Update! New Interview with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on a Cloud of Debris Coming in on May 12, 2020.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We are all eagerly anticipating from May 12-16, 2020, this cloud of debris with meteorites filled with iron and arsenic that is heading toward our Planet Earth and Moon next week. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=z0RZvbVYpkQ.

Mike said we are in for a ride. Pastor Paul said that three different wildfires have broken out in different parts of the world. Mike said that NASA’s planetary division is very busy, and suspects we will have more fires, and the May 12th time period will be telling of how many fires will be coming. Mike said this date of May 11-15, will be a guideline of dates projected for when the really big clusters will be coming in. Mike said the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) will be tracking these inbound meteors and if some of these meteors may need to be shot down out of the atmosphere. Mike stated that these clusters of rocks will have metals in them and our Magnetosphere will be drawing these clusters into our planet. Mike also said that this makes everything unstable, but nobody knows how bad it is going to be. Mike said that if these first clusters come in fast, we will be able to track them, but if these clusters are small in size, that is bad because it means bigger sizes are coming in behind them. Mike said that we will not be made aware of this publicly because they need everyone to believe in a controlled narrative. Mike stated that when we as Christians see this, we will know that much prayer will be needed, because it will show where we are specifically in these end times.

Pastor Paul Begley brought up the Coronavirus and number of deaths in the United States. Mike stated that there are other agendas happening and we have to be able to see everything. We have to evaluate everything that Our Lord Jesus said in Scripture and compare it to what is happening and we can see where we are. Mike stated we face a scenario where 1% of the populace that feel like they have to be in control of everything and everyone else. Mike said that these are not the people in power, but those above the people in power. Mike said when things really mattered, it is the people that made a difference, not the leaders in charge. There will be a rising of Spiritual soldiers that will take place from the bottom up, not from the top down. The people in the White House can’t fight this alone, they need the support of the people to help them because this is a Spiritual battle. Pastor Paul stated these people have sold their souls to the devil, and that they are sold out, and demonically charged to destroy God’s creation. Pastor Paul reminds us that we are not dead, we are alive with Jesus Christ. Mike stated that some Christians are just waiting on more prophecy to be fulfilled, but we have to take a stand before it will be too late. Pastor Paul quoted Daniel, Chapter 7, and said “Church, don’t get discouraged, don’t get weak, just have Faith in the Lord.”

Pastor Paul asked Mike about Sulfur and Arsenic that will be coming in with these meteorites and should we be concerned about this. Mike stated, Yes, it can contaminate the water. When it lands in the water, it will be so hot, it will boil the water and loosen some of that arsenic in the rock. Mike stated a fist-sized rock can kill an entire village. Mike stated that 22,000 people died from arsenic poisoning and sulfur poisoning, and it will be worse, as the rocks get bigger. Pastor Paul asked Mike what were the dates and if we we will have 60 days after the May 11-15th date, before the next wave of clustered rocks are coming. Mike stated, Yes, Scientists all over the world are aware of what is coming and as we get the first wave of rocks on the May 11-15th, 2020, we will have a better gage of when the second wave is coming. Pastor Paul asked if this was the Bilderberg group that know the Truth, and Mike stated, Yes, but even those of authority above most of those in the Bilderberg group know the Truth of this binary system. Mike stated we have been stalled for so long by this group of people (Elites), that publicly, everyone will be caught off guard when things begin to escalate. Mike also stated that fake news is the biggest cause of keeping the public unaware. Mike stated it also appears that this Coronavirus has now been talked about now in parts of the world as airborne. Mike stated this means that there are multiple strains that have evolved, and one vaccine will not be effective against it.

Pastor Paul asked Mike if he thought it was a bio-weapon. Mike stated that China has its own bio-weapon manufacturing centers. Pastor Paul also asked Mike’s thoughts on the President’s personal aide getting the Coronavirus. Mike stated the President gets tested often and if he does contract it, they will deal with it accordingly. Mike stated again that if we maintain the social distancing, we can keep this virus at bay. But, if we don’t maintain the social distancing, people contracting the virus and spreading it for 2 weeks before they are aware they have contracted it, will happen all over again. Mike believes they will perfect a procedure for mapping people and who will be contagious and spread the virus verses those that contract it and get deathly ill. Pastor Paul believes a tracer pill or something will be created to be able to detect the virus based on our DNA.

Mike stated we are in a war and there is a risk to what is said everyday by people in places in our governments that want people to know what is happening, but these same people are in fear for their lives and family’s lives. Pastor Paul stated that now Mike is bringing this up, he knows there is some type of cabal that is trying to bring down the President and that is why the President keeps using the word Treason in his words. Both Pastor Paul and Mike stated that it all comes down to power and control. Mike stated we have never been more in a time “where evil is good and good is evil”, as it states in the Bible. Mike stated that we are fighting for humanity, but the Spiritual realm is what is real right now, and the reality of what is happening on Earth is backwards of what is Truth. Mike From Around the World will be back on the Pastor Paul Begley show, The Coming Apocalypse, on May 14, 2020.

Keep up your prayers Disciples of Christ. Not sure exactly what we are in for next week, or how bad it will get, as Mike said, but we must keep praying for God’s Mercy.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a blessed day.

2 Replies to “Update! New Interview with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on a Cloud of Debris Coming in on May 12, 2020.”

  1. Any last minute prep you would recommend? My biggest challenge is mentally knowing this is coming yet living a very normal day to day in a large communal family living situation.


    1. Hi Caitlin, I have a good inclination from the Holy Spirit that we still have more time, like Mike stated, and if we get some next week, prayerfully they will be small. I believe the best preparation we can do right now, is to keep praying and Trust In Jesus that He will not allow anything to harm us. I am glad you wrote a question. I have a person in Canada that is alone and would like to know if there is any more people in Canada also preparing that she can contact and form a prayer group. Even if we are in different areas of our countries, we need to be able to help each other get through everything with support. Do you and your family live in Canada Caitlin? If so, please email me again and let me know so we can coordinate. Also, if there is anyone else in Canada, or another country that is following this blog and would like to start a prayer group in your country to pray for the Salvation of Souls and support each other, please contact us by email, and I will start a list of emails per country to send out. Do not put your email on this blog under comments, but through the Contact Me Page and I will get a list going for each country. We all have Jesus, but we are also His vessels to help and support those that are alone. Thanks for the question, Caitlin.


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