Holy Mass on Sunday, August 23, 2020 at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada. Also, Parking Lot Preaching by Father Mark Goring. Also, Get Your Churches Ready to Receive the Prodigal Children of God to Come Running Back to Him as the Time of Distress Gets Worse.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have been busy posting information in this blog on how to work on Our Spiritual lives and Relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Here is Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Parish today, Sunday, August 23, 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dJRjRr-QHg.

It has been difficult knowing the information we have been shown by the Holy Spirit of what is coming soon, but we must be grateful that Our Lord is doing this to prepare us to be strong and not fall away from Him and to Serve Him during the time of distress. Even though it may seem that we have everything coming down upon us, we must never give up Hope in Our Lord. He strengthens us through our prayers and calling out to Him, and we must not allow our fears and our mind to run away with us as the times of distress get worse. We don’t know if anything will happen in September, but be prepared just in case it does. Here is a very encouraging word from God to a Prophet on the Mike 444 prophecy website, based on Psalm 91. Because we also know that Our Lord is taking us to a Refuge and God has allowed Prophet John Leary to give us these messages of a Refuge being also a physical place of protection, we should not be afraid. Even though we will witness a lot, just like it is written in Psalm 91, we will be protected by Our Lord, or brought home to His Heavenly Kingdom. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Mike+444+youtube+Psalm+91.7&docid=608055021379914142&mid=CA9420986885E36DC6B2CA9420986885E36DC6B2&view=detail&FORM=VIRE.

We have over 10,000 views a month on this blog, but not many followers because the Heavenly Legions of Angels are picking out the Remnant and as Our Lord has told us in His Word, the Harvest is plenty but the workers are few. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Luke+10%3A2&version=NIV.

So, let us all pray to Our Lord to increase the workers to assist in reaping His Harvest and His Will be done in all of our lives, because this work for Our Lord begins now, Disciples of Jesus Christ. When the first event occurs that points to prophecy being fulfilled, especially in America, that is our time to speak for Jesus Christ Our Lord. Some of us are doing it now with family and friends, but because there so many scoffers that are still Spiritually blind and asleep, this has been difficult to get even our loved ones to start on their Relationship with Our Lord. We must not just wait for the Warning to occur, because there may be many events that will occur before the Warning. In fact, we may see a lot of death and destruction before the Warning because We are also being tested, like all of God’s Church. All followers of Our Lord will be tested and purified, and this will be our purgatory on Earth, until we are taken to a Refuge, as Prophet John Leary and Father Michel have both said. So, we may have many, many events that occur prior to the Warning, and that is why we have food and water stored up, and generators and fuels for the generators. But, as Disciples of Jesus Christ, He is counting on us to assist Him as a worker for the Salvation of Souls. We must pray about each event as it unfolds, and be guided by the Holy Spirit and follow His promptings on how we can assist Jesus. We can also ask Our Blessed Mother for Her guidance and intercessory prayers.

If you are in your prayer groups in your cities, start organizing a plan to store food and water at your local Churches. Start speaking to your Priests, Pastors, Ministers, and Deacons about starting a food pantry, and be prepared for people to be turning to God for the answers of what is happening. People will be flocking to the Churches if their house has been devastated, or just out of fear because of the chaos coming upon the Earth. This is our time to shine for Jesus and have food and water, sleeping bags, small bags of toiletries ready and to speak the gospel of Our Lord. Our Churches may have to even provide shelter for people who have lost their homes. Start speaking to people now about the fact that we must act for Jesus as His Disciples and not just stay in our homes because of fear. It scares many people who are still Spiritually blind to the times we are in, but we must encourage them through Our Churches and away from our Churches that God is always Our Savior in everything and we must rely on Him for everything, in distress and out of distress. That we must always turn to Him for the answers. God is going to humble us in so many ways, but this is what He said He would do throughout His Word so that we may come running back to Him, just like the prodigal son.

So, many people that will lose jobs, homes, or just having a difficult time to feed their families will be coming to our Churches for assistance. We need to prepare now for those people who are lost and looking for God and for those Children who have been lukewarm to come running back to Him. Then, when the Warning/Illumination of Conscience does occur, we will have more food around to feed the thousands of people standing in line for confession.

Please start speaking to your local Churches today Disciples and ask your Shepherds to start preparing for the flock to come to them for help. Start food pantries, and begin storing up sleeping bags, and toiletry bags for those that will be hungry and possibly homeless. There are still many Shepherds out there that do not believe we are in the end times, and that is okay, until Our Lord opens their Spiritual eyes. But, we can still prepare economically for those that are getting evicted because of lack of work due to the pandemic. God and His House is always the Refuge, both Spiritually and Physically.

Here is Father Mark Goring conducting parking lot preaching and setting the example for all of God’s Disciples. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Father+Mark+Goring%2c+parking+lot+preaching+you+tube+video&docid=13826799257430&mid=E62D74F84E52434CDEDEE62D74F84E52434CDEDE&view=detail&FORM=VIRE.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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