Why are we in the End Times?

If you haven’t noticed lately, things aren’t looking too good in the world right now. The Amazon forest is currently on fire. There is civil unrest in Hong Kong, France, Venezuela, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. There is racial division, religious persecution, domestic terrorism, international terrorism, animals and fish dying all over the world, earthquakes everywhere, volcanoes starting to erupt, strange weather phenomena everywhere, historic flooding, and just a lot of people committing horrific acts of crime and violence. I could go on and on and I will as I go into to detail about just the things the Holy Spirit has shown me. There are many Christians out there that are seeing even more than I am, especially Biblical prophecy that appears to be happening. Now, I hear a lot of people saying that this chaos has been happening for centuries and it is just more of the same, we are only seeing more of it because we have immediate access to media worldwide with technology. Granted that is a good argument, but I am going to explain that we are on a much more worse level of hate, anger, violence, and sin.

The problem is, people who are not seeing that we could be in the end times are not looking at the big picture. Once you start putting the pieces of the puzzle together all over the world, the picture is more clear and then you start putting together Biblical prophecy with modern day prophecy, prophecy from the saints, and finally our Mother Mary’s prophecies, then you start to think that maybe this is really could be happening. But why is this happening? Well, a hundred years ago, we had more people going to church. A hundred years ago, we had more people that believed in God. God was in our schools, He was in our books. He was in our courthouses, He was in our homes. But now, He only lives in those of us who believe He is the only one, true God. Our whole world, not just our country, has kicked God out and has accepted false gods, paganism, atheism, new age spiritualism, witchcraft, and egregious sin. What else is God to do, but pull back and allow us all to fall to our own vices. Why would a good God do this you ask? Because He gives us a choice to choose Him over everything the enemy throws at us in temptation. He will not interfere with our own free will. If we choose Him and actively live out His commandments and His Holy Word, the Bible, then we know the truth. If we reject Him, and seek out all of the pleasures that the enemy presents to us daily, then He pulls back. This was clearly done all through out the Old Testament with the Israelites. God is a good God, but He allows everything that happens whether bad or good for our own benefit. When God allowed the Israelites to be captured by the Babylonians and they were cast out of their land, they figured out pretty quickly, they had messed up. But God gave them many chances to repent and turn away from their pagan gods before he allowed the Babylonians to capture them. He also sent them many prophets to warn them to repent. This is where we are today in the entire world. God has sent many prophets, many apparitions of Our Mother Mary, many good preachers of God’s Bible, like Billy Graham. But, we keep going further and further into our own vices, sin and temptations from the enemy.

So, how do I know we are on a whole new level of sin and this just isn’t more of the same? The first prophecy I am going to enter is from St. Leo XIII. Pope Leo XIII was in church in 1884 and had a vision between the devil and Jesus. The devil told Jesus he could destroy the Catholic Church in a hundred years if he was allowed to do so. Jesus, already knowing the outcome of everything because He is God, granted the devil this request. Immediately, when St. Leo came out of his vision, he began writing the St. Michael prayer for protection. http://www.catholicstand.com/gods-chat-devil-popeleo/. Also http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=v_RGaFxdos8. In case someone hasn’t noticed, our Catholic Church is not doing too well right now either. We have priests committing horrible acts of sins of the flesh. We have a Pope that is looking at changing some of our doctrine that has been around since St. Peter. We have people leaving our Church because of the sexual sins that are occurring all over the world. Our Catholic Church is in a state of confusion and people aren’t sure what is considered sin and if they have to go to confession. Even some people are being taught by more modern priests that hell doesn’t exist and neither does the devil. Now, again, I don’t support leaving our Church, because we also have very holy priests that are serving Our Lord and are currently fighting to save our Church! This has been a very slow deterioration and destruction of our Church, and I am going to show you how. In the 1930s, Reverend Fulton Sheen converted a woman who worked for the communist party named Bella Dodd. He also convinced her to testify to congress that she assisted the communist party in infiltrating the Catholic Church. She testified that she assisted with over a thousand men entering the Catholic Church as priests, but were really entering to subvert the priesthood with homosexuality and communist ideology. https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/catholic-abuse-crisis-is-likely-no-accident-but-a-strategy-to-destroy-churc.

This actually even goes deeper than the communist party and their belief in Atheism. Remember, the enemy is trying to destroy the Catholic Church, so not only is the communist party used, but also the Freemasons and Illuminati. Now, some Non-Catholic Christians are Freemasons, but from what the Holy Spirit has shown me, at the higher levels of Freemasonry is a Luciferian concept and ideology. Normally, Christians who initially enter Freemasonry are just looking for a good Christian brotherhood to join to help find good jobs, good friendships, etc.. But in reality, there is more to it when you reach the higher levels. It is a secret society that continues to use secret symbols that dates back to some of the founders of our Country. If you have never heard any of this, that is okay, I didn’t either before I started to serve Jesus and ask Him for the truth. If you are currently in a Freemason associated lodge, I suggest you do your research and pray about it. Everything I post may or may not surprise you, but what I want you to do is get used to asking Jesus for the truth and guidance from the Holy Spirit always . If you don’t do this on a regular basis, you are just going to get angry and allow your mind and emotions to control your thoughts. Then the enemy will start to put more bad and negative thoughts in your head and you really get carried away with anger and resentment. This is why I will always stress for you to see and hear things with your Spiritual eyes and ears. http://onepeterfive.com/freemasonry-catholic-church-brief-introduction/. And http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wo_Qku0iEl8

I mentioned the Illuminati earlier, but I will write about them later because I am trying to emphasize not only why we are seeing so much sin, but also why it is so hard for us to see it on a bigger scale. I am sure you heard of the frog who dies slowly in a pot of boiling water? That is because the frog would have jumped out of the pot if it was already boiling when he jumped in. The enemy asked Jesus for a hundred years to destroy the Catholic Church. The communist party infiltrated the Catholic Church in the 1930s. The Freemasons have been trying to bring down the Catholic Church for centuries. Now, if the enemy is trying to use subversion to bring about evil and sin in the entire world, what is the best way to do that? The answer is slowly so that we not only accept sin as okay because of modern times, but we say it is in the name of women’s rights to have an abortion. It is in the name of love and tolerance to allow gay marriage. It is in the name of love for one another instead of hate and exclusion. It is a subversion of the enemy into our Governments, Churches, Politics, and Homes. Have you seen what is on television lately? Really, there is no more parental guidance on television. The best parental guidance now is to not allow your children to watch television. This is a topic I will get into later also. I want to list now some prophecies from Our Mother Mary, the mother of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. I will also start to post some good videos, Christian bloggers, and Theologians who have wonderful information to share on all of the topics I will discuss. I try not to post any derogatory, negative, vulgar, or inappropriate language or information. Our goal is to stop sinning, be transformed into an image of God, and help Jesus save souls. We can’t accomplish these goals if we post anything offensive to the Blessed Trinity.

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