Humility and Love

As we are transforming into the image of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we gain the virtues of Humility and Love from His graces. Why is this important? Because the enemy is constantly trying to build up our pride, arrogance and envy of others so that we identify ourselves as being capable of living without God in our lives. We tend to think that we are so smart, creative and invincible that we can manage our lives without our creator to guide us in everything. Then, when we have separated ourselves from Him, something terrible happens, and we get angry at Him, like it was His fault? The truth is that God blessed us with all of our talents, individuality, prior to us being born. We are each an individual creation from Him to love, honor and serve Him. When we choose to move away from Him, we make ourselves vulnerable to sin and the enemy influencing us constantly. The more we choose how to emulate Christ and work on our own sins, the more the enemy backs away. That is why Jesus tells us in the gospel that we must become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18: 3).

St. Paul went from a sinner to a child of God immediately because the Holy Spirit filled him with Humility and Love for not only the Blessed Trinity, but for all of God’s children for conversion to Christianity. Part of this humility is admitting and acknowledging that we are all sinners because of the fall of Adam and Eve and constantly seeking forgiveness from Our Lord because we all fall to temptation. When we confess our sins to Our Lord, we do it with sincerity and a contrite heart. This sincerity from our heart is what moves Our Lord to grace us with help to overcome sin. If we believe we are not sinners because we don’t break the ten commandments, we are only fooling ourselves, along with help from the enemy, because it is more than that. By human nature, we tend to gossip, slander others, judge others, criticize others, tell little white lies, curse on occasion, get road rage, get angry easily, blame others for our own faults, etc… We tell ourselves, well, everybody does this. Then, after we believe our venial sins are not so bad, the enemy starts tempting us to conduct mortal sins that pull us away from Our Lord even further. But, Jesus can help us overcome all of this if we ask Him to and we actually work on trying to stop doing these things. . This is why we should have monthly confession with a good confessor that can help us with these venial sins and occasional mortal sins. Does Jesus still love us even with these sins? Yes, of Course He does! But, when we work on our relationship with Him, our love for Him grows so exponentially that we want to stop these sins permanently. Then, with the help of The Holy Spirit on examination of conscience, we start to obtain the virtue of Humility.

Love is also going to be the backbone of discipleship for Jesus because, if you Love Him, your desire to serve Him and love for others grow. This is also a grace from our Lord and why He tells us to love thy neighbor (Mark 12: 31). We can’t be a true disciple for Him if we can’t learn to love like He does. We may never be able to love like Jesus because His love is infinite, but we can try on our part to love everyone to the best of our ability. Is this hard sometimes? Yes, but this is also something that takes time in our transformation into His image. You see, we can’t do this without Jesus. You have to be humble to recognize that and in that constantl humility, you learn to love others enough to help them. What does this look like you say? You love them enough to tell them the truth of the Bible. You try not to get angry if someone offends you. You constantly look to see if you can lend a helping hand, or a kind word, or encouragement to have faith when life gets hard. This is only a start, and as you get comfortable with the promptings of the Holy Spirit, Jesus will give you opportunities to speak to people who really need Jesus, in your day to day life activities. But, in those opportunities, you listen and wait for the right timing to speak about Jesus.

The hardest part about spreading the gospel for Our Lord is knowing when the right time is to speak for Him. Sometimes, we are so on fire for Jesus, that we get overzealous and we say what we think we ought to say, instead of what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to say. Then, instead of planting a good seed for Our Lord, we just caused the person to be totally closed off to Him. This is why the transformation is important in that we learn how to be guided by the Holy Spirit with humility and love. I am still learning this myself and this too can take a while to understand.

Now that we have discussed the basics on our surrender, love, relationship, and transformation for Jesus, I can begin to explain to you why this is so important to start right now and not wait any longer. First of all, and most importantly, your own salvation is at stake. Secondly, on my next post, I will start to explain to you how Our Lord has shown me and many others that we are in the end times. After I have gone over what the Holy Spirit has shown me, then we can continue this blog unified for Jesus in the salvation of souls.

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