Scripture Must Be Fulfilled!

As we start to see prophetic events unfold, it is important to keep the right frame of mind as a disciple of Jesus Christ. We have to constantly keep reminding ourselves that Jesus will not return until God’s Holy Word is fulfilled, (Matthew 24:6). The reason why it is important to remember this is because if things don’t go the way you believe Revelations is going to be played out, does not mean we are not in the end times. We are all studying God’s Word and praying for discernment, but sometimes, what we think we have discerned, may not be correct. Does this mean we are not listening to God? No, of course not. No one has perfect discernment except Jesus Christ. But, it is important that we all remain humble and to just keep praying that Our Lord shows us the truth.

That being said, it is important to put all events that take place into the proper context of Scripture in that all events will be fulfilled before Jesus returns. I understand from personal discernment from the Holy Spirit, that we are in the 35 year Chastisement prophesied by Mother Mary in Our Lady of LaSalette. However, the Holy Spirit has also shown me that we are in the labor pains of the gospel of Matthew, (Matthew 24:8). This also what Father Michel said and several Christians like Mena Lee Grebin. What is important on the post from Mena today is the fact that we know our President has been placed and groomed by God to fulfill God’s Word in Scripture. But, what is also important to remember, is that God has control of everything in this end time period and although we support our President, don’t be surprised if something occurs that will catch us by surprise.

Two things Mena said that grabbed my attention today that the Holy Spirit is showing us. The first is that she mentioned about her dream of the East Coast being flooded. Mena mentioned that in her dream, she did not see a storm outside or a Tsunami that caused the flooding that covers all of I-95 going up the East coast. However, she knows there is a judgement coming in that area that will cause devastating flooding on the whole East coast. She also recalled a dream where Jesus showed her a meteorite hitting the ocean and believes this could be the cause. What I would like to point out is that because this solar system, or Planet X, gets closer to our planet, it is causing the earth’s core to heat up, which in turn will cause the sea levels to rise. The sea levels rising could cause catastrophic flooding. In addition, there will be debris from this Planet X, that is carried in with it’s orbit, that will also hit the Earth. Mena never talks about any knowledge of Planet X, but she is revealing prophetic dreams, that line up with what Mike from Around the World, and Pastor Paul Begley has said about the debris that Planet X will bring in could be catastrophic. Not to mention Revelations, Chapter 8, verses 6-13. This is also what Our Lord showed Prophet John Leary, in that a Comet will hit the Atlantic ocean. So, with all of those different confirmations, I would expect this prophecy to be fulfilled.

The second observation I believe is from the Holy Spirit is what I was mentioning in the first paragraph of this post. I believe, Mena also mentions this, in that no one knows the exact events that will unfold except God. And Jesus told us in God’s Word that He will not return until all of these events take place first. So, even though we know our President is fighting the One World Order and doing good things for God right now, doesn’t mean that God will not use him to fulfill Revelations of everyone abandoning Israel in the end. This is why it is so important to not get angry at anyone in these trials we are getting ready to live. Because, ultimately Jesus is going to win and even though things will appear bleak for our country or other parts of the world, we have to stay positive and just roll with whatever God asks us to deal with. If we constantly are praying to Him for graces to be transformed into His image, and we are constantly seeking Him, we will be able to have peace no matter what happens. We have to remember these things and not be surprised when something unexpected occurs. Just continue to pray that we are following His Will daily and ask Him to prepare us to be His disciples.

We have to Forgive, to be Forgiven!

As we are working on our Transformation for Jesus with His graces and the help of the Holy Spirit, we have to forgive others who have hurt us in the past. If you have ever listened to a really good priest or pastor on this subject, you will have an idea of how important this is to Jesus. In Matthew 6:14-15,”If you forgive others their transgressions, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But, if you do not forgive others, neither will your Father forgive your transgressions”. Jesus tells us directly that unless we forgive others, our Heavenly Father will not forgive us. Also, it is directly in Our Lord’s Prayer that He taught us, that we should be praying daily to God Our Father in Heaven! Matthew 6:12 “and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors”. So, what we are saying every time we say Our Lord’s prayer is don’t forgive us our trespasses Lord, unless we forgive those who trespass against us.

