More Confirmation from the Holy Spirit, that is proven Scientifically by Doctors and Investigative Medical journalists, that the Elites are Creating a Vaccine that will use a form of Mind Control and the Prophets in this blog are Warning us about!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are putting out another post today that we feel is very important because we keep getting more and more confirmation from the Holy Spirit about the vaccines that the Elites are trying to push on the entire world, and why the Prophets are saying to not take the vaccine.

In the previous post with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World, Mike stated that the Elites and their beast system needed to be worshipped by the people. So, we know this already and have explained this in previous posts in this blog about the beast system that we are currently living in, as the First Beast that is described in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13. First, we received the information from the Prophets in this blog that we must not get the vaccine because they intend to use it as a form of mind control. Now, the Holy Spirit is showing us how this is going to take place scientifically. The Blessed Trinity always has perfect timing, and it seems the further we go into the times of distress, the more we are becoming aware of how God’s perfect timing is being laid out in this blog. If it wasn’t for Our Surrender to the Lord, and allowing Him to use us as His instruments, the prayer warriors in our prayer group may not be getting all of this information, and we may not have known to share it to put the pieces of this puzzle together. We always give glory back to the Blessed Trinity, because it is God that has put us together to pray for His Wisdom, Knowledge, and Truth, and it is Our Faith in Him that places us in His Divine Will that allows us to consistently receive the Truth.

Everything we put on this blog is for the Salvation of Souls and God’s Divine Will. Some of this information is so far removed from our own reality that it is too hard for us to comprehend, but with God’s Graces, He opens up our Spiritual eyes and Knowledge so that we receive the information in a way that our small minds can comprehend it. And that is why He shows us information scientifically, so that when the Prophets speak on their prophetic messages from God, He allows our unbelief and lack of Faith in His Prophets to be confirmed by what modernism has destroyed for us Spiritually with science. This is actually sad on our parts if we don’t believe in God’s Prophets because it does reflect how far we have been removed from Our Lord Spiritually. But, God Loves us so much that He wants all of His Children to come back to Him, and not be deceived by this beast system any longer and this is why He shows us this information. He didn’t have to show any of us this information, but He does because of His Love for us, and He will show us more during the Warning that is coming soon.

Here is a video from a Doctor Carrie Madej and her explanation of how this vaccine is being manufactured by Moderna, which is a new, up and coming drug discovery and biotechnology manufacturer that is genetically remodifying RNA. By definition this means, RNA modifications are changes to the chemical composition of ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules post-synthesis that have the potential to alter function or stability. (As of March 26, 2021, this video is now found on Rumble).

Also listed above is her very profound description of how this injector is being made. We have already talked about LUCIFERASE in this blog on a previous post and also with Dr. Taylor Marshall discussing this in one of his videos. Here is the information on Luciferase that she described in her video,

Also, here is another great video by Israeli News Live that has also interviewed Sofia Smallstorm, who is a an investigative journalist in Science, Health, and Medicine that describes how these autoinjectors work and what the plan is of the Elites that plan to use them against us, that also include mind control. Here is the You Tube video,

This should be all of the Confirmation we need from the Holy Spirit that supports what the Prophets are saying, as scientific evidence, in this blog on why we must not take the vaccine and how it will be used as a form of mind control for the beast system. Always pray for guidance and discernment from Our Lord, but for me and my family, this is why we are definitely not getting the vaccine that will most likely be introduced this Fall or Winter after many more people are dying from a deadlier strain of the virus this Fall.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

3 Replies to “More Confirmation from the Holy Spirit, that is proven Scientifically by Doctors and Investigative Medical journalists, that the Elites are Creating a Vaccine that will use a form of Mind Control and the Prophets in this blog are Warning us about!”

  1. If you did a short and printable takeaway of each video it would be immensely helpful. I believe it will not be long before the internet or power is off and as it is I don’t have enough time to watch or listen to much. Of course we will not take the vaccine but it may be helpful to have a physical copy of something to evangelize with? Caitlin


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