Holy Mass at Father Mark Goring’s Parish, St. Mary’s. Also, New Messages To John Leary, Valentina Papagna, and The Little Prophet of Love, May 3, 2020.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We are currently reviewing the Megaquake Webinar 2020 with Pastor Paul Begley and all of his guests. As soon as we get done gleaning all of the information from this webinar, we will let you know what and how we will continue to prepare for what is coming from this binary system and what it is bringing towards Earth. The webinar is very good, but a lot of information. We will also have an update on the May 12, 2020, event that Mike From Around the World has been informing us about for the last 6 months now. In the mean time, please don’t stop working on your Relationship with Jesus. In fact, we all need to increase Our Faith, Hope, and TRUST in the Lord because we will begin to witness many objects coming down on the Earth soon, and we have to TRUST in Jesus that He will get us through all of this until He takes us to the Refuge. God is informing us through His Prophets and Our Blessed Mother, of what is coming so that we build up Our TRUST in Him, not to be scared or frightened. For those that are new to this blog, Welcome! Please, go back and read all of, if not most of the posts that will help you understand why God uses Prophets to Warn His Children and prepare us for the End Times, but also has a plan to protect His Children in His Refuges.

Please be sure to continue attending Holy Mass on the internet, until we are able to go back to Church. Also, conduct the Spiritual Communion prayer at Mass. Here is St. Mary’s Parish Holy Mass for May 3, 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWOwrZEePOo.

Here is one of the latest messages from Prophet John Leary. You can review his latest messages at his website at http://johnleary.com/. If you are having trouble getting into his messages. Please go through http://www.yahoo.com. This is the best way to access his messages without internet problems.

Monday, April 27, 2020

April 28, 2020

Monday, April 27, 2020:
Jesus said: “My people, truly this corona virus epidemic is a punishment for your abortions. You are even seeing abortion as an essential service still being performed, while many other jobs are shut down. When I told you that you are in a pre-tribulation, this means there will not be a return to the normal life you knew. There will be a lull during the summer, and then a deadlier virus will return in the fall. Your economy will not have time to fully recover. Instead, you will see more deaths, and a need for martial law in the chaos of another shut down. This is why I am telling you NOW to stock up on your every day food, because you may not be able to come to the grocery store. This will lead into the tribulation as the deep state will take over with the Antichrist. I will call you to My refuges when your lives are in danger. Trust in Me to multiply what you need, and I will have My angels protect you from the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have done well on getting a start on stocking up for the fall virus. You also need to get your wood cut up into pieces that will fit into your fireplace. You could even get a gasoline run saw for this project. You will need time in the good weather to stack up your wood. Remember that if your natural gas is cut off, you will need a wood source which I could multiply when it is needed. You could fill up some of your kerosene containers as well. While you have time, you could continue stocking up on your canned foods to fill your new shelves. Your people still do not realize the gravity of your corona virus returning in the fall. I have warned your people to stock up on food, fuels, and have a water supply on hand. My angels will protect you at My refuges from those people who are searching for food when it is too late. Only My faithful, who are believers, will be allowed into My refuges. Those people, who do not heed My words to prepare for a worse virus in the fall, may starve through the coming famine. The wise virgins will survive, but the foolish virgins, who do not stock up on food, may die of starvation. The doors of My refuges will be closed to doubters and the lukewarm who no longer believe in Me.”

Also, here is Valentina Papagna’s beautiful message from Jesus on April 25, 2020. It is too long to post to the blog. http://valentina-sydneyseer.com.au/25-april-2020/.

Lastly, here is the latest messages to the Little Prophet of Love. https://the-little-prophet-of-love.jimdofree.com/public-messages/. 20thApril 2020, 3.25pm

After Consecration to the Three Divine Persons and Divine Mercy Chaplet:

I want to bring peace. I AM Jesus, I AM your Jesus. I come today to bless you both.Children you know that these days are close to My return. You have been given a chance to live in a way that is different to others but you are finding this time easier than most. This is going to be your life now for some time. I AM moulding you.

 When My return happens people will be unaware that this has to happen. I will not allow My world to continue like this. This is not a world of peace. Pray, pray from your heart. I AM going to give you time to reflect upon your sins. Do this and then confess. I will be telling each person at the time of My Warning to not accept the mark of the beast. Do not take this.

I AM always with you. Prepare your souls for this time. I make My promises, I have a place for each of you in the next life. You need to know I AM the only way, follow Me.

I AM your God. Do not accept false gods. I AM always here even if you do not realize this. Children I await you all, there is so much to look forward to. 

I AM Jesus 

In the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Spirit.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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