the Truth always, so that we can prepare and not be deceived. This is also why we believe what Father Michel Rodrigue and John Leary are saying about preparing your homes as Refuges, because there is no way anyone can survive what is coming without God’s Supernatural Protection as He promised in Psalm 91.

What we wanted to point out in the first video we posted is that he said that it appeared in his dream, that two stars or celestial bodies will collide. As this binary system brings in these different celestial bodies, this most likely will occur, and this will be what begins the Warning/Illumination of Conscience with Our Lord. Our Blessed Mother also told Gianna Sullivan that when we see “Two Suns”, the Earth will begin to go through severe changes. We are praying now actually, that Our Lord will bring the Warning before the chaos gets too bad so that we can assist Our Lord in saving the souls of our family members and friends. Unfortunately, there are so many of God’s Children that are still asleep and we are praying that God’s Mercy of the Warning will wake them out of their slumber of habitual sin. As events continue to unfold, we will continue to post what we believe the Holy Spirit is guiding us to. We must all continue to pray for the Salvation of Souls, and keep Evangelizing for Our Lord Jesus Christ as much as possible.

Here is Father Mark Goring, who explains everything so well.


We need to develop Holy Confidence, like Father Mark Goring tells us, and we need to pray for a portion of Our Blessed Mother’s Faith as Father Michel Rodrigue tells us. We have to Trust in God, and that is what God calls us to do in the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done. Have a blessed day.

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