Reparation Prayers for acts of Desecration and Sacrilege. Let’s Come Together to Understand that we have to Reject evil and embrace Love, Spread the Gospel, and Intercede for each other in Prayer. Also, Father Victor Perez explaining our respect of Sacred Images and Statues, and Dr. Taylor Marshall’s response on how to rally behind these brave Priests and Bishops.

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. Yesterday we talked about how important it was for us as Disciples to pray and ask Our Lord to transform us into His image and ask for the graces to become bold and courageous, but to not step out in action unless we have the Holy Spirit guiding us in the virtues of Peace, Love and Wisdom. We do this by asking for the Spiritual armor in Ephesians, Chapter 6, verses 11-17 everyday before we step out to serve Jesus Our Lord, and we also ask Our Lord how we can serve Him in these times so that we know we are being obedient to His Will and not our own. Now, we are beginning to see some very courageous Priests and lay people following that call from the Holy Spirit, but also being peaceful and loving like true Disciples should be.

First, we are going to show you a very good video of Father Victor Perez, who explains that we don’t worship the image or statue, but only respect them because they are Saints and we ask them to intercede for us in Prayer to Jesus, and God Our Father, just like we ask Our Blessed Mother to intercede for us in prayer. No one who accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior would ever wish to offend Him and worship any image and knows the difference between an idol, an image, and a statue. Even as we pray for the intercession from a specific Saint, we are thinking of Jesus and how He gave this person the graces to allow him or her to become a Saint. So, for those that don’t understand why this is upsetting, we have to remember that it all goes back to Jesus and a desecration of a statue of someone that Jesus Transformed Himself. Would Jesus agree to tear down something that He actually Transformed and gave the graces to the person to become Holy in order to Serve Him?

Next, We are going to post a reminder from Sensus Fidelium that as a Disciple of Our Lord Jesus Christ, We Follow Him to the Cross. As these events get more stressful on us, we have to remember that Jesus did not say it was going to be easy, and these are the crosses We carry for Him in these end times. But, because we have chosen Him, and stand by Him no matter what happens, we become Saints for Him in Heaven.

Next, we have Father Mark Goring who also is recognizing those like Father Stephen Schumacher, who was courageous enough to speak to a rioting crowd about who Saint Louis, King of France was and why he did not have anything to do with any wrongdoing against any people in his lifetime, but exactly the opposite in Serving Jesus. Also, here is Archbishop Cordileone in San Francisco conducting an act of Reparation with his diocese and parishioners against the sacrileges conducted against the Saint Junipero Serra statue last week. They prayed the Holy Rosary and asked for Our Blessed Mother’s intercession and also conducted an exorcism of that area to eradicate evil.

Lastly, here is Dr. Taylor Marshall speaking on Good Priests and Bishops that are beginning to protect the statues and our Faith and explains his thoughts on how to rally behind them. What is even hard for me to write without tearing up a little bit is the thought that this type of hate these people had at this moment in front of Father Schumacher will lead them to desecrate Our Churches! This is so hard for us to comprehend right now, but the evil is spreading and the hate for everything these rioters believe that goes against race, even when they may not even have their facts straight. But, this is the evil that Satan is spreading across the world and we have to accept the fact that Scripture will be fulfilled in the Book of Revelation. Dr. Marshall has an 8-point game plan that he explained on his show on how to prevent more desecration and sacrilege and how to stand behind our Priests and Bishops out there doing the same. Here it is in writing:

1.) Take up space with lots of lay people in areas where these riots, looting and vandalism are occurring. (Also, a good time to spread the Gospel peacefully.)

2.) Dr. Marshall suggests larger lay men in these areas, but not children. Not looking for violence, but larger men as a deterrent.

3.) Bigger groups of lay people in these areas, but not the elderly and children.

4.) Defend the Bishops and Priests at all costs. Prayerfully, without violence, but shield and protect these Bishops and Priests. Dr. Taylor Marshal re-stated, “No Violent altercations.”

5.) Have to be ready to intervene with bolt cutters to keep them from putting chains and ropes around the statues to keep them from pulling them down.

6.) Need barriers to put up in front of these areas. May possibly need barricades or walls to keep people from entering and desecrating areas.

7.) Pray peacefully! No violence, no cursing, no arguing and pray the Holy Rosary. This is a Spiritual battle that needs much prayer and fasting.

8.) This is not ultimately about ANTIFA or Communism, but Satan’s plan to destroy the Church and bring souls to hell. The strongest weapon are exorcisms said by Priests in Latin. All Dads must pray against demonic attack and bind them “in the name of Jesus” and cast them to the foot of the Cross for Jesus to deal with.

Thank you Dr. Taylor Marshall for a very peaceful, but active Discipleship to Serve Jesus! This is a calling from the Holy Spirit in your hearts, and that is why you are beginning to see certain Priests and Archbishops answering this call.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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