New Prophetic Messages From The Little Prophet of Love! Also, Ralph Martin gives Good Advice on Preparing For What is Coming by Staying in God’s Word. Also, Light of Mary Reflects How We Are Currently in the Fulfillment of the Fatima Prophecy.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! It is a very uncertain time for us all because we already know what is coming because the Holy Spirit has revealed it to us. But, what is also exciting is that we are witnessing a Spiritual Awakening of those that did not see it until now and this is great news! Little by little, all of those that are truly following Jesus Christ are waking up to the events happening all around us. The more we work together unified in Jesus Christ, the better we can Serve Him. This has been one of the many goals that Our Lord has asked of us in this blog, in addition to the Salvation of Souls. It’s not that we necessarily have to see every Prophet and Prophecy the same way, but to understand that we are in dire times, and we must work together for Jesus, because the ultimate goal of every Disciple is to assist Jesus in the Salvation of Souls.

We know that we all have in common that goal and that our main tool for staying unified in Jesus Christ is through His Word the Holy Bible. No matter what denomination of Christianity you are in, we can’t deny God’s Word in Scripture. Here is Ralph Martin again with Renewal Ministries explaining this so well. Ralph also points out, like we have in this blog, and like many Prophets are saying today, that we have to become as close to Our Lord Jesus Christ as possible in these times, so that we are obedient to His Word, which is also His Will. This is just basic Discipleship 101, but we all have to be reminded of this because of the enormous deception all around us. God will not allow His sheep to go astray if we are Following His Will, Reading His Word, Surrendering our Hearts, and Praying to become His Disciple in order to Serve Him in these times. This is what he asks of us in the gospels when He said, “Pick Up Your Cross, and Follow Me.” Matthew 16:24-26.

Next, we are going to post the Little Prophet of Love’s latest messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ. Notice that Our Lord mentions the Warning again in the message from June 28, 2020. In the next message, Our Lord is telling the Little Prophet that everyone must focus on Him and His Love. Love of Our Lord, Love of one another and a life fulfilled to Him. God’s Love is what is going to get us through everything and that is why we must spend as much time with Him as possible like Ralph Martin is saying and all of the Prophets we have listed in this blog.

Next, we are going to post Light of Mary videos that Charles has put together so well. Charles has taken all of the prophecies to Luz De Maria Bonilla from Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord Jesus over the years of her prophetic messages on the fulfillment of the Fatima Prophecy in 1917 to the three Children and most specifically Sister Lucia. We have spoken about this extensively in this blog and how this binary system that is moving in, or “Second Sun” is what is causing all of the catastrophic weather events all over the world. For those that have read most of the posts in this blog, this will make sense, but if you haven’t done that you will have to do so to have a full understanding. The Holy Spirit has guided us to this information a little at a time and it is too much information to document in one post. Charles has done an excellent job of doing the same research being guided by the Holy Spirit and has also put this information together for you in his 4 part videos on Fatima and the rest of the 3rd Secret. We will list all of the videos here in order for your review. Thank you Charles for all of your hard work and being obedient to the Holy Spirit. They are all very good and supports what we have been saying in this blog, with the exception of the information we have provided about the “Second Sun”, or what we believe is potentially TRAPPIST-1.

Light of Mary, Fatima Part 1 –

Light of Mary, Fatima Part 2-

Light of Mary, Fatima Part 3 –

Light of Mary, Fatima Part 4 –

For those that have recently joined the blog, we understand that this news can be very discouraging, but the blessing is that God has chosen to warn us and promises His Protection by His Legions of Angels. If you have not researched this through the Prophecies of Father Michel Rodrigue and John Leary, then you must go back and research this information. If the Holy Spirit had not guided us to this information, we would not have put it in this blog, because we ourselves did not have a full understanding of everything until we prayed and were guided to it. Mathew 7:7-8, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds, and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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