Today is May 12, 2020! Will we see any Meteorites hit the Earth this Week? Also, information we have gleaned from the Megaquake 2020, with Pastor Paul Begley on the Little Green File and Planet 7X Astronomer Gill Broussard.

Good Evening Disciples of Jesus Christ! We are starting to put together some great information we have gleaned from the Megaquake 2020 webinar with Pastor Paul Begley and all of his very knowledgeable associates. We are all still anxiously waiting to see if we will get any meteorite strikes to Earth this week or if we will have more time to prepare ourselves for the Warning and the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember, Mike From Around the World just said that all of the Scientists are feverishly looking for any incoming meteorites from May 11, 2020 through May 15, 2020. As of yet, we have not heard of any reports on incoming meteorites. But Mike also stated that if we don’t get any that hit Planet Earth or our Moon this week, then the next wave will be approximately 60 days later, which will put us in the June or July time frame. In addition, tomorrow is May 13, 2020, and the 103rd Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima to the three Shepherd Children in Fatima, Portugal!

We are still reviewing the webinar from Pastor Paul Begley’s Megaquake that was originally supposed to be a Conference on May 1-2, 2020. Here is some very interesting information that we believe Pastor Paul and his associates are okay with us sharing. The first is an interview with amateur astronomer Gill Broussard. First, we would like to point out that Gill Broussard is a Christian that appears to also have a gift of research and discernment from the Holy Spirit similar to Mike From Around the World on this binary system that is proving to be Biblical. They both speak on broad subjects of astronomy, biblical prophecy, and factual historical data relating to biblical prophecy. Gill Broussard has also been studying what he calls Planet 7X for a very long time and has been able to use an algorithm type data program that can link Planet 7X to major Biblical catastrophes throughout the Bible and to ancient Chinese and Mayan script and art pieces. Gill has a slightly different, but similar theory of what Planet 7X is compared to the prophets that have received messages from Our Blessed Mother on this binary system, or “Second Sun” that is listed in this blog. Gill does not believe that Planet 7X is a brown dwarf star, but a Comet, not made of ice, but of a fiery Plasma that gives it an illumination appearance or “red” appearance. He believes this is why it is called “the Fiery Red Dragon of Old”. Gill also stated that this Comet does have 7 exoplanets, or possibly asteroids that orbit around it and make up part of the tail of this comet. Gill said that this comet is made up mostly of iron and the plasma charge around it is making it like a giant magnet. The tail of this Comet-Planet has 3 parts to it because it covers a very broad area of space of millions of miles. Gill said the first part of this tail is charged Plasma that appears “illuminated”. As this plasma interacts with the Earth’s orbit, it will cause a pole reversal shift and crustal shift. The second part of the tail is a million mile wide debris field with asteroids, meteors, and red dust. The third part of the tail is mostly red dust. Here is a projected trajectory of Planet 7X that Gill has put together based on his personal calculations from this algorithm he uses. His first theory was that it would be arriving in 2016, but he continues to re-calculate the data in this algorithm using planetary and moon alignments, and past occurrences of this Planet 7X moving into our solar system throughout Biblical history.

It is important to understand that Gill put this video together in 2013. He still believes the trajectory is accurate and the location that Planet 7X is coming from in space, but as each planet in our solar system orbits around our Sun, how and when this mini-orbit or binary system enters our own orbit is still unknown. Gill even said in his interview with Pastor Paul that Planet 7X has an unstable orbit and it might bump into something in our solar system. This reminds us of what Our Blessed Mother told Pedro Regis in that this mini-orbit is going to knock out Uranus and Mars as it enters our solar system. However, those calculations were based on this binary system arriving in 2017. Even if God has decided to delay Planet 7X and its arrival from 2017 until these up coming years, it is very notable that Gill Broussard made that statement that it could bump into something in our solar system. What is also interesting is that Gill has stated that this system does have 7 exoplanets and is like a mini-solar system. He does believe its a comet and not a star, it is the size of a planet that has a tail like a comet, which is also what Carlos Ferrada stated about Hercolubus. It will bring these fiery asteroids, meteors, and other comets into our atmosphere as it passes by because it has drawn all of this debris into itself, and this is what meets the Book of Revelation, Chapter 8. The plasma and electrical charge it carries will also cause a pole shift, crustal shift, and the plasma severe weather phenomena and volcanic eruptions all over the world. Gill also said that Planet 7X was first seen in December 1992, then everything went dark and there was no more chatter about it. It is also important to note that Gill Broussard does believe that we could possibly see something with our naked eye of Planet 7X as early as March, 2021.

If that wasn’t fascinating enough, here is what was taken from the little green file that someone had given to Steven Ben DeNoon, who stated that this person stated this information was from NASA. Steven in turn gave this little green file to Pastor Paul and Heidi Begley and this is what was gleaned from the information on that file. We know we have received confirmation from the Holy Spirit that we are on the right track because of what we saw on this green file. If you look at the picture to the left, you will notice that it is believed that Hercolubus, Nemesis, and Nibiru are essentially all the same red-brown dwarf star that has been discovered several times, by different people calling it something different each time. If you look at it’s massive size compared to Jupiter and Earth, it is easy to understand how this brown dwarf star can wreak so much havoc in our solar system, especially if it has 7 exoplanets trailing behind it. In the description to the right of the picture, the person stated that NASA’s official best guess of what Hercolubus is that of TRAPPIST-1, which was discovered by NASA in 2017. Also, that we have identified in this blog on a previous post a month ago. This why we believe that this is a confirmation from the Holy Spirit that we are on the right track. TRAPPIST-1 was originally discovered in 1999 by NASA as a brown dwarf star, but the discovery of the 7 exoplanets was not until 2017. So, it appears that the person that gave this green file to Steven Ben DeNoon is showing us that NASA does believe, at this point, that TRAPPIST-1 is also Hercolubus, Nemesis, or Nibiru. This description also stated that it will be the 7th planet in this mini-solar system that crosses the orbital path of Earth that will cause so much destruction to Earth. The first contact in our solar system to one of our planets is Jupiter in March 28, 2021. Then, it is believed that this mini-solar system will arrive and pass by Earth around 2023-2024. Just so everyone that reads this blog understands, we don’t believe there are aliens on this planet, but we do believe that the Elites will try and deceive us into thinking this is the case as this binary system gets closer, thus all of the media hype about UFO sightings lately. Also, all of the prophetic warnings to Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother that this will be a lie and it will be a demonic presence.

