New Messages to Prophet John Leary and the Little Prophet of Love, dated August 18, and 19, 2020! Luz De Maria had a message from Saint Michael on the Revelaciones Marianas Website on August 14, 2020!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have new messages from Our Lord to Prophet John Leary and the Little Prophet of Love, both dated August 18 and 19, 2020. Luz De Maria had a message on August 14, 2020 from Saint Michael the Archangel on the Revelaciones Marianas website, but it was not converted to English. I will convert it to English, but not sure if it will stay that way, so I will convert it, and cut and paste it to the blog.

Here are the latest messages to John Leary, The most notable message was from August 14, 2020.

Friday, August 14, 2020: (St. Maximillian Kolbe)
Jesus said: “My people, you are familiar with St. Maximillian Kolbe’s story of how he took the place of another prisoner who was about to be killed. You also know of how Hitler killed many Jews and priests in his gas chambers. This was part of an ethnic cleansing of the Jews. It is also a sign of how Christians will be cleansed from your society by the evil communists, who will take over your country. In addiction to gas chambers, the evil ones around you, will use Guillotines to behead those people who believe in Me. The deep state has perpetrated these evil viruses on purpose, so they can use this as an excuse to mandate people to take a vaccine and a chip in the body as the mark of the beast. Avoid taking any vaccine or any chip in the body, even if the authorities threaten to kill you. The vaccine will cause damage to your immune system, but the chip in the body will control your mind. These same authorities will mandate this chip so they can tell if you had the vaccine or not. In the Book of Revelation (Chap 13) it tells you to avoid taking the mark of the beast, and avoid worshiping the Antichrist. When chips in the body are made mandatory, I will call My faithful to the safety of My refuges where My angels will heal you of any ailments, and they will not allow the evil ones to harm you. You will have My Warning before your lives are threatened. In the Warning you will be told to avoid taking the chip in the body, and not to worship the Antichrist. You will also be told to come to My refuges of protection. I have been giving this message for over twenty years, but now you are being faced with the threat of gas chambers for being a Christian, just as St. Maximillian Kolbe was imprisoned. There are hundreds of death camp detention centers all over America, but there are also many places of refuge where I will protect My faithful. Trust in Me to save your souls from this evil.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you how ruthless the deep state people are, because their goal is to reduce the world’s population by any means possible. These same people have enabled Chinese scientists to produce a virus that would infect and kill people all year around, even during the summer. In the fall you will see the seasonal flu virus mutate, and infect people as you have seen in the past. In the fall you will also see a mutated corona virus that will be more deadly than the first corona virus. Both of these viruses will be spread among you using chemtrails. You may not be aware of how the deep state has been using chemtrails every year to spread the seasonal flu among your people. These chemtrails are full of aluminum oxide, flu virus, and many other toxic ingredients. The jet trail spreads out and spreads sickness wherever they go. So instead of criticizing your President, you should analyze the deep state and Chinese scientists who are the main cause of your people getting sick. My people, before these evil ones start spreading these new viruses, I will call you to the safety of My refuges. These evil ones will be cast into hell for their evil deeds, but My faithful will be brought into My Era of Peace. Trust in Me to protect you and provide for your needs.”

In this message Our Lord gives us more details of what is coming with Persecution of the Christians and how the Deep State has been using chemtrails against us for a while now, and so we have been conditioned to seeing them in the sky. Also, Our Lord has said again to not take the vaccine and any chip in the body to keep the Elites from using the chip injected under our skin to control our minds.

Here is the latest message to the Little Prophet of Love.

9th August 2020 2.36pm

After The Divine Mercy Chaplet

Wake up My children. It’s Jesus, he needs to speak to you all. This is not a time to carry on living as if you are in a normal time. It’s a difficult time for many. Please take time to spend with Me. I children AM always with you. This will progress into a frightful event. Listen please. Do not be taken by the evil one. I AM giving you all a chance. Please prepare because there is no time left. I want you all to be awake. You know that this life is short. I ask that you prepare your souls for this big event. This day will be a frightening time. If you stay close, I will look after you.

I never leave My children orphans. This is Jesus, I AM returning very soon.

