New Show on the The Coming Apocalypse, dated August 20, 2020 with pastor Paul Begley, and Mike From Around the World. There is very important information in this post!

Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the world started the show off talking about the asteroid that just barely missed the Earth only by 1,800 miles the other day! Mike stated that we actually have 2 more asteroids heading our way that Mike is saying that for some reason “no one else can see”, which is not the truth. Pastor Paul asked if that was to keep us from panicking, and Mike stated “yes”, that is the main reason. Mike stated that to Panic is a waste of time, and it is a great time to live as Saints.

Pastor Paul asked about new updates on the asteroid clusters that are coming in the next two years. Mike stated that the spread of the cluster is bigger than they thought, and it is a very dark year, because everyone is rushing around trying to secure things. Mike stated that they are going to start moving things all over the place, because of events that are getting ready to overtake the Earth. They (meaning the governments) are moving people and resources to different locations. Mike stated that they re-direct the grid and start stocking up food, and in 2015, the government bought several farms, and if we start to see a lot of certain foods become scarce, it is because they are re-directing this type of food. Mike also stated that when you see prominent people dying, it means they are taking them out of the loop and putting them in certain locations. Mike also stated that civilians work on small projects and perfect it, then they take it and buy them out for themselves, the Elites do this all of the time and that is how they keep control of certain goods, including technology. The Elites don’t create, they just steal ideas and buy out people, or threaten them, and these are people who are incredibly smart and have great ingenuity. Mike said we are coming to a point where things are not reversible, and we would start to see more things getting moved around.

Mike stated that the Elites, which make up the beast system, need the worship of the system by the people. Mike stated that this is what happens in the Book of Revelation, when people admire and worship the beast system itself and believe it in their hearts that it is something to believe in. This is a manipulation of the mind, just like marketing is on television, it is a form of mind control. (Note- this is exactly what Prophets John Leary and Luz De Maria said about the vaccines two weeks ago.) Mike stated that nothing will change, unless the people will become iniquitous. Mike stated right now, Our Lord is breaking that blindness that have Christians Spiritually bound. We are being built up in Faith, and when things start getting really bad, then we will have a Christ-like mindset, where Our Lord is our reality, and the rest doesn’t really matter. Pastor Paul stated that we are the hunted by the Elites, and it is a horrible thing.

Pastor Paul asked Mike about the global leaders going underground, and if the Elites have technology that make people sound different and look different, similar to the Manchurian candidate. Mike stated that 70 percent of the unidentified flying objects U.F.O’s, in the sky are probably ours, because we are unaware of the advanced technology that is out there. Mike stated that they know how to shift barriers of light and sound. Pastor Paul asked about forced isolations for COVID-19 patients and if this is coming soon. Mike stated yes, they are releasing this information now to prepare people for what they are planning to do, and they were going to do this anyway. Mike read Scripture out of the Bible, of Jesus describing the last days and the time clock being since the death of Jesus Christ. (Note, we as Catholics knew this anyway and that is why we celebrate the Holy Mass as a Paschal Mystery and the re-living of the last Supper for the anticipated coming of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.)

Mike stated that we are actually on an Apocalypse watch now, and need to be aware of a massive change. Mike stated there will be equipment positioning and Russia and China and the U.S.A. are all in equipment positioning. We can not stop China and Russia from positioning their equipment, and Pastor Paul asked if China has equipment better than ours. Mike stated there are a few occasions that China has sent technology over into our air space that look like U.F.Os and have gone back to China. China is always trying to get the U.S.A. to bring out what we have so that it is revealed, and it will probably look older than what China has. Mike stated there are missiles that fly so fast, there will be no way of stopping them unless there are massive explosions deployed. Mike stated that ultimately the U.A.E. will not be on Israel’s side when the war begins, and there is no way of knowing how long that will take from now. Mike reminds us that we have to know Scripture and know that Israel are God’s people and no matter what happens, we should never go against Israel or join the sides of those that go against Israel.

Pastor Paul asked about Mars and if we have a Military base already on Mars. Mike stated there was a break in the 1950s, and there are now 3 space programs. One is public, which is NASA, then there is a spilt in that space program that is classified where they started to secretly conduct missions without the public knowledge. There is more than one space station out there, and here on Earth, they have never stopped genetic developments. The governments never stopped space exploration, and they have conducted many genetic experimentations of mixing man with several different types of species, including squid. Mike also stated the Germans have done genetic experimentations where they have successfully transplanted heads of animals on humans. (Note-this is what Father Michel Rodrigue stated that the evils of men have conducted these types of experiments and it is a part of the abominations against God that are taking place that is also brining God’s wrath to stop it.) Pastor Paul stated that these creatures they are making are bringing us back to the Nephilim days and there are creatures that have already been made by man. Mike talked about the fallen angels that are bound to technologies because they can’t turn back to the heaven’s and what God has revealed to them. They have been mingling genetic material with humanity and this is where you hear about the abductions, and the military getting involved with these abductions. Mike stated that the fallen angels (demons) will go after the iniquitous, and they can’t go after the righteous, but they will cause hell on Earth, until they take people themselves to hell eventually. Mike stated that one day, the barrier will be gone because God will remove His restrainer (which means, His Hand of Protection).

Mike stated we have Jesus Christ, and so we are confident in God’s protection, but they will have no one to call out to. Pastor Paul stated we have to die out to sin, in order to be alive in Jesus Christ. Pastor Paul stated that a carnal minded man will not call out to God, and that those that don’t have Jesus Christ and have sold themselves to the devil, are terrified of death right now. Mike stated that he knows the events that are in the Bible are very real, and he can’t even imagine the torment of those that don’t have Jesus Christ. Mike stated that we are now seeing the iniquitous spread, but we have to understand what is happening and remember that God has to bring this forward so that it can be removed forever. Mike also stated that not only are we in the last day, but we are probably in the last hours. Mike stated that the clusters of asteroids will be coming within the next two year mark. Mike stated that two years from right now, we will probably see the worst things that will happen upon the Earth. Mike stated that we only have about two years left before this binary system gets to us. This event will change everything, and Mike stated that anyone that has survived at that point, will see an even bigger change at that time. Mike stated that year Zero is two years away.

(Note- I have to say this now because the Holy Spirit is guiding me to say this, but I personally had a prophetic dream last year, and I didn’t know what it meant until now. In my dream, I saw a blank white Background. There were capital letters that said the word, “SUNDAY”, then underneath the word SUNDAY, it had the date August 21. I did not see the year in my dream. That was all that was in my dream, and when I woke up, I looked up the next date for SUNDAY, August 21, and it was the year 2022.)

So, this is confirmation for me, of what Mike was saying above about something huge happening exactly two years from now. It could be the Comet of Chastisement that John Leary has prophesied that will hit the Atlantic Ocean, I don’t know. I just know that I have just received confirmation from the Holy Spirit on that dream I received last year for that particular date. If it is the Great Comet of Chastisement that will be brought in with this binary system with the “Second Sun”, then that could be the beginning of God’s wrath on the Earth, in which John Leary has stated that we will be caught up in the clouds with Our Lord, until His Wrath is completed.

Let us all keep praying that we will be taken to the Refuge after the Warning soon so that we can get all of our families into the Refuges before it is too late. We have to continue to keep praying for the Salvation of all Souls, even those that have offended Our Lord because of what is coming that is going to be so horrific and we want all of Our family and friends to be able to call out to God and repent now, before it is too late.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have Mercy on Me, a sinner. Precious Blood of Jesus, I Trust in You. Abba Father, thy Will Be Done. The three strongest prayers to say per Father Mark Goring,

Emmanuel-“God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day

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