We know that Our Blessed Mother has called this the Great Comet of Chastisement in Akita, Japan and Garabandal, Spain. We know that Our Blessed Mother has revealed a third secret to the three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal involving what appeared to be the sun falling out of the sky on 70,000 witnesses and then returning to it’s original location on October 13, 2017. We know Our Blessed Mother told Gianna Sullivan at Our Lady of Emmitsburg, that there will be an orbit that will come between our sun and the Earth that will cause much devastation and death. We know that Pedro Regis in Brazil was told by Our Blessed Mother in the Anguera prophecies that there will be a mini-solar system with 7 exoplanets that will also come between our Earth and our Sun that will cause much devastation. We also know that John Leary was told that it will be a Comet that hits the Atlantic Ocean that will result in the 3 days of darkness after we have entered the Permanent Refuge. We also know that there will be secrets revealed as these events continue to unfold from the visionaries in Medjugorje, and Garabandal and all of the Apparition sites of Our Blessed Mother will also be Permanent Refuges of Protection.

So, based on all of the information we have thus far being guided with discernment from the Holy Spirit, it does appear that it is most likely TRAPPIST-1 that is this binary system with 7 exoplanets that are either orbiting a Comet-Planet or a brown dwarf star that has a tail like a comet. As this system approaches, we will be experiencing all of the Earth changing cataclysm that it will bring as it moves past planet Earth and in between us and our Sun. We know this is going to happen because it has been prophesied and it is in the Book of Revelation, and Isaiah. We know Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother is asking us to prepare Spiritually first, and then Mentally and Physically and assist Jesus with the Salvation of Souls. We also know that time is closing in on the Warning and we must all continue to serve Jesus as much as possible before we are taken to a Permanent Refuge for Protection during all of the cataclysmic weather events prior to the 3 days of darkness. We will continue to pray in this blog to the Holy Spirit for more guidance and Truth and how we can continue to serve Jesus as His Disciples.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

A Spiritual Awakening is Occurring in Our Church! Videos By LifeSite News, Father Mark Goring, and ProLife For Mankind. Thank You Holy Spirit, we are ready to Serve Jesus!

Hello Disciples of Jesus Christ! We have a new day dawning on our Church and we are starting to see an awakening and opening of Spiritual Eyes of many Catholic Bishops, Cardinals and Priests! This is what many of us have been praying for because we are finally starting to see some of our clergy come to life to lead their flock that Jesus has asked them to do. This is very reassuring for us, because we are all looking for leadership to take a stand with Jesus, that we the laity have been trying to do for a while now, in a very respectful way to Our Church. God does not call us to divide, but to unite in Communion in Him, with Him, and through Him, and in unity with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is starting to reveal the Truth to many that had their Spiritual eyes closed, or were too cautious about not speaking out against what has been going on for several years now. This Pandemic has been a very big eye opener for those that had a sense that something was wrong in the Vatican, but not quite sure exactly what it was.

Today, we are going to show you just how many of our clergy are talking and stepping up for Our Lord Jesus Christ. This first video is from LifeSite News with John-Henry Westen as a Breaking News Story on an appeal to Our Church from Archbishop Carlo Vigano, and other Bishops and Priests exposing a Coronavirus plot for world government. This Appeal has also been undersigned by intellectuals, doctors, lawyers, journalists, and professionals. Here is John-Henry Westen reading the letter, The appeal questions the alarming and panic driven restrictiveness that does not support the facts of how contagious and dangerous this pandemic actually is, that has brought down entire sectors of the economy and our civil liberties. Archbishop Vigano addresses vaccines and the fact that it is morally unacceptable for Catholics to use or receive vaccines that have been manufactured with aborted fetal tissue. He also opposes any authority imposing on those who do not wish to receive vaccines, contact tracking, or any other similar tool. Wow! What a powerful letter, that you can also read in this video because LifeSite News has put the letter in print.

Next, here is Father Mark Goring on what he has discerned from the Holy Spirit most recently on a Bill Gates video on vaccinating 7 Billion people, which is the approximate total population of the World, Father Mark is making us aware that in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 16:2, there is an event that could and will most likely occur in the future, “The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth. Festering and ugly sores broke out on those who had the mark of the beast or worshipped its image.” Father Mark then goes on to explain a video that he reviewed on Bill Gates and how he recommended that the entire world population get a vaccine for the Coronavirus. Father Mark states that he finds that very odd to make such a broad statement like that without even considering other people’s input. Father Mark is annoyed by the assumption that is made by someone that own a pharmaceutical company that everyone must get this vaccine. Father Mark reminds us that rushed vaccines can have potential dangers if not created and tested properly. Father Mark also reminds us that we are not to take the vaccine if it is manufactured with aborted fetal tissue. Father Mark stated he will not take it if it has aborted fetal tissue, or if it mandatory. Father Mark also said he would consider taking it if it was not mandatory, and our governments are not being fanatical about it, and we are all allowed to discuss it reasonably. Here is another video by Father Mark Goring on having a discussion right now with our Governments on any vaccination that is being prepared to battle the Coronavirus Pandemic. In this video, Father Mark states that these vaccines have to be a free-choice, not mandatory.