Our Lord keeps telling us that there is no time left and we must focus on Him as much as possible. This goes back to Our Spiritual Director telling everyone that follows this blog to focus on God’s Mercy, because that is what is coming soon, and not to focus on any event that happens in the next few months. The Warning will come in the midst of chaos per the Prophets. We just have to make our own homes as interim refuges until Our Lord calls us to another location with His Guardian Angels after the Warning. We must have Faith that He will protect us when we call upon Him. And, He promises us in the message to the Little Prophet of Love that He will be with us if we stay close to Him. Just like He promised us in the Scriptures, especially Psalm 91. Have this Scripture close to you to read over and over again and call upon God’s promise as events unfold to give you renewed Strength and Faith.

Lastly, here is the message to Luz De Maria that is in Italian, on August 14, 2020 from Saint Michael the Archangel. Saint Michael is telling us to be humble like Our Blessed Mother Mary and to emulate all of Her ways, perfect in Love and Holiness, so that we can obtain the favors of Our Lord. Please continue to pray for a portion of Our Blessed Mother’s Faith, so that we can withstand the trials that are coming.


THE GENERAL OF THE CELESTIAL ARMIES, DEFENDS FROM EVIL THE PEOPLE OF GOD, WHAT IS HIS PEOPLE, INHERITED AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS OF HIS DIVINE SON. (Gv. 19.26). At the time of the transit to Heaven in the Body and Soul of Our Queen and Mother, the moment that was sublime, the Apostles participated who had been warned by the Angels of God and for the inspiration of the Divine Spirit. They were welcomed by Peter for a GREATMIRACOLO OF LOVE DIVINO AND THAT WAS A DOLOROSO MOMENT FOR THE APOSTOLI, who from the Mother had received the pure Love of which Her Son had filled her and on earth, She had been a refuge and consolation for them. I ask you to take an example from such an excellent and incomparable Queen, perfect in Love and Holiness.

I INVITE YOU TO TAKE FROM YOUR QUEEN AND MOTHER, TO BE EQUANIMITY AT ALL TIMES AND NOT TO ALLOW YOU TO BEHAVE AND ACT OUTSIDE THE WILL OF DIVINE. She lived by nourishing humility and love, so you, Your children, if you want to solicit His favors, you must maintain a perfect and necessary balance in order to be true witnesses, as children of this Holy Mother. As human beings, you are living in the past, bound to the past, and do not allow yourself to get rid of it, even though you realize that in order to get rid of it and to resume flight, you must repent of your heart of what torments you (See Acts 3,19). If something torments you, it is because in that thing there is a part of responsibility on your part, so in order to embark on a new path you need repentance and only then will you be freed from those laces that have sometimes taken you on undue roads or in bad situations and for which you have a share of responsibility. You must look at yourself as you are, children of God, with your blessings and imperfections, and not blame your brothers for the mistakes and missteps of your life, but you must take on your responsibilities and embark on a new life, with seriousness and decisiveness. (See Sal. 32.5)

RESPONSIBILITY FOR SPIRITUAL PROGRESS OR SLOWDOWN. Imitate your Queen and Mother, so that you may welcome with holy patience the vicissitudes of life; you must not only pray, but you must love them and offer them in repair for your personal sins and for those of the whole world. SHE IS OUR AND YOUR QUEEN AND MOTHER, THE MOTHER OF OUR KING AND LORD JESUS CHRIST, NO HUMAN BEING CAN HURT HER BUT, IN HER HOLINESS,OUR LADY’S ANSWER IS TO LOVE MORE THOSE WHO DO NOT LOVE HER AND DO NOT WELCOME HER AS A MOTHER. Use this day when “your Queen and Mother was brought to Heaven in Soul and Body”, to consecrate you to the Sacred Hearts and in this way, as loving and worthy children of Hearts so sublime, benefit from the blessings, graces, and virtues they impart to Their devotees, who imitate the great Divine Treasures present in Their Hearts. Solicit the Grace of forgiveness for your brothers and sisters. Urge Grace to be true. Encourage Grace to see your spiritual defects and impediments. Urge Grace not to be superb and not to act impulsively, because because of this problem, many people will suffer greatly. Urge Grace to be lovers of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ and of a very excellent Queen so that, under their protection, you may be deserving of Angelic Custody in the moments of suffering that will come for humanity. Be true, charitable, humble, and despise pride, because that is where evil was born. Do not fear, People of God, because with angelic myriads we are protecting you, be true children of the Sacred Hearts. Live in unity being Love, because with this singular grace, souls shine in these moments when Love must be a flag for the children of your Holy and Beautiful Mother.


St. Michael Archangel



Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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