New Messages To The Little Prophet of Love! Also, Prophetic Messages read by Mike 444 prophecy. Also, Another Great Homily from Father John Lankeit and Complicit Clergy.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We keep getting more and more messages that this Fall is going to be very bad. We already know that Our Lord has told John Leary that the Warning is coming this Fall. Our Lord has told The Little Prophet of Love that the Warning is coming this Autumn. We know that God Our told Father Michel Rodrigue that the Purification would begin this Fall. We also know that there have been many, many Non-Catholic Prophesies and Dreams mentioned in this blog, that all point to many events that will occur this Fall. So, today we are going to post the latest messages to the Little Prophet of Love and recent messages that Mike from 444 Prophecy has posted that continue to point to major cataclysmic events coming this Fall. We don’t say these things to scare any new followers of the blog, but we are all feeling the same heaviness about what is coming from the Holy Spirit and we want to continue to prepare everyone as much as possible.

First, we are going to post Psalm 2 in God’s Holy Word and many Scriptures on God’s Wrath, that point to the times we are in with the conspiring of the Elites and the Kings of the Nations that are getting ready to try and turn our Country over to a Communistic Country and a One World Government, which is ultimately the First Beast in the Book of Revelation that we have spoken about in previous posts.

Here are also 42 Bible Scriptures on God’s Wrath that is coming down on the wicked very soon.

Next, here are the newest messages to the Little Prophet of Love. Notice, that Our Lord is not happy with one of His Shepherds and the Wrath of God that is coming to His Church first. Because we (as Christians) know better and have been given the Word of God, as His Children, we must all turn back to Him in repentance and plead for His Forgiveness. There are no excuses for us if we have been brought up as a Christian, not to know God’s Word in His Bible. So, if you are a Catholic Christian, or Non-Catholic Christian and have sinned against Our Lord in any way, please seek repentance now before the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience. We have mentioned this many times throughout the blog, but want to say it again because we have a few new followers and time is running out for us to seek repentance and go to confession. Also, notice that our Lord is telling the Little Prophet that He is getting ready to bring some of His Children home, and it will be a day of repentance and a day that we will need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Lastly, Our Lord is telling us to stay in a state of grace. If you have not been to confession these last 4 weeks, please go to confession in the next week. We have to remain in a state of grace for Our Lord, and we must stay obedient to His Will.

Next, we are going to post a video by Mike 444 Prophecy. We consider him to be a Watchman because he reads prophetic messages from the 44 Prophecy News Site. There may be some false messages on this site that Mike reads from, but He is good to pray about them for discernment and Mike has personally told some of his dreams that we believe are truly from Our Lord and he is doing a great job of calling people back to Jesus Christ. We don’t review all of his videos, but wanted to make everyone aware of what he said about the many, many, prophetic messages he has read about the destruction of America in the Fall. We don’t believe this is only limited to America, but for everyone all over the world. This of course, is more confirmation that the Warning will most likely be this Fall, if there are many deaths from different cataclysmic events and plagues that are coming from both planned events by the Elites and also the possible asteroids coming in from the binary system that is moving into our solar system. Our Lord keeps telling Prophet John Leary that the Warning will occur when we see many deaths of His Children. This is why we must be prepared Spiritually as Our Lord has told the Little Prophet in His message to her above.

Also, here is another message about the New Pentecost coming, which is what Father Michel Rodrigue also prophesied.

Lastly, here is another great homily by Father John Lankeit with Complicit Clergy.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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