Mother Miriam with LifeSite news Tells Everyone to Prepare for the Great Chastisement!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. As we get closer to the purification, many Religious are coming to the realization that we are in the end times and the possible coming of the Great Chastisement prophesied in Fatima and also the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Many people are watching Countdown to The Kingdom and hearing what Father Michel Rodrigue is prophesizing about the end times and the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Father Adam Skwarczynksi, Prophets John Leary, Luz De Maria, Pedro Regis, and the Little Prophet of Love and many, many other prophets are also saying this, and it is finally getting attention as the signs of the times increase. Now, we have Mother Miriam in her podcast show on LifeSite news also telling people to prepare for the Warning/Illumination of Conscience with a general confession with a priest and storing up 3 months of food and water. Way to go Mother Miriam! Here is her podcast show,

Here is the article from Church Militant that Mother Miriam was referencing.

We pray that everyone is beginning to spread the news to get people ready, because that is what Our Lord called us to do in this blog. We ask, as do the Prophets in this blog, to prepare Spiritually first, by Surrendering to Our Lord and His Sacred Heart. Then go to confession and conduct a general confession asking the Holy Spirit to help you examine your conscience to remove as many sins from your soul as possible. For those that are just now going back to confession after many years of being away and have gone to Holy Mass and received communion, be sure and tell your confessor. This is a huge sin that many modern day Catholics commit, because they don’t feel like they sin very much, or they don’t believe in Transubstantiation or Confession. Our Lord is always forgiving, but if you fall into this category, then you must go to confession with a priest before the Warning. When we are standing before Our Lord, He is going to show us how we have offended Him and the Blessed Trinity. He is going to do this as an Act of Divine Mercy, not because He is trying to belittle us. God loves us so much that His Mercy and His Glory will be revealed at the Warning and it is going to shake us to our core, because we will instantly know who He is, and that He is giving us a last chance to repent. So, in that moment, because of His Holiness, we will feel shame for our sins, but also His Love for us at the same time. So, when Our Lord is done with the Warning, He is allowing for every soul over the age of reason, to repent and come back to Him, and we will all have an urgent desire to confess our sins! If we repent and go to Confession now, it will show Our Lord that we are acting and moving with a contrite heart, and He will flood you with Graces and guidance from the Holy Spirit.

This is why it is important for everyone to prepare their souls first and start praying fervently to Our Lord for the graces to be able to withstand what is coming. If you have just recently stumbled across this blog, we have explained in this bog that we have been called by Our Lord, to begin getting the word out that Our Lord has put it on our hearts that we are in the end times and to get busy for the Salvation of Souls. In this blog, you will find different pages on how to prepare the best way we can for Our Lord Spiritually, Physically and Mentally. Once you Surrender to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then the Holy Spirit will guide you on how to be reconciled back to God. As Father Chad Ripperger would put it, “Bring Spiritual order back from a sinful disordered life you lived away from God.” So, in the pages at the top of the blog, we explain in each section how to prepare and there are many, many videos from great priests and other Religious on how to improve our lives Spiritually with Our Lord. There are also videos and explanations from Survival experts on how to prepare for Pandemics, Food Shortages, Power outages, etc… There is also information on Refuges that both Father Michel Rodrigue and John Leary both talk about that is a physical place of God’s supernatural protection.

All of the information in this blog does not make us experts either, but we do have a Spiritual Director and Confessor that is keeping us in alignment with our catechism. We also are called to unite all Christians, because in the end times, Jesus Seeks all of His Children in the Harvest, and not just specific denominations. So, our end goal is to be unified in seeking Our Lord for all of the answers on how to prepare and to become a Disciple for Him for the Salvation of Souls. For those that have been following this blog since last year, we appreciate everyone and their willingness to Serve Our Lord, and we pray that we all meet one day in Heaven, when Our Lord has called us all home.

If you are a new follower and just stumbled across this blog, please go all the way down to the bottom of the blog to see where we started explaining why we are in the end times and what the Holy Spirit has shown us on how we have gotten to this moment in time. It is important to understand that we are not at the end of the world, but we are at the end of an evil era of time or season. The Purification and the Great Chastisement Our Blessed Mother has prophesied about also parallels with the book of Revelation, and this may be hard for some to accept, but we have explained it thoroughly in this blog, and we intend to keep explaining everything as long as Our Lord is calling us to do it. However, time is running short, and we do believe there are going to be power outages due to catastrophic weather events coming, and no one will have access to this blog. So, as Mother Mariam put it so eloquently above in her video, if you see a truck coming around the corner getting ready to run over someone, it is our moral obligation to tell that person and be safe, rather to stay silent and allow a possible death to that person. This Purification coming is even bigger than death, because if people are dying in mortal sin, they may experience the second death of their soul eternally, because they didn’t repent. So, please Evangelize to lost souls who don’t know Our Lord, and to those lukewarm souls that say they know Our Lord, but live in constant mortal sin.

Right now, all physical signs on Earth, in the Heavens, and from the Holy Spirit, and from the Prophets are pointing to the Warning coming this Fall. If it doesn’t happen until the beginning of next year, or a later time, that is God’s Will. We must all agree that we have to be in God’s Will, no matter when the Warning comes, but at this moment, it still looks like it will happen this Fall. So, get your Spiritual house in order first with Surrender to Our Lord, Repentance and Confession. Then get your physical homes ready as an Interim Refuge with food, water and most likely a generator to be able to keep your food refrigerated for a while if we have a long term power outage. This is all in this blog, including retreat notes with Father Michel Rodrigue and John Leary and word documents we have created to prepare for the Warning.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, especially us sinners. Jesus, We Trust in You. Abba, Father, Thy will Be Done.

2 Replies to “Mother Miriam with LifeSite news Tells Everyone to Prepare for the Great Chastisement!”

  1. Question…how too store up 3 months of water??? Not much room, and water is no good they say after a few months..( plastic containers) glass to expensive… How to we store up water then?? How would we know if out Tap water flow is going to work or be safe? What do you recommend? ________________________________


    1. Good question. We have a lot of bottled water that will keep for a long time if you store it inside the house to where the plastic in the bottles will not break down as fast. Also, we purchased a Berkey water filter for our tap water. Not sure how long the tap water will last, but it is best to use the tap water and then go to the bottled water. Look under the page that says “How to Prepare Physically for the Coming Tribulation.” Then go to item #10, “How to protect your water against arsenic or wormwood.” From studying the effects of this binary system coming in, there is going to be traces of heavy metals and arsenic in the dust, so the tap water will have to be filtered when this happens. Also, we have attached a rain barrel to collect rain from the gutters off of the house that can also be filtered. If you have any more questions, please let us know.


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