Lastly, here is a video by Elly Hancsak with Prolife For Mankind on linking Bill Gates to a proposed legislation recently submitted to trace, track, and quarantine people that have contracted the Coronavirus. It’s a bill that has been submitted, but not yet approved, to allow eligible entities to diagnose and track Coronavirus patients at your home. This bill, HR 6666 is requesting 100 Billion dollars to be used by the United States Health and Human Services to come into your homes to test and vaccinate you under the CARES Act established in January, 2019. This CARES Act allows patents to be used to monitor people via sensors. This is exactly what Mike From Around the World and Pastor Paul Begley were discussing on last week’s show and how this is being forced on the world to try and control the Coronavirus. Elly states that she believes the patent they are referring to is Bill Gates Patent 060606, which is a digital tattoo, or chip inserted into your body using blockchain technology. Elly states that Alex Azar, who is the Secretary for United States Health and Human Services is very well acquainted with Bill Gates, and it will be interesting to see where this 100 Billion dollars will go and which eligible entities. As the investigators always say in any type of investigation, “Follow the Money”. We will continue to monitor this bill and how far this legislation will go with the help from the Holy Spirit.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, May 10, 2020. Also, recent messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ to Prophet John Leary. Lastly, we need to help each other in these labor pains to pray, encourage and comfort one another until we are taken to a Permanent Refuge.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! Happy Mother’s Day and May God Bless all of the Mother’s who dedicate their lives to their Families, their Children, and Service to the Blessed Trinity. It is very befitting for May to be the Month of Mary Our Blessed Mother, and Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ and it is also the Month that Mother’s Day is recognized. We must all continue to ask Our Blessed Mother to pray for us to hear, feel, and know the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We must also continue to ask Our Blessed Mother to lead us into the refuge of the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus through Her Immaculate Heart. We are entering some very tough times at the end of the labor pains, prior to the Great Tribulation, and we must continue to pray for the Graces from Our Lord to not only endure these times, but to serve Him by helping others.

First, Here is Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Parish in Canada with Father Mark Goring.

Second, here is a video by Father Mark Goring on the One World Government and the antichrist. In this video, Father Mark Goring speaks about those who wish to have a One World Government because they believe it is a solution to all hunger, poverty and war. Father Mark does an excellent job of reminding us that we must all strive to eliminate these worldwide issues, but we can’t do it without God and Our Lord Jesus Christ. Father Mark reminds us of the Atheistic Communist regimes and how they make promises they can’t keep. They also don’t believe in the dignity of the human person and his or her personal beliefs. Leaders of these Communist regimes believe they are God, and they are not. Father Mark Goring declares, like we all do in this blog, that we follow the Lord Jesus Christ alone and He is the restorer of all Life. Amen, Father Mark. Amen!

Also, here is the latest John Leary messages you can read for yourselves from Our Lord Jesus Christ. Here is the message from May 5, 2020.

Monday, May 4, 2020:
Jesus said: “My people, you can truly see the dilemma that your leaders are having. One side wants to take the risk of opening up your businesses, but with some social distancing and masks. The other side wants to keep handing out money from the government to the states and keep the shut down going. The problem is that the longer your businesses shut down, the more chance there will be of businesses failing, and there would not be a viable business to open. The other problem is that people need their paychecks for food and to pay their bills. The government cannot hand out enough money for all the states and workers to survive. At a certain point you will need to return to work, or you will starve with no food being harvested and packaged. The intent of this virus is not only to reduce the population, but to also bring down the American economy. The use of vaccines will not help, but they will ruin your immune system. Do not take any vaccine or flu shots. Pray for your country to open up, or you will not have an economy left, but a starving depression. Prepare also for the worse virus in the fall by stocking up on canned foods that are available. With a worse virus, I will have to call My people to My refuges where you will be healed, and My angels can multiply your food, water, and fuels. My angels will finish any jobs that were not completed. Give praise and thanks to Me for providing what you need to survive.”

Jesus said: “My people, in some areas there are still hundreds of people dying every day from the corona virus, mostly people with compromised immune systems. The number of deaths per day are going down slowly. When the warmer weather comes, your people want to get out of their homes to work in their yards. It is an irony that you can go into a grocery store and buy food with distancing and masks, but you cannot go into other stores to buy anything. Some stores take computer on line orders, and you pick your items up at the store entrance. Your business restrictions are way overdone, and it appears some governors want to bring down your economy and your jobs unnecessarily. Many states are loosening their restrictions so people can buy things and workers can do their jobs with masks and distancing. Where your restrictions do not make common sense, your people are protesting to change them. Pray that your authorities realize that you need to open your economy before there is a total failure in your businesses. This recovery will be short lived when you will see a worse virus return in the fall.”

You’ll notice that Our Lord Jesus tells John Leary not to take any vaccine or flu shots. It will lower our immune systems and will not help. This has already been confirmed by Mike From Around the World and Pastor Paul Begley through the fact that the virus is mutating and there are several strains out there now. If they do create a vaccine that has not been compromised by the Elites and the One World Government, it will only be able to work on a certain amount of strains, just like the flu shot only covers the really bad strains that our governments are aware of each year. So, this is why we must continue to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit and continue to listen to the Prophets.

