New Evidence of why we should not run out to get a Vaccine For the Coronavirus. Take Heed to what has been Revealed To the Prophets.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. In previous posts in this blog, we have shown you the Prophecies to John Leary from 2012 about this Pandemic being released by the One World Order, or Elites to try and depopulate the world for their own benefit and to establish a One World Government, Economy, and Religion. We also have shown you the many messages to Luz De Maria from Jesus Christ Our Lord, Our Blessed Mother Mary, and Saint Michael about the One World Order.

Also, most recently to Valentina Papagna about this virus being created in a Lab in Wuhan, China. Here is one that Mary Refuge of Souls posted last year.

Also, here is another Luz De Maria message about vaccines in 2015, on the website. It is important to understand that there are many Children of God, who work to get these messages out to all of God’s Children and have been for a while now, and also how these prophecies are starting to become fulfilled. We are very grateful for all of those blogs and websites that have been doing this for many years now, staying dedicated to God’s Will. If many of those that first received the call to post these Prophetic messages had not done so, we would not be able to go back this many years and show everyone how these prophecies were given many years ago, and are now being fulfilled.

So, we have discovered a new video with TRU NEWS, which is a Christian News network, from a Doctor Judy Mikovits, who is a Biomedical Research Scientist. This audio recording with Dr. Mikovits with TRU NEWS reveals the connection between Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Elites that dates back to 1983. Please listen to this audio recording before this audio recording is removed or taken down. The Elites have already removed a video that we had planned to post in this blog that went into more detail of an interview with this specific Doctor and her knowledge of the Truth.

We will not be able to go into detail about this recording specifically, because we do not wish to compromise this blog any more than we already have. However, please understand the importance of listening to the Prophets about not running out to get any vaccine for this virus, unless we have prayed for more guidance from the Holy Spirit on what is safe, and what is not safe. We are living in a time of deception, so we must take heed to prophecies that are now being fulfilled. We must continue to pray for the Truth from the Holy Spirit and ask Jesus to cover us with His Precious Blood.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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