Getting Ready For May 12, 2020 From Pastor Paul Begley. Are We Transitioning from the Second Seal of the Book of Revelation to the Third and Fourth Seals?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are still reviewing videos from Pastor Paul Begley’s Megaquake Webinar 2020. We are starting to clearly see from the Holy Spirit how we are transitioning from one seal to the next in the Book of Revelation. We are still in the labor pains of the Gospel of Matthew 24, but appear to be moving into the Third Seal in the Book of Revelation being opened by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Some Christians would even say that we are already in the Third Seal, we just have not witnessed the economic crash yet across the globe caused by the pandemic. What we want to make sure everyone understands is that our World will not end on May 12, 2020. What we are beginning to witness by this date, or around this date are small clusters of debris of a giant space cloud that is heading towards the Earth and our Moon. We have reviewed what Mike From Around the World has said in the Megaquake with Pastor Paul Begley and this is what he has said about this cloud of debris.

Mike From Around the World said that planet Earth and parts of our orbit are in the path of this giant cloud of debris coming from space that is approximately the size of Jupiter. There will be waves of this debris cloud coming at different periods of time and approximate dates. The first wave that many, many scientists are anticipating will be from May 12-16, 2020. Some of this smaller debris may hit the Earth, or just our Moon, or not hit us at all. They are still looking to see what the first impact will be and how big it will be on our Planet. The second wave of debris will come approximately one and a half to two months later, around June to July, 2020. Mike stated that this debris field will definitely be bigger and will most likely hit Planet Earth with larger debris of meteorites on fire. Mike also said, we will actually see this debris field coming into our atmosphere with the naked eye and it will cause many people to panic and have lots of fear. We have to remember, that God is going to take care of us, and even though we will witness a lot of things coming from the sky, we must continue to have Faith and Trust in Our Lord. Mike is really concerned about all of the space junk in our orbit that are mostly Satellites for GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to track our 5G cell phones, cars, and everything else we use as trackers and maps. Mike is concerned about this debris knocking many of these Satellites that SpaceX keeps launching into space to assist 5G capabilities. Mike stated these Satellites have iridium in them and is concerned about radiation exposure if these Satellites get knocked to the ground. This iridium is radioactive and could make many people sick and water contaminated if it is exposed to the elements.

Mike said there will also be a third wave of debris coming in the fall that could fall into our oceans and affect our Sun. Mike also stated that these meteorites contain iron, and iron could also be devastating for our Sun, because iron is known to be a star killer. Remember, we have discussed in a previous post about a little green file that was given to Pastor Paul Begley by Steven Ben Denoon last year at another conference they did together. Steven is an ex-(CIA) Central Intelligence Agent that is a Christian, that studies Biblical Prophecy and end time events. Steven was given this file by a Scientist that wishes to remain anonymous. On this little green file are specific dates of when this binary system is expected to enter our orbit. The first problematic date on this file is when this binary system collides with Jupiter, which is around the date of March 28, 2021. So, Pastor Paul Begley and all of his associates are studying this incoming debris and specific dates of arrival as events unfold. We will also study the information on this green file to see how it aligns with Our Blessed Mother Mary prophecies to Gianna Sullivan, Luz De Maria, and Pedro Regis that have all spoken about this binary system or “Second Sun” and mini solar system. If we find any more information on this green file that corroborates these prophecies, we will identify that information in this blog. We can already tell you now, that TRAPPIST-1 is on the green file as a mini solar system with exoplanets and a star, that has a lot of interest from the scientists. We just completed a post about TRAPPIST-1 several weeks ago that meet the prophecies to Pedro Regis in Brazil, from Our Blessed Mother. Our Blessed Mother informed Pedro Regis of a mini-solar system that will enter our solar system and affect our orbit and the planets of Mars and Uranus and will cause much devastation. So, we have a lot to study and read up on to understand more about what this scientist has identified on this file.

Here is Pastor Paul Begley’s show from yesterday, May 4, 2020. Pastor Paul will identify in this video some of the information he was given in his Megaquake, 2020. Mike From Around the World will also be back on the Pastor Paul Begley show this Thursday, May 8, 2020 with more information about the debris possibly coming in next week. Don’t panic, or have fear, because Our Lord will protect us in His Refuge, both Spiritually and Physically.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

2 Replies to “Getting Ready For May 12, 2020 From Pastor Paul Begley. Are We Transitioning from the Second Seal of the Book of Revelation to the Third and Fourth Seals?”

  1. Live, Love Jesus Moderator,
    Thanks for this recent post. First part reminds me of what our Blessed Mother Mary said at Akita, Japan, about fire falling form the sky.
    Just today, Pastor Paul put up a video of fires possibly started in Russia from meteorites on fire.
    Well, God’s blessings on you and your family. And thanks for all you do.
    Oh, I am a bit apprehensive about soon to come financial crash. This is truly testing my faith.
    Respectfully in Christ Jesus and our Lady of Mercy,


  2. Hi Rick. We agree about the fire falling from the Sky, which is both prophecy from Our Blessed Mother and Scriptural. We appreciate that we can all serve Jesus in these times, and that we can all come together and encourage one another as these events continue to unfold. May God Bless you and your family, and let’s all continue to pray for His Graces to give us courage and strength and an increase in Faith. Thanks also for your words of encouragment to us.


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