New Show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on The Coming Apocalypse, dated August 6, 2020.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have reviewed the latest show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World. Here is what they had to say a few nights ago. Mike and Pastor Paul spoke about the past explosion in Beirut, Lebanon that killed over a hundred people and injured thousands. Mike stated there are operatives infiltrated in every middle eastern entity, and that Israel is not responsible for this, but they are infiltrated just like everyone else. Pastor Paul talked about the fake video that was put out that showed a missile coming into the fire burning in Beirut, and this was actually fake and the man that created admitted it was fake. However, Pastor Paul stated that he believed it did not rule this explosion out as a terrorist’s attack. Mike stated that infiltrators sabotage areas all of the time and even though it was ammonium nitrate that caused the explosion, it was most likely compromised. Mike stated there are new battles for Caliphates in the middle east and there will be a brand new Caliphate emerging. Pastor Paul asked Mike if the United States has already identified a New Caliphate and do they know who is coming into power. Mike stated that the government is more knowledgeable of the Spiritual side of different countries than average Christians. Mike stated that most Christians don’t understand the Spiritual aspect of things, but the government does and understands the powers that come into play because of the Spiritual aspect of each country. Pastor Paul asked if it could have been a drone that caused the explosion hitting the ammonium nitrate, and Mike stated that it is an international event, so nothing will be said about it, but that there are governments that have the capability to have 2,000 explosions just as big as the one in Beirut, Lebanon. Mike stated there is no way to track the infiltrators, and we are going to see more and more of these types of explosions. Some of these infiltrators are called “ghosts” because they have the ability to pop up in a situation and then disappear.

Pastor Paul asked Mike about the sets of clusters of debris, or asteroids, and the two NASA astronomers that have discovered these two clusters called “Trojan Asteroids”. Mike stated that the term “Trojan” is what we need to be aware of as a problem because it means deceptive, or surprise asteroids. Mike stated the asteroids are so big, it is not them that will cause the problem, but the debris around them that will cause the problem. Mike also stated that he did not trust the date of 2021 of their arrival identified in that article from NASA. Mike stated that they do always come up with these articles right about the time that they discuss this information every Thursday night on the Coming Apocalypse show.

Mike also talked about a plasma bolt that hit China last week and there were sustained strikes of 135 in the same spot, which is not how lightening works. Mike stated these plasma locations are conduits for lightening and these strikes are becoming more regular. Mike also stated that people are going to start seeing different things coming from the clouds with these plasma conduits and they will not be able to explain it. Mike stated we are seeing more beams of light coming out of the clouds called “Sprites”, and that we will see these beams of light coming from a “dark center”, and this will be seen in different parts of the world. Mike also stated that we should not see this as a person, which some people may identify as Our Blessed Mother Mary. (Note- there are plenty of Miracles that have taken place in the Sun that are not associated with Sprites, and Mike is not aware of the permanent Miracle sign that has been prophesied by Our Blessed Mother that will come after the Warning. We will not hold this comment against Mike, even though he should not have equated the two or made an assumption that is what people in Rome will do if they happen to see a Sprite. Mike is referencing clouds that will have a plasma conduit of lightening that will continue to hit the earth because of the charges that build up in this concentration of plasma.) Mike stated that magma from the earth is coming closer and closer to the surface of the Earth that will cause more plasma conduits from the sky. It will be very volatile and very unstable and most people will not be aware of it. (We pray that both Mike and Pastor Paul are aware that these prophetic messages from Our Blessed Mother will be fulfilled of the Warning and the permanent Miracle signs that will occur all over the world at the Apparition sites of Our Blessed Mother. These miracle signs will not be associated as Sprites, because they will be permanent signs that we will not be able to touch, but only see, and we have written about this information throughout the blog.)

Mike stated that he is concerned about Italy and Mount Stromboli, and Pastor Paul asked if there was magma moving under Mount Stromboli and the Vatican. Mike stated “yes”, there is one huge, magma vault that is building up in pressure and we have not had enough pressure released from these volcanoes. Mike stated that we could wake up and see the whole province of Italy on fire because there is a chamber of magma underneath Italy about the size of Libya. It is currently building up pressure and there are signs in the Mediterranean Sea. Mike also reminded us that we are supposed to be in a “Solar Minimum”, but because of the pulses that keep coming in from space, it is affecting both our Sun, and the Earth. When our Sun is affected, it will in turn, affect the Earth. Pastor Paul asked if this binary system is causing the “Solar Minimum” to in turn, cause a “Solar Maximum”? Mike stated that as this smaller sun in this binary system approaches, it takes the materials from the larger sun and re-directs it because it has a larger gravitational pull. This small sun will re-charge as it pulls in the photons from our sun, and we will begin to have bent solar winds (solar flares), and the light of our sun will begin to change to a golden color. The photons will be re-directed to the smaller star and this heat will begin to fry the planets around it with infrared heat. The sands will turn to glass, and if you are in the sun, it could kill you because it will be a sporadic heat blast of 2,000 degrees at once and could be sporadic for months at a time. Pastor Paul asked about the Scripture passage of Joel, Chapter 2, when the Sun is turned into darkness, and the moon turned into blood and if this is what he is referencing? Mike stated, “yes”, most of the photons will be re-directed and any object that is front of that binary sun, will start to appear red, so the moon will appear red from the re-direction. Pastor Paul asked how long and will there still be heat coming from the sun. Mike stated we will have an issue from the atmosphere and we will have extreme radiation and heat, like a micro-wave oven. Mike stated we may not ever see the second sun, but we will see the other planets in this binary system.

Pastor Paul brings up Joel, Chapter 3, “the Sun and the Moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall lose their shine.” Mike stated that we will not be able to see the sky because of the ash and volcanic eruptions going off all over the world that will look like a veil to where we will not be able to see the sky. Mike also stated there are weapons that can send out radial bursts that can ignite oil wells and burn up other chemical areas. Mike believes that there is potential for anything to cause the sky to be blotted out. Pastor Paul asked with all of the apocalyptic signs that will be occurring, how long will the sun stay darkened. Mike stated that we could be looking at 4 months to 8 months, and man’s attitude will be worse and the mental state of mankind will begin to degrade. Mike stated that the cognitive state of most men will be gone, and we are safe within the state of fellow believers, but most people are not even aware of the hate that is building up and it doesn’t even make sense. Pastor Paul stated it’s like they have become soul less, anti-God, and anti-Government. Pastor Paul stated there is no cure for it, except Jesus Christ. Pastor Paul asked about Portland and the Spiritual effort of division there and that it does not appear to be going away. Mike stated until we have a Christ-Centered Kingdom, it will get worse as time goes by. Pastor Paul asked about CERN and what they are doing with that. Mike stated that CERN has magnets that can protect whole cities and they can replicate the Earth’s magnetic field perfectly. Mike stated by the end of this year, we will see more particle beam weapons and these weapons can shoot across the globe. Mike stated that the magnetic strength can actually protect areas as large as the United States. Pastor Paul asked if they are trying to figure out how to protect the Earth from asteroids that would cause “Wormwood”. Mike stated that they are prepared to move into these locations of protection and they did not create CERN for any reason that is of God. In fact, they created it to oppose God and the events that are getting ready to take place with the coming of the Messiah.

Mike stated that he will be back next week, and that they will probably be discussing policy.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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