More explanation on the Warning, Illumination of Conscience and Refuges by Father Michel Rodrigue.

What I would like to say before I post this information on Father Michel is that everyone on this blog, including other bloggers, are working diligently with the help of the Holy Spirit, to assist Jesus in the Salvation of Souls. These posts are written to inspire YOU, as a child of God, to come back to Him, and serve Him in these end times. It’s not about sensationalism or trying to instill fear in anyone that is reading these blogs, or reading and hearing what God’s chosen Prophets are saying. It is about opening your Spiritual Eyes and Ears and hearing what God Our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are constantly warning us about because of their LOVE for us.

The Blessed Trinity does this for three reasons, the first is to work on your own Salvation and Holiness by eradicating as much sin from your soul as possible. We all have to do this, even Father Michel, who appears to be a living Saint, did a two hour general confession with his Bishop in Canada. The less sin you have on your soul, when the Warning comes and you have a life review, the less physical pain and remorse you will feel, when standing in front of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The second reason God wants us to be warned is that there will be a Pentecost! This is the time, as His disciples, to bring as many children back to Jesus as possible! We will be doing this by evangelization! This is the moment when all of God’s children, Catholic, and Non-Catholic Christians will be on fire to evangelize the gospel and talk about JESUS to everyone we can for the Salvation of Souls. We know that when the first Pentecost came, the Apostles were conducting miracles in the name of Jesus and baptizing thousands! If this is His Will, this will happen if you have FAITH and BELIEVE! This will not be us doing this, but the Holy Spirit using us as vessels or His instruments. John 14:12, reads, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” The third reason God is warning us is because we are going to be tempted to leave God in order to survive these times. We have to be strengthened by God’s graces to turn away from these temptations that will be bombarding us from all angles. During the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience, Jesus will tell us not to take the mark of the beast, which will permanently remove us from His Presence. There is no turning back to God if you receive the mark of the beast in or on your hand or forehead in order to buy and sell anything! This will be God’s last great act of Mercy to save us before He returns with His wrath to wipe out all evil. If you take this mark, you will be wiped out in God’s wrath eternally. has recently posted in their blog a video with Father Michel Rodrigue. His name is not Father Michael Rodriguez, who is another wonderful priest that I have also listened to on the Fatima Center website. Father Michel is from Quebec, Canada and as someone that has met him and had a personal confession with him, he truly is a living Saint. He is truly a chosen Prophet of God as well as Prophet John Leary. Because we haven’t been given the gift of Understanding to comprehend how the Blessed Trinity reveals prophecy, we should never judge any Prophet. Because of the research we have conducted, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we have discerned that all of the Prophets in this blog are bringing us Truth that God is trying to warn us about. If you have reservations about listening to a Prophet, because Our Catholic Church has not approved them, then you must take that up with the Blessed Trinity and ask them yourself. We are not saying this in an angry way, but as a way to encourage you to work on your own relationship with Jesus and strengthen your soul spiritually to know what is from the Holy Spirit, and what is not. Stop thinking, because the enemy is constantly in our thoughts. To build on learning to hear with your Spirit, you have to spend time with Jesus in prayer and scripture and ask Him for the gifts of discernment to know the Truth. Spend time with Him in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and speak from your heart and He will speak back to your heart! He is calling us to a higher Spirituality because the stronger our Spirit is, the stronger we become with His graces to overcome everything that will be thrown at us in these times.

Another reason we have to look at the bigger picture is because the enemy has infiltrated Our Church! We don’t say this to criticize Our Church, Priests, Bishops, or even the Pope. We say this because it is a fact that goes all the way back to Pope Leo XIII’s vision over 100 years ago. This is all documented in this blog, because the Holy Spirit wants us to see how we got to where we are and why Jesus is returning soon. But, this is not limited to only the Catholic Church, this infiltration of Satan is in our society, media, governments, politics, the wealthiest people in the world, other Christian Churches and even entertainment. It is a subversion tactic by the devil that has slowly taken over our world in the last 100 years and we have not seen it. It has been a generational decline of morality and unity with God, to an acceptance of sin and separation from God. God has given us what we have sewn and now He has to intervene to save the world for the Era of Peace that is in Revelations. Again, this is all explained in this blog that you can read, but you must pray first and ask Jesus for the graces to have understanding as you read. We pray before we post anything, so that we do not go against God’s Will. This is His Blog, and it is for His Glory! Here is Father Michel speaking recently on what God Our Father has revealed to him and I am thankful to for posting this information that we feel is invaluable. Please pray after you have heard this video and ask Jesus if you need to make your home an interim refuge for the salvation of souls.

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