New Message From The Little Prophet of Love on Small Children during the Warning! Also, many words of Prophetic Warning from John Leary, Father Michel Rodrigue, Enoch, and Veronica Lueken that we should all take Heed and Listen, put together by the Jesus and Maria Website.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We are all really feeling the sense of urgency from the Holy Spirit to keep writing and putting out the words of the Prophets for the Salvation of Souls because of the small window we have left before the Warning. I am sure that many other bloggers and watchmen are feeling this same sense of urgency that Jesus has put on our hearts. This is not just because of the chaos we are all witnessing all over the world. This is also because we said “Yes” to Jesus to serve Him in our own small way and He has placed that sense of urgency in us. With every passing moment, we know that time is growing closer for Our Lord to have the Illumination of Conscience with every soul on Earth within the age of reason. Here is a message that the Little Prophet of Love received yesterday from Jesus about small children being asleep during the Warning. Our Lord is so good and gracious!

This is a great time for Jesus for the Salvation of Souls, but also when the clock starts to countdown to be taken to the permanent Refuges all over the world. There are so many wonderful bloggers and websites that have been putting out prophetic messages all over the world for so long, and as I was reading through them, I have picked out four that the Holy Spirit has guided us to in this blog that we feel we needed to post their messages in totality for you to read when you have time. We have picked these messages out of the Jesus Maria Website who have taken them and put them together with their dates of when they were prophesied. As you read some of these messages, you will see that some of these have already been fulfilled.

The first we are going to post is John Leary, who has been receiving prophetic messages for more than 30 years. John Leary’s messages of the most recent Pandemic was given to him by Our Lord Jesus Christ in 2012. Here is a Prophecy about the “Two Suns” given to John Leary on October 27, 2017. The “Two Suns” is also what was prophesied to Gianna Sullivan at Our Lady of Emmitsburg in the 1980s. Our Blessed Mother told Gianna Sullivan that after we see the “Two Suns”, we will see much devastation of natural disasters all over the world. This will also be when two stars collide in the sky and the Warning occurs. The Second Sun that will be seen, we believe is a brown dwarf star that will have 7 exoplanets trailing behind it. We also believe that this will either be TRAPPIST-1 that has been discovered by Scientists at NASA, or some other failed star that will have trailing exoplanets. This failed star will have debris of rocks, meteors, and comets that will trail behind it that will also begin to penetrate our atmosphere and cause fires all over the world that Mike From Around the World has described on Pastor Paul Begley’s show. This is also why it is believed that some will die of fright when this is witnessed during the Warning both from seeing two celestial bodies collide and from seeing their sins that Jesus has showed them and this is why Our Lord has asked us to pray for these souls. This will not be the end of the 7 year Tribulation, but the beginning and We will only have 6 short weeks to convert as many people to Christianity before the antichrist makes his appearance. This has all been explained in this blog and if you would rather watch John Leary’s videos instead of reading his prophecies, they are listed on End Time Prophets and Bloggers Page of this blog, Parts 1 and 2. John Leary explains that the Comet of Chastisement will come after the 3 and a half years we are in the Refuges and will hit the Atlantic Ocean. What we have been shown in this blog by the Holy Spirit, is that the 3 and a half years, will be the length of time it takes for the mini solar system to make the rest of it’s elliptical path around our Sun and there will be much chaos of severe weather events, Christian persecution, and the antichrist pushing the world into the One World Government and Religion. It has been prophesied by Pedro Regis from Our Blessed Mother that one of the 7 planets will actually hit both Uranus and Mercury in their orbital path as they also orbit Our Sun, but we are still uncertain if this is what will be witnessed at the Warning when we shall see two stars collide or not. But, we can all definitely imagine the chaos that will be around us at this time and why people will be dying of fright, anxiety, and fear that we must comfort and reassure as much as possible before we are taken to a Refuge. Also, we can see how the world will be in such chaos, that if people don’t know Jesus, will be deceived by the antichrist in order to survive.

The next prophet we are going to post is Enoch from Columbia. Here is Enoch’s original website,

Here is Enoch from Columbia on the Jesus Maria Website, Enoch has also been asked to warn us of the events of the Transformation of Our Earth to the New Heaven and New Earth. Both Enoch and Luz De Maria have done a wonderful job of preparing us for several years now, but we will not list Luz De Maria today because we have already listed her prophecies many times throughout the blog to review.

Father Michel Rodrigue, Father Michel Rodrigue has just recently made his messages public because of the shortness of time we have before the Warning. The prayer group that assists in working on this blog have met both John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue and can tell you that we truly feel in our hearts we were meant to spread their messages the most because of their explanation of the Refuges. If you have not made your home an Interim Refuge and consecrated it to God Our Father, please do so today. We have listed all of the consecration information in the notes we provided from the Retreat we had with both John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue last year.

Veronica Lueken, We have not listed Veronica Lueken’s bayside prophecies messages before on the blog, but after reading them, they go hand and hand with the other prophets in this blog on the Warning and Comet of Chastisement, or “Second Sun”. As you read her messages, you can clearly see how this mini solar system will cause cataclysmic weather events, fire, tidal waves, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Veronica does an excellent job in her description of what appears to be a Sun, but has a tail that hits different parts of the world causing dust clouds, and smoke and heat. This will be the debris cloud and particles that will continue to cover the Earth that we will see trailing behind the “Second Sun”. This is why Carlos Ferrada called it a Star that is as big as a Planet, but looks like a Comet, because of it’s tail. Carlos Ferrada called it Hercolubus, which we explained at the beginning of the blog. These particles will also hit our Sun and Our Moon, that will also cause our Sun to do drastic things with coronal mass ejections and heat, and geomagnetic bursts that will wipe put power grids all over the Earth. This is also why you have to be prepared to have no electricity. Veronica also sees the smoke of Satan that enters Our Church and events from the Book of Revelation.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

2 Replies to “New Message From The Little Prophet of Love on Small Children during the Warning! Also, many words of Prophetic Warning from John Leary, Father Michel Rodrigue, Enoch, and Veronica Lueken that we should all take Heed and Listen, put together by the Jesus and Maria Website.”

  1. Does the prophetic revelations by these modern visionaries really indicate a warning to be taken place in the fall of 2020?. Or does it imply some kind of chastisement?. And how does one consecrate their home as refuge?
    I want to believe that a real sense of urgency is permeating and I would like some guidance as what to reasonably anticipate and to propel us to start spiritual preparation. Thankfully yours Robert.


    1. Hi Rob, We are saying to get ready Spiritually right now in your Relationship with Jesus because if the Warning does come this Fall, 2020, then Our Relationship with Him is most important and no amount of distress will cause us to fall away from Him. In this blog, we have two modern day prophets saying that the Warning is coming this Fall, 2020, and there is 1 Priest, Father Michel Rodrigue saying the Purification will begin this Fall. So, chances are very high that it will occur this Fall. However, there is still 1 Visionary, Luz De Maria, that has only confirmed that the proximity of the Warning is close. If we get a 4th Confirmation of it being this Fall from her, we will post it so that everyone is aware. But, in any respects, please spend as much time with Our Lord as possible, go to Confession, and say many Prayers for His Mercy and the Salvation of Souls. We will most likely have more chastisements coming with the Warning, because this is also what the Prophets and Visionaries are saying. Our Faith in Our Lord is the only reasonable expectation in all of this and this is also what Our Lord tells us in His Holy Bible and Our Church.


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