The reason why this is so important to God is because He gave His only begotten Son for each and everyone of us to be saved by His precious blood. He forgave Us and our Sins and the least we can do is forgive others like He forgave us. Some people may say, yes, but I was sexually assaulted, or I was raped, or it was my relative that did this to me and now I am scarred for life. This may be true, however, you have to go back to the fact that God Our Father in Heaven gave up the life of His Holy Son! The precious lamb, without blemish, was sacrificed for Me! Stop looking at the sin that was committed against you, and start looking at the sacrifice that was given for you! I know this is difficult, but that is why we always have to turn back to Jesus to help us with forgiveness. We have to rely on Jesus for all of our transformation into His image because it is impossible to do without His graces.

There is so much pain and hate caused by so many people on so many levels, that it is difficult to get through life without someone directly affecting you individually. In addition, if you have been called by God to serve, you may have been or will be attacked by the devil even more, because Satan does not want you to succeed for Jesus. Is everything a spiritual attack? No, but the closer we move towards the Tribulation, the darker the earth gets from sin, the more likely you will be attacked. Again, this is not to scare anyone, but you have to understand, that if the devil already has you in a lukewarm place and already estranged from your relationship with God, he has no reason to attack you either spiritually or physically. Satan and his demons are looking for souls to steal, especially those who are consecrated to God.

This is why we are here working together to serve Jesus! We have consecrated ourselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother. And if we take it one step further, like Father Michel said, we consecrate ourselves to God Our Father in Heaven through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother. Every time we are attacked, we offer it up for the salvation of souls. This is our mission for Jesus! The salvation of souls.

So, as part of our Transformation for Jesus, in order to serve Him as a Disciple, we have to forgive those who have hurt us. If you have been scarred by someone or an incident that hurt you tremendously, ask Jesus right now to show you how to forgive that person. Then, sit down with Him in Prayer and tell Him, you would like to offer up that suffering and unite it to His cross for the salvation of souls. Especially offer up your suffering for all of the lukewarm souls in the world and unrepentant sinners. The graces that God gives you to change your heart will come, and it may come in an instant, or it may take some time, but we all have to continue to pray for God’s graces everyday to accomplish this will to forgive. Then, once you have the peace in your heart again that Jesus has given you, you can go to the person that hurt you and tell them you have forgiven them. This also may take time, if you can accomplish this for Jesus. If you can’t, because the person is deceased or this is just not possible, then pray to Our Lord on what He wants you to do.

Daily prayer with Our Lord and spending time with Him will heal your heart when you continue to ask Him to heal your pain. Through this healing process, ask Him for the graces to forgive the person who hurt you. Believe and have faith that Our Lord will accomplish this for you and it will happen. It also helps to contemplate the wounds Jesus received while suffering during the passion. Jesus always gives us graces when we begin to try and understand how much He suffered during the passion for our salvation. Suffering is never a simple act. It involves pain physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Jesus knows our suffering and what acts have been committed against us. He also is the only one who can truly heal all of the pain that suffering has caused.

Has the Schism Begun in the Catholic Church?

Since the beginning of Vatican II in 1959, there has been a slow decline of Catholics separating from the Catholic Church. Is the slow decline of Church attendance, confession attendance, and Catholics leaving our Church due to the introduction of the changes in Vatican II? Or is it the fact that we have many sexual abuse incidents of children by Priests in our Church who have fallen to temptation by the Devil? The answer is yes to all of the above. Remember, that Pope Leo XIII had his vision of the devil and Jesus in 1884 of the devil threatening to destroy the Catholic Church in a hundred years. Jesus granted this request because Jesus knows the devil can never do this to His True Church. Then in 1939, Bella Dodd testified that over a 1,000 priests were assisted in entering our Catholic Church as homosexuals, non-religious or atheists, in a subversion tactic to destroy Our Church. This was conducted by introducing communism and to completely change the mindset of all Catholics. To get the bigger picture that God wants us to see, you have to look at the chronological timeline of events and the prophetic warning that Our Mother Mary has shown us. Is it possible there were good intentions with the implementation of Vatican II? Yes, of course, however, the enemy has used those changes in a negative way and the communist infiltrators along with the freemasons have twisted it into something bad now. Vatican II was introduced in Our Catholic Church in 1959 and some of our customs became lax in receiving the HOLY body of Our Lord Jesus Christ. More lay people got involved in distributing the Eucharist during Mass and have removed the reverence and respect of Holy Orders that Priests have to hold the HOLY Body of Our Lord. God chose the Levites in the Old Testament for a reason to conduct all of the ceremonies dealing with sacrifice and altar duties. The same goes for our Priests today in that Jesus calls certain Men to these duties because of the Apostolic tradition of handing these duties down to people who are consecrated to God. This reverence for God has slowly deteriorated and people don’t understand that anymore because of these changes. And this is just one of the issues that have come about with these changes in the last 50 years. In addition, more Theologians began teaching at our Seminaries on how too much emphasis was placed on sin and that Angels really didn’t exist. Priests started leaving their vocational call for God in the Priesthood, and less men started entering into Priesthood.

