Today is the Day to Help the Exorcists Cast Out Demons in Our Church and Our Nations by Prayer and Fasting!

Here is the Grace Force Podcast with Father Richard Heilman and Doug Barry speaking on Spiritual Warfare and how we, as the laity, can assist in the battle.

If we can’t do anything else but PRAY and FAST for reparations of Sin and God’s help, then we are in God’s Will. Some of us can’t do anything else, but Pray and Fast, and this is okay. Because we are doing what God asks us to do, which is praying without ceasing and loving Him with all of our hearts, minds, and souls. If we come together, UNITED, IN prayer and fasting to Our God for help, think of the power it has! We show God how serious we are about our Love for Him and we are calling out to Him. Please take the time to Fast and Pray today to show your Love for God and remember that God loves us and wants to help us, but He also wants us to ask, even though He already knows our hearts.

In this video, as Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers is being interviewed, he describes how society has slowly decayed in sin and our Priests have succumbed to just standing on the side, like Adam did with Eve, and allows sins to just creep in and take over. This is the warning and prophetic message Our Blessed Mother gave us in the year 1610 in Our Lady of Good Success that is posted in the beginning of this blog. We are living the days of society ruling Our Church and allowing sin to dictate against what we know as the Truth! Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers does a wonderful job of describing this and the need for all Christians to wake up and speak! I especially like what they say at the end about speaking to Jesus from your heart in front of the monstrance! Excellent!

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