Lastly, we wanted to try something that we believe the Holy Spirit is guiding us to on helping one another in countries where there are individuals looking for other Remnant Soldiers of Love For the Salvation of Souls. We have 100 followers of this blog now from all over the world, prayerfully looking to improve their own Relationships with Jesus Christ and to become His Disciples. At the beginning of this blog, we talked about you joining or creating prayer groups in your own areas to help assist Jesus with this mission. Recently, we have been made aware that there are individuals in different countries, who are all alone, and don’t know how to find others in this same mission. As we each pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit on what We each need to do for Jesus to Serve Him, let me tell you a little bit about what we are doing that help contribute to writing this blog. We currently have 4 interim refuges prepared with food, water, built up bedding for others, such as cots, blankets and sleeping bags. In our interim refuge, we have small children, but we have two elderly people and a retired Priest that will be moving in with us after the Warning. In that 6 week time period after the Warning, we will be serving Jesus by assisting the Priests with Confession and Baptism of Thousands.

The reason why I am telling you this is because, if you are a follower of this blog, you have been chosen by Our Blessed Mother as Father Michel has told us several times in his videos. This means we need to help others who don’t know where to go or have anyone else to get through these labor pains before we are taken to the Permanent Refuges. None of us know where these Permanent Refuges are located and only Our Guardian Angels will be able to take us to these locations. However, those that are elderly and alone will need help as these labor pains get worse. We are located in the United States. For those that live in different countries and feel comfortable with communicating by email with those that will need help because they are alone, here is what we propose. Contact us in this blog by email with your first name only, the city and country you live in and let us know you are willing to join a prayer group in your city and country. We will start creating lists of these emails and first names only by groups, then we will start sending out emails to just these groups that live in the same cities and countries, so that you can all start emailing each other for assistance if needed.

If you don’t feel compelled or guided by the Holy Spirit to do this, then don’t do it. There is no pressure for anyone to do this, only if you feel like the Holy Spirit is guiding you to do so. We feel like the Blessed Trinity and Our Blessed Mother is protecting us already because we have consecrated our homes as interim refuges per Father Michel’s notes. We also pray for the Precious Blood of Jesus to cover us daily in His protection. We only have a 1,900 square foot home, but we already know Our Blessed Lord will be bringing us 20-30 people. So, we recommend that those that are alone right now, send in your same information and we will start these prayer group lists as they come in. If you have not Surrendered to Our Lord Jesus Christ, and asked Him for forgiveness, and have not gone to confession if you are Catholic, the Angels will not allow you in the refuges. We must all be a Surrendered Child of God that accepts Jesus Christ as Our Redeemer and the Son of the only Living God Our Father in Heaven and working on our own Spiritual Relationship with Jesus. Also, no one is coming into our interim refuges unless things begin to get really bad with meteorites, the virus, or when the Warning happens. When the Warning happens, we know we only have about 6 weeks to prepare to be taken to the Permanent Refuges by Our Guardian Angels.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Update! New Interview with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on a Cloud of Debris Coming in on May 12, 2020.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We are all eagerly anticipating from May 12-16, 2020, this cloud of debris with meteorites filled with iron and arsenic that is heading toward our Planet Earth and Moon next week.

Mike said we are in for a ride. Pastor Paul said that three different wildfires have broken out in different parts of the world. Mike said that NASA’s planetary division is very busy, and suspects we will have more fires, and the May 12th time period will be telling of how many fires will be coming. Mike said this date of May 11-15, will be a guideline of dates projected for when the really big clusters will be coming in. Mike said the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) will be tracking these inbound meteors and if some of these meteors may need to be shot down out of the atmosphere. Mike stated that these clusters of rocks will have metals in them and our Magnetosphere will be drawing these clusters into our planet. Mike also said that this makes everything unstable, but nobody knows how bad it is going to be. Mike said that if these first clusters come in fast, we will be able to track them, but if these clusters are small in size, that is bad because it means bigger sizes are coming in behind them. Mike said that we will not be made aware of this publicly because they need everyone to believe in a controlled narrative. Mike stated that when we as Christians see this, we will know that much prayer will be needed, because it will show where we are specifically in these end times.

Pastor Paul Begley brought up the Coronavirus and number of deaths in the United States. Mike stated that there are other agendas happening and we have to be able to see everything. We have to evaluate everything that Our Lord Jesus said in Scripture and compare it to what is happening and we can see where we are. Mike stated we face a scenario where 1% of the populace that feel like they have to be in control of everything and everyone else. Mike said that these are not the people in power, but those above the people in power. Mike said when things really mattered, it is the people that made a difference, not the leaders in charge. There will be a rising of Spiritual soldiers that will take place from the bottom up, not from the top down. The people in the White House can’t fight this alone, they need the support of the people to help them because this is a Spiritual battle. Pastor Paul stated these people have sold their souls to the devil, and that they are sold out, and demonically charged to destroy God’s creation. Pastor Paul reminds us that we are not dead, we are alive with Jesus Christ. Mike stated that some Christians are just waiting on more prophecy to be fulfilled, but we have to take a stand before it will be too late. Pastor Paul quoted Daniel, Chapter 7, and said “Church, don’t get discouraged, don’t get weak, just have Faith in the Lord.”