We know that the enemy is trying to control Our Churches and World with the subversion and acceptance of sin. But, how is this taking place today? Propaganda in television shows, and books, such as Harry Potter, Spiritualism and practices of Yoga. In case you have never researched it, Yoga is the practice of a pagan ritual to a pagan goddess. Even if you don’t have ill intentions with Yoga, you are conducting a pagan ritual that goes against and does not recognize Our God. If you believe the Old Testament in that God was upset over a golden calf that was made by the Israelites in the desert, why wouldn’t you believe He is offended by an Old pagan ritual that you are conducting in Yoga? Even if you don’t believe in witchcraft when reading Harry Potter, you are reading a book that supports good spells and good witches that God warned us about in Deuteronomy 18:10. This propaganda comes in the form of celebrities and musicians teaching our kids pagan symbols and singing songs worshipping the devil. It comes in our schools, that try to remove prayer and the study of Christianity. It comes in the form of women fighting for women’s rights to murder their own children in their wombs! In this video, David Icke explains how our world and specifically, the elites or One World Order, uses preemptive programming to condition us into believing these things are normal.

We are in a Spiritual Battle that we don’t even comprehend because it has been so methodically planned and drawn out over the last century by the enemy. Our Catholic Church has been infiltrated by the Freemasons and the One World Order. We have many high ranking Bishops and Cardinals that are moving Our Church more away from God and into Humanism. Some of our Church leaders want to accept sin as okay and call it mercy from Our Lord Jesus Christ. Not because we should be more understanding of the complexities of life as they want us to believe, but because it will be easier for the antichrist to step in when the world is in a horrific amount of moral decay, as in the days of Noah. This is the ultimate goal of the One World Order. As the Churches begin to decay in all denominations of Christianity, and Communism has infiltrated many World Governments, people will accept more sin as a way of life and be totally disillusioned that sin is okay, even with God. We are continually being conditioned to believe that abortion is good, gay marriage is good, one religion or no religion is good, one world government is good, one currency is good, technology and the microchip implant are good. This is what Isaiah was referring to when he said woe to those who call evil good and good evil, Isaiah 5 :20. This is the deception we are moving into, which will initiate the Tribulation period from God. In addition to the moral decay of our world and sin growing, we will have Planet X moving into our solar system causing catastrophic weather devastation on Earth. As the devastation grows, people will be so desperate for a savior, they will turn to anyone who appears to be helping the entire world.

So, has the Schism in our Catholic Church begun? Yes, it began in 1959 when we started changing our beliefs to suit the world instead of standing by our Church Doctors and Saints who kept God the center of their lives. Vatican II did not change any doctrine, but dealt with different practices, especially in liturgy. It is more than just customs and traditions changed. It is a mindset of mediocrity and allowances of sin as being okay because this is just the way the world is. It is a conditioning of our children into putting themselves before God and being ego centered instead of God centered. It is a methodically and painfully slow deterioration of beliefs and customs that honored and kept Our Lord in the Reverent and Holy Place that He deserves. The Schism has already begun and it will continue until you take a stand and start to see with your Spiritual Eyes what satan is slowly doing to pull souls away from God.

God will ultimately intervene in the end and His True Church that follows His Holy Word will not be overcome. Christians of all denominations will come together to protect and speak God’s Word in the Bible. The Holy Word of God can not be changed or altered, Deuteronomy 4:2, and Revelations 22: 18-19. This is something we all need to be aware of at any time during this 35 year chastisement. As we move closer and closer to the Tribulation period, we have to understand that the deception may be an attempt