The Spiritual Battle is ON!

Wake up! Wake Up, Children of God, Saint Michael is Screaming at us! He is screaming out of Love for God, but also Love for all of God’s Children to come alive with your Spiritual Eyes and Ears and come back to Jesus. He is not only praying for us, and protecting us, but also begging us to see what is happening all around us.

As we get ready for our day of fasting and prayer on December 6, 2019, that Father Richard Heilman called us to, let’s think about what we are actually doing for Jesus. We know that God is in control of everything that is happening in these times, but what is He asking of us to do right now? He is asking us to unite in Prayer and Love and to bring as many souls back to Him before He returns. How do we do this you ask? We do this with powerful prayer united together that tells God that we Love Him and there is no other God above Him! We pray and beg for His Mercy not only for ourselves, but for all of those who are lukewarm and lost in the world. We stand and pray together for His Will and Graces to be poured out on us and prepare us as His disciples to serve Him in these end times.

Father Heilman has not admitted that we are in the end times, but there is a Spiritual awakening going on and the Holy Spirit is constantly searching for more souls to join the battle of Our Lord! We are His soldiers of Love that have to fight for Jesus to wake people up of how close we are to His return, and it is never too late to turn back to Him! While we wait for guidance from the Holy Spirit on how to effectively spread the gospel for Jesus through evangelization, we must pray unceasingly and fast together to show God how much we want to serve Him. Please fast and pray the Holy Rosary this Friday for the reparation of sins. If you are not Catholic, please pray and fast and offer up your prayers for the salvation of souls. Remember, that any type of sacrifice can be considered a fast. No TV for the day, or no sugar, or no soft drinks. Give up something that you really love, if you can’t just fast on bread and water for the day. Our Blessed Mother tells us, through the visionaries in Medjugorje, that we should fast only on bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays and this would be a sacrifice for Jesus.

Here is Mena Lee Grebin and her Prophetic word from God about the Spiritual Battle for 2019. She came out with this video in February, 2019 and God informed her that we need to pray and fast this whole year because of the demonic that keeps pressing in Our Country and all over the world. There are Catholics like Father Richard Heilman and Doug Barry that are waking up to what several Prophets that are Catholic, and Non-Catholic have been speaking to us for the last thirty plus years, and we are finally starting to listen! Thank you Jesus for bringing us back to your Sacred Heart and making us disciples of your Love.

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