Pastor Paul asked Mike about Sulfur and Arsenic that will be coming in with these meteorites and should we be concerned about this. Mike stated, Yes, it can contaminate the water. When it lands in the water, it will be so hot, it will boil the water and loosen some of that arsenic in the rock. Mike stated a fist-sized rock can kill an entire village. Mike stated that 22,000 people died from arsenic poisoning and sulfur poisoning, and it will be worse, as the rocks get bigger. Pastor Paul asked Mike what were the dates and if we we will have 60 days after the May 11-15th date, before the next wave of clustered rocks are coming. Mike stated, Yes, Scientists all over the world are aware of what is coming and as we get the first wave of rocks on the May 11-15th, 2020, we will have a better gage of when the second wave is coming. Pastor Paul asked if this was the Bilderberg group that know the Truth, and Mike stated, Yes, but even those of authority above most of those in the Bilderberg group know the Truth of this binary system. Mike stated we have been stalled for so long by this group of people (Elites), that publicly, everyone will be caught off guard when things begin to escalate. Mike also stated that fake news is the biggest cause of keeping the public unaware. Mike stated it also appears that this Coronavirus has now been talked about now in parts of the world as airborne. Mike stated this means that there are multiple strains that have evolved, and one vaccine will not be effective against it.

Pastor Paul asked Mike if he thought it was a bio-weapon. Mike stated that China has its own bio-weapon manufacturing centers. Pastor Paul also asked Mike’s thoughts on the President’s personal aide getting the Coronavirus. Mike stated the President gets tested often and if he does contract it, they will deal with it accordingly. Mike stated again that if we maintain the social distancing, we can keep this virus at bay. But, if we don’t maintain the social distancing, people contracting the virus and spreading it for 2 weeks before they are aware they have contracted it, will happen all over again. Mike believes they will perfect a procedure for mapping people and who will be contagious and spread the virus verses those that contract it and get deathly ill. Pastor Paul believes a tracer pill or something will be created to be able to detect the virus based on our DNA.

Mike stated we are in a war and there is a risk to what is said everyday by people in places in our governments that want people to know what is happening, but these same people are in fear for their lives and family’s lives. Pastor Paul stated that now Mike is bringing this up, he knows there is some type of cabal that is trying to bring down the President and that is why the President keeps using the word Treason in his words. Both Pastor Paul and Mike stated that it all comes down to power and control. Mike stated we have never been more in a time “where evil is good and good is evil”, as it states in the Bible. Mike stated that we are fighting for humanity, but the Spiritual realm is what is real right now, and the reality of what is happening on Earth is backwards of what is Truth. Mike From Around the World will be back on the Pastor Paul Begley show, The Coming Apocalypse, on May 14, 2020.

Keep up your prayers Disciples of Christ. Not sure exactly what we are in for next week, or how bad it will get, as Mike said, but we must keep praying for God’s Mercy.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

New Evidence of why we should not run out to get a Vaccine For the Coronavirus. Take Heed to what has been Revealed To the Prophets.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. In previous posts in this blog, we have shown you the Prophecies to John Leary from 2012 about this Pandemic being released by the One World Order, or Elites to try and depopulate the world for their own benefit and to establish a One World Government, Economy, and Religion. We also have shown you the many messages to Luz De Maria from Jesus Christ Our Lord, Our Blessed Mother Mary, and Saint Michael about the One World Order.

Also, most recently to Valentina Papagna about this virus being created in a Lab in Wuhan, China. Here is one that Mary Refuge of Souls posted last year.

Also, here is another Luz De Maria message about vaccines in 2015, on the website. It is important to understand that there are many Children of God, who work to get these messages out to all of God’s Children and have been for a while now, and also how these prophecies are starting to become fulfilled. We are very grateful for all of those blogs and websites that have been doing this for many years now, staying dedicated to God’s Will. If many of those that first received the call to post these Prophetic messages had not done so, we would not be able to go back this many years and show everyone how these prophecies were given many years ago, and are now being fulfilled.

So, we have discovered a new video with TRU NEWS, which is a Christian News network, from a Doctor Judy Mikovits, who is a Biomedical Research Scientist. This audio recording with Dr. Mikovits with TRU NEWS reveals the connection between Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Elites that dates back to 1983. Please listen to this audio recording before this audio recording is removed or taken down. The Elites have already removed a video that we had planned to post in this blog that went into more detail of an interview with this specific Doctor and her knowledge of the Truth.

We will not be able to go into detail about this recording specifically, because we do not wish to compromise this blog any more than we already have. However, please understand the importance of listening to the Prophets about not running out to get any vaccine for this virus, unless we have prayed for more guidance from the Holy Spirit on what is safe, and what is not safe. We are living in a time of deception, so we must take heed to prophecies that are now being fulfilled. We must continue to pray for the Truth from the Holy Spirit and ask Jesus to cover us with His Precious Blood.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Getting Ready For May 12, 2020 From Pastor Paul Begley. Are We Transitioning from the Second Seal of the Book of Revelation to the Third and Fourth Seals?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are still reviewing videos from Pastor Paul Begley’s Megaquake Webinar 2020. We are starting to clearly see from the Holy Spirit how we are transitioning from one seal to the next in the Book of Revelation. We are still in the labor pains of the Gospel of Matthew 24, but appear to be moving into the Third Seal in the Book of Revelation being opened by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Some Christians would even say that we are already in the Third Seal, we just have not witnessed the economic crash yet across the globe caused by the pandemic. What we want to make sure everyone understands is that our World will not end on May 12, 2020. What we are beginning to witness by this date, or around this date are small clusters of debris of a giant space cloud that is heading towards the Earth and our Moon. We have reviewed what Mike From Around the World has said in the Megaquake with Pastor Paul Begley and this is what he has said about this cloud of debris.

