Many Christians at work for Jesus!

Okay, I am about to go in to great detail about how the Holy Spirit has shown me we are in the end times. Now, three things I want to explain first. The first is that I am not a modern day prophet, however, I will be posting many people whom I believe are current modern day prophets. How do I know you ask? Because I pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit and I research more for understanding of what Our Lord is trying to show me and I will get multiple confirmations of my research. What this means is that the Holy Spirit will show me over and over again something that He really wants me to understand. In addition, I have fellow Catholic friends that also pray for discernment and the truth and I believe the Holy Spirit is showing all of us what He wants us to get out to the world. As He wants us to look at the bigger picture of events that are happening all over the world, it’s like He is asking us to put together this huge puzzle to reflect how these modern day prophets, past prophecies, and current world events, are all related if you piece them together and show how they are coming to fruition right now. So, I guess, Our Lord has blessed us with an understanding of how to put this information together to show you where we are today.

As I said earlier in starting this blog, Our Lord put it on my heart that the Chastisements had begun. For those who are not Catholic, Our Mother Mary has warned us in many past prophecies that Chastisements are coming because of egregious sin and we must repent. I will go into detail about these prophecies and explain how they are relating to what is happening in our world today. Jesus also put it in my heart to get busy in serving Him. I knew this message was from Jesus, because my next question was, Lord, how do I know this is you speaking to me? His answer back to my heart was, “You will know by the fruits of your Labor”. I did not audibly hear Jesus say this, but I felt it in my heart, and the words came to my mind. Because these were not words I would say to myself, I knew it was Jesus and I knew that I had a mission for Him, but did not necessarily know what that mission was. I did know in my heart that it had to do with the salvation of souls. I have a Spiritual Director now and since that time, I have been working on my own salvation and transformation.

The second thing I wanted you to know is that Jesus, God Our Father, and the Holy Spirit are speaking to many, many, Christians right now. The closer we get to the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the more people are busy working for Him (Joel 2: 28). What is also amazing is that everybody has their own little mission that God has given them to do in this service for Him. That is why any Spiritual gift you receive from the Holy Spirit to serve Him is personal to you! Sometimes God blesses people with many gifts, sometimes only a few. The point is that you serve Him in trying to fulfill His Will for you. As we work on our transformation and Spiritual faith, we will discover what it is Our Lord wants us to do. It took me a while to figure it out, but I pray everyday for the truth of what He wants me to see and allow me to receive the graces to do His Will. Now, as I put information together for you in this blog, you are going to see how many people God has active in showing us where we are in the end times and why we also need to get busy for the salvation of souls.

The third thing I want you to know is that I am not trying to put fear into anyone that is reading this blog. Our Lord does not want us to be afraid, but He does want us to be prepared for what is coming. First, be prepared spiritually for our own salvation, then mentally, and lastly physically. I will explain to you how we are going to accomplish this the best way we can for Jesus. Our main mission is the salvation of souls, so if you are reading this blog, and still have not given your life to Jesus Christ, then you need to do that now. Don’t wait any longer, because you never know when you could die suddenly and not have that opportunity. He loves us so much, and once you do surrender, you will begin to feel His love more and more. It is such a beautiful experience, that it is hard to put into words. But, because I have had the experience of feeling His presence many times, I not only want to share it with others, I want to serve Our Lord as much as possible. Now, as you read further as to what Our Lord has shown me, please don’t be afraid, but ask Jesus to give you peace and guidance on what He wants you to do for Him. Additionally, ask Jesus to transform you into the child of God that God Our Father rightly deserves. In time, Jesus will remove that fear and replace it with a boldness and determination to accomplish His Will. Again, this may take some time, but keep saying it and say it with a contrite heart, and He will answer. All of this information, Our Lord has put on my heart as the truth. It is up to God Our Father as to whether He is ready to fulfill His Word in Revelations. At least, if we prepare for what I believe He is asking of us, we will be ready to meet Him feeling like we have done our best to serve Him. If it is not the chosen time for the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that is fine too, because we will still serve Him by helping Him save souls (Matthew 24: 36).

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