Breaking Down the Deception of the First Beast and the Second Beast in Revelation, Chapter 13. Also, Holy Mass at St. Catherine of Siena, August 9, 2020. Communism Tactics explained by Reverend Fulton Sheen, by Return To Tradition. Videos from Father Mark Goring, and U.S. Grace Force. Priests that are seeing the Deception.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. As we progress into the times of distress that lead us into the Great Tribulation, we have to break down the deception so that we know how not to be deceived by Satan and the tactics he is using to pull us away from God. First we are going to post the Holy Mass at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Columbia, TN with Father Dan Reehil.

So, we have explained the First Beast a few posts ago as a conglomerate of tactics that Satan uses to divide us, cause fear, uncertainty, doubt in governmental systems, doubt in our leaders of government, chaos, and confusion. So, how is Satan doing this? This is done through his tentacles of power that have been placed in the hierarchy of our Churches, our Governments, and some of the wealthiest people in the world. These people are Freemasons, Elites, Illuminati, and groups that have aligned with the One World Order Agenda and are the tentacles of Satan that the prophets keep speaking about that we have listed in this blog. What we have not identified yet, are the ten countries, and seven heads that make up the countries that already have Satan’s tentacles in place. This is coming soon, but what we do have are the tactics that this group is using against us right now with the Pandemic, civil unrest, placed groups that promote Marxism, huge divisions amongst political parties, and now probable terrorist tactics that cause huge amounts of death all over the world to increase the chances of war. These are all of the tactics that a Communistic ideological group would push to take over an entire world.

This is why it is important to tie in Our Blessed Mother’s Prophetic messages that we have listed all through the blog, that prove the purification time period and warning of converting Russia to her Immaculate Heart was so critical. The tactics that this conglomerate First Beast is using are the tactics of Communism at it’s earliest successful stages of implementation. Here is Reverend Fulton Sheen in his revelation that Our Lord gave him on Communistic tactics, The reason why Rev. Sheen was given this revelation to pursue is because he is the one that convinced Bella Dodd to testify before Congress that she assisted the Communist party to infiltrate the Catholic Church with 1,100 supposed priests that were actually communist subverts that had no other purpose, but to infiltrate the Church and move up the ranks. This is also what has happened with levels of our Government that have been deceived by the ideology of a “United Front” and also how the Democratic party has been hijacked by this same subversion tactic. Here is Anthony Stein with Return to Tradition who made a video on reading and explaining Reverend Sheen’s questions to a communist organizer about the tactics of Communism. Their subversion tactics are so subtle and take such a long period of time to infiltrate various organizations, that it is not recognized as Communism, but disguised as a “United Front” against Fascism. This is what President John F. Kennedy was trying to warn us against as a “Democrat President” in the speech he gave two weeks before he was assassinated.

So, this is the deception of the First Beast in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13:1-10. This deception has taken over a hundred plus years to place the tentacles of Satan in place and this is why Our Blessed Mother warned us about this at the Apparition of Our Blessed Mother in Fatima, Portugal. The Second Beast in Revelation 13:11-18 that comes out of the First Beast conglomerate will be the antichrist and the false prophet. So, once Communism through the disguise of a “United Front” of civil unrest and civil war, has successfully infiltrated enough to win the people of that government and world over, then the antichrist, Revelation 13:3, makes his appearance. Remember, that in the video that Anthony Stein explains as the Communistic tactic from Rev. Sheen, they plan on taking over land, and properties and pretending to do it to remove it from the Fascists’ government and give it to the people. This is what we explained in a previous post about Agenda 21, and Agenda 2030. Our Government leaders have already been deceived enough to go along with this Agenda of regionalizing entire nations. So, we are already in the First beast deception in Revelation, Chapter 13, and we are getting ready to enter into the Second Beast deception as we enter into the Tribulation.

Here are our priests explaining their knowledge of how we are being deceived with the Communist push with this Pandemic and disguise under Marxism. But, there is a fear to make the tie with this push to the fact that we are in the end times, because we don’t want to believe that we are actually in the end times. When the Warning comes, then all of the Christians all over the world, no matter what the denomination is, will know it is a time to fight for God, thus being the Second Pentecost explained by Father Michel Rodrigue. Here is U.S. Grace Force and great priests speaking about the fear that has been generated and their knowledge of the One World Order and the push for Communism.

Lastly, here is Father Mark Goring speaking about the evils of abortion and how people are deceived that they have a profound faith in God, but believe abortion is okay.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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