Mike From Around the World said that planet Earth and parts of our orbit are in the path of this giant cloud of debris coming from space that is approximately the size of Jupiter. There will be waves of this debris cloud coming at different periods of time and approximate dates. The first wave that many, many scientists are anticipating will be from May 12-16, 2020. Some of this smaller debris may hit the Earth, or just our Moon, or not hit us at all. They are still looking to see what the first impact will be and how big it will be on our Planet. The second wave of debris will come approximately one and a half to two months later, around June to July, 2020. Mike stated that this debris field will definitely be bigger and will most likely hit Planet Earth with larger debris of meteorites on fire. Mike also said, we will actually see this debris field coming into our atmosphere with the naked eye and it will cause many people to panic and have lots of fear. We have to remember, that God is going to take care of us, and even though we will witness a lot of things coming from the sky, we must continue to have Faith and Trust in Our Lord. Mike is really concerned about all of the space junk in our orbit that are mostly Satellites for GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to track our 5G cell phones, cars, and everything else we use as trackers and maps. Mike is concerned about this debris knocking many of these Satellites that SpaceX keeps launching into space to assist 5G capabilities. Mike stated these Satellites have iridium in them and is concerned about radiation exposure if these Satellites get knocked to the ground. This iridium is radioactive and could make many people sick and water contaminated if it is exposed to the elements.

Mike said there will also be a third wave of debris coming in the fall that could fall into our oceans and affect our Sun. Mike also stated that these meteorites contain iron, and iron could also be devastating for our Sun, because iron is known to be a star killer. Remember, we have discussed in a previous post about a little green file that was given to Pastor Paul Begley by Steven Ben Denoon last year at another conference they did together. Steven is an ex-(CIA) Central Intelligence Agent that is a Christian, that studies Biblical Prophecy and end time events. Steven was given this file by a Scientist that wishes to remain anonymous. On this little green file are specific dates of when this binary system is expected to enter our orbit. The first problematic date on this file is when this binary system collides with Jupiter, which is around the date of March 28, 2021. So, Pastor Paul Begley and all of his associates are studying this incoming debris and specific dates of arrival as events unfold. We will also study the information on this green file to see how it aligns with Our Blessed Mother Mary prophecies to Gianna Sullivan, Luz De Maria, and Pedro Regis that have all spoken about this binary system or “Second Sun” and mini solar system. If we find any more information on this green file that corroborates these prophecies, we will identify that information in this blog. We can already tell you now, that TRAPPIST-1 is on the green file as a mini solar system with exoplanets and a star, that has a lot of interest from the scientists. We just completed a post about TRAPPIST-1 several weeks ago that meet the prophecies to Pedro Regis in Brazil, from Our Blessed Mother. Our Blessed Mother informed Pedro Regis of a mini-solar system that will enter our solar system and affect our orbit and the planets of Mars and Uranus and will cause much devastation. So, we have a lot to study and read up on to understand more about what this scientist has identified on this file.

Here is Pastor Paul Begley’s show from yesterday, May 4, 2020. Pastor Paul will identify in this video some of the information he was given in his Megaquake, 2020. Mike From Around the World will also be back on the Pastor Paul Begley show this Thursday, May 8, 2020 with more information about the debris possibly coming in next week. Don’t panic, or have fear, because Our Lord will protect us in His Refuge, both Spiritually and Physically.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

Holy Mass at Father Mark Goring’s Parish, St. Mary’s. Also, New Messages To John Leary, Valentina Papagna, and The Little Prophet of Love, May 3, 2020.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We are currently reviewing the Megaquake Webinar 2020 with Pastor Paul Begley and all of his guests. As soon as we get done gleaning all of the information from this webinar, we will let you know what and how we will continue to prepare for what is coming from this binary system and what it is bringing towards Earth. The webinar is very good, but a lot of information. We will also have an update on the May 12, 2020, event that Mike From Around the World has been informing us about for the last 6 months now. In the mean time, please don’t stop working on your Relationship with Jesus. In fact, we all need to increase Our Faith, Hope, and TRUST in the Lord because we will begin to witness many objects coming down on the Earth soon, and we have to TRUST in Jesus that He will get us through all of this until He takes us to the Refuge. God is informing us through His Prophets and Our Blessed Mother, of what is coming so that we build up Our TRUST in Him, not to be scared or frightened. For those that are new to this blog, Welcome! Please, go back and read all of, if not most of the posts that will help you understand why God uses Prophets to Warn His Children and prepare us for the End Times, but also has a plan to protect His Children in His Refuges.

Please be sure to continue attending Holy Mass on the internet, until we are able to go back to Church. Also, conduct the Spiritual Communion prayer at Mass. Here is St. Mary’s Parish Holy Mass for May 3, 2020.

Here is one of the latest messages from Prophet John Leary. You can review his latest messages at his website at If you are having trouble getting into his messages. Please go through This is the best way to access his messages without internet problems.

Monday, April 27, 2020

April 28, 2020

Monday, April 27, 2020:
Jesus said: “My people, truly this corona virus epidemic is a punishment for your abortions. You are even seeing abortion as an essential service still being performed, while many other jobs are shut down. When I told you that you are in a pre-tribulation, this means there will not be a return to the normal life you knew. There will be a lull during the summer, and then a deadlier virus will return in the fall. Your economy will not have time to fully recover. Instead, you will see more deaths, and a need for martial law in the chaos of another shut down. This is why I am telling you NOW to stock up on your every day food, because you may not be able to come to the grocery store. This will lead into the tribulation as the deep state will take over with the Antichrist. I will call you to My refuges when your lives are in danger. Trust in Me to multiply what you need, and I will have My angels protect you from the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have done well on getting a start on stocking up for the fall virus. You also need to get your wood cut up into pieces that will fit into your fireplace. You could even get a gasoline run saw for this project. You will need time in the good weather to stack up your wood. Remember that if your natural gas is cut off, you will need a wood source which I could multiply when it is needed. You could fill up some of your kerosene containers as well. While you have time, you could continue stocking up on your canned foods to fill your new shelves. Your people still do not realize the gravity of your corona virus returning in the fall. I have warned your people to stock up on food, fuels, and have a water supply on hand. My angels will protect you at My refuges from those people who are searching for food when it is too late. Only My faithful, who are believers, will be allowed into My refuges. Those people, who do not heed My words to prepare for a worse virus in the fall, may starve through the coming famine. The wise virgins will survive, but the foolish virgins, who do not stock up on food, may die of starvation. The doors of My refuges will be closed to doubters and the lukewarm who no longer believe in Me.”

Also, here is Valentina Papagna’s beautiful message from Jesus on April 25, 2020. It is too long to post to the blog.

Lastly, here is the latest messages to the Little Prophet of Love. 20thApril 2020, 3.25pm

After Consecration to the Three Divine Persons and Divine Mercy Chaplet:

I want to bring peace. I AM Jesus, I AM your Jesus. I come today to bless you both.Children you know that these days are close to My return. You have been given a chance to live in a way that is different to others but you are finding this time easier than most. This is going to be your life now for some time. I AM moulding you.

 When My return happens people will be unaware that this has to happen. I will not allow My world to continue like this. This is not a world of peace. Pray, pray from your heart. I AM going to give you time to reflect upon your sins. Do this and then confess. I will be telling each person at the time of My Warning to not accept the mark of the beast. Do not take this.

I AM always with you. Prepare your souls for this time. I make My promises, I have a place for each of you in the next life. You need to know I AM the only way, follow Me.

I AM your God. Do not accept false gods. I AM always here even if you do not realize this. Children I await you all, there is so much to look forward to. 

I AM Jesus 

In the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Spirit.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

EWTN Act of Consecration of Our Country To the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother.

There will be an act of Consecration of Our Countries of the United States of America and Canada to the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother from the Bishops and courtesy of EWTN. Please join if you can at 3:00 P.M. Eastern time in the United States.

Also, here is a Holy Hour before the Consecration.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

Preparing an Interim Refuge. This is also a very important post for any new followers to the blog. This was also made last year for you to prepare your home as an interim refuge before we are taken to a permanent refuge by Our Guardian Angels. We will also put on here Father Michel’s notes on consecrating your refuges.

As I mentioned in the notes at the Conference with Prophet John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue, it is important to understand that we can all have an Interim Refuge before the Tribulation begins. In fact, I thought it was one of my own personal missions for Jesus in these times to have a permanent refuge, but Father Michel discerned for me from God Our Father that I was only to have an interim refuge and then be moved with my family by our Guardian Angels to a permanent refuge. This was perfect timing of discernment for me and my family because I was continually praying to Our Lord on how I was to get the funds to complete a permanent refuge. It is my understanding from Father Michel that anyone can have an interim refuge. It can be an apartment, a small home, a building, a huge home with acreage, or a home in a subdivision. The next question you may have is how do I know if I have been called to have an interim refuge? Chances are if you are reading this blog, you have been called to have an interim refuge. Remember, most people who are in a spiritual sleep, or are lukewarm are not even thinking we are in the end times or even seeing all of the escalating events all over the world, but You Are! So, start preparing whatever you can right now for yourselves, your family, and whomever else God sends to you to take in on the way to the Permanent Refuge.

How do we do this you ask? Start by collecting canned goods and water. If you don’t have a big budget for extra food and water, just start by purchasing anything extra you can afford. Stick with canned foods first because essentially, they don’t expire. Just make sure they don’t have a dent in the can or if it has a pull off seal for the lid, it has not been popped up or the seal is broken or it looks bloated or smells bad. Next, after you have a decent supply of canned goods, start storing up dry beans, dry rice, dried potatoes. Dried rice and beans have to be sealed in a plastic container with a tight sealing lid to keep out moisture. Then you can look at purchasing freeze dried foods if you would like. Since we are not having a permanent refuge, my family has elected to just stick to canned goods and dry beans and rice and potatoes we can purchase at the grocery store. Freeze dried foods can be very costly if buying in bulk. You may want to purchase some meals ready to eat (MRE) for your go bags on the day your Guardian Angels come and get you to be moved to a permanent refuge. We can discuss the “go bag” or “go backpack”, on another post. Right now, I want you to focus on getting ready as an interim refuge for yourselves or others that God may send your way.

A friend of mine sent me a video from a woman that received a prophetic word from Jesus on a very bad winter with lots of ice that is coming. This is very possible because Mike from Around the World on Pastor Paul Begley’s show said that we would have extreme summers of drought, and extreme winters with snow and ice. This has also been mentioned from Luz de Maria in her prophetic messages from Jesus. This is because as Planet X, or the mini solar system that is approaching our solar system, is causing the Earth’s magnetic poles to shift. This will also cause the Earth to be tilted further off it’s axis. Eventually, we will lose Spring and Fall and only have two extreme seasons. So, let’s take precaution now for a very serious winter coming and ensure we have enough food, water and heat in our homes. If you have a log fire place, cut up extra wood and place in your dry storage area. If you have a gas fireplace, ensure that the gas lines are in proper order. If you only have electric heat, you may need to pray about it to Jesus and ask Him and your Guardian Angel, if you need to purchase a generator that runs on both propane and regular gasoline. We have one of these in our garage, just in case. I have also taken a picture of our small prayer room and food storage room. Probably the best place to pray for food multiplication from Jesus if we are in our interim refuges for a while. Remember, Prophet John Leary said to try and store at least 1 year supply of food and water per person in your household before we are moved to a permanent refuge. If you notice, we have a lot of bottled water. We also have stored gallons of jug water in the garage. You can never have enough water! Store as much water as possible because you don’t know how many people Our Lord will send your way and for how long we may be without power.

So, start thinking along the lines of a scenario without electricity, and ice and snow causing you to be in for a few days or longer. Then, start thinking about how you would heat your food. You can use sterno stoves, which are small cans of fuel you can light. Or, if you have a propane gas grill outside, you can drag that into your garage or keep outside to heat food, depending on how cold it is outside. Purchase extra blankets and pillows. We plan on purchasing sleeping bags for extra guests and small pillows. Just start thinking outside the box for every scenario of no heat, no electricity, etc…, so that you can start to get in order things that will help you get an interim refuge ready. Don’t forget to get some extra hand held can openers to open the food, extra lighters, and candles. Prepare for your own family first for a possibly bad winter, then focus on your home becoming an interim refuge for others in the future. We will talk more on the “go bags” for the quick pick up and go when our Guardian Angels come for us. Stay safe and God Bless for now.

Here are also Father Michel’s notes on how to Consecrate your homes as a refuge, whether interim, or permanent.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

Making a “Go Bag” or “Go Backpack” for the Permanent Refuge. This post was written originally several months ago, but we have re-posted it so that everyone can find it more easily.

On a previous post, we showed some of the items needed to get an interim refuge started. Now, we need to look at getting a “Go Bag”, or “Go Backpack” ready to keep in your closet until our Guardian Angels take us to a permanent Refuge. If you are a new follower to this blog, please go back and read the Prophecies from John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue. Prophet John Leary started receiving messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother over 30 years ago and is still receiving prophetic messages. Here is Part 1 of John Leary’s video, Part of the messages from Our Lord was that He is going to protect us with His Holy Angels in a refuge during the time of the Great Tribulation and antichrist. We will be taken by Our Guardian Angels to these refuges and we will need to have a backpack ready with basic essentials. If you go on the John website, he has videos available that you can order through Queenship Publishing that have information about the backpack. Here is Part 2 of John Leary’s video,

We have compiled some information for you that is similar to what Prophet John Leary is saying on what is needed in the backpack. Remember, the refuges will have enough food, water, and other supplies that will be multiplied by Our Lord as needed. So, don’t load your backpack down with heavy items. It is unknown of whether you will be able to drive your vehicle or not. If we have an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP), it may wipe out many electrical items and complete power grids. Many newer cars have electrical components that could prohibit you from starting your car, but what is most important to know is that you do not want to take anything that can be tracked by a GPS or has a Navigational System. So, if you have a vehicle that can be tracked by a Global Positioning System or has a Navigational System, then you can not take it to the refuge. Older vehicles should not have these systems in them or be affected by an EMP. Also, Prophet John Leary reminds us not to take any cell phones, smart watches, fitness trackers, Tile Trackers that you have on your key rings, or anything that can be tracked with RFID technology. As we get more advanced in technology, it seems that RFID microchips are being attached to everything, to include credit cards, and now driver’s licenses. We don’t have enough information to know how trackable these microchips are in credit cards and driver’s licenses, but my guess is, we will not need them anyway. These are questions we can ask John Leary when we attend another conference with him. As we get more information, we will post it on this blog.

The pictures we have taken and will post on this blog, are pictures of our own “Go Backpack” and we will have small children traveling with us. This backpack is designed for an adult to carry, but we recommend that you get a backpack for children old enough to carry a light pack with a few changes of clothing in them and a small sleeping bag. The adults can carry the heavier backpacks that the family will be using on the road, because again, it is unknown if you will be able to take a vehicle, depending on circumstances at the time of departure. Prophet John Leary and Father Michel both said that you will only have a period of 20 minutes to get your backpacks and leave when your Guardian Angels come to you. You will have an inner locution of knowing it is your Guardian Angel, and the Holy Spirit will be prompting you, so don’t worry about if you will recognize if it is your Guardian Angel, you will know. We have to Trust in God that He will deliver us like He did the Israelites at Exodus. If you do not leave your homes, when your Guardian Angels come, then you stand the risk of being captured and martyred. Remember, we do not take the mark of the beast. It is better that we are martyred like the Apostles, than to deny Our Lord or take the mark of the beast. This information is very intense, but that is why we have to increase our Faith, and pray to Jesus for the graces of courage and boldness. Remember, Father Michel said it will be like Pentecost after the Warning, so we will have the Holy Spirit guiding us and giving us courage, like the Apostles received.

We did not take a picture of clothing or water, but it is suggested that you take 2-3 days worth of clothing, a tent, a sleeping bag, warm, durable hiking boots, dried foods, such as Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)s per person, some drinking water per person, a medical kit, and some toiletries. Our Guardian Angels will be protecting us, but we may be leaving at night and will need some flashlights and other items to possibly start a small fire for warmth, such as lighters, cotton balls soaked in Vaseline, and lent from clothes dryer, if we have to camp outside a night or two. You can take several days of medicine with you, but once you get to the permanent refuge, there will be an illuminating cross there that we look upon and will be healed of all of our ailments and injuries. John Leary did not say how long it would take us to get to a permanent refuge, but again we must Trust in Jesus. Here are some pictures of items recommended, so you can start preparing your “Go Backpack” or “Go Bag”. Since we don’t know how soon we will be going to the permanent refuge, we suggest you start working on your “Go Backpack” now as money permits. Lastly, do not forget your Bible and Blessed Sacramentals, such as Rosary, Benedictine Cross, Blessed Candles, Scapula, Holy Water, and excised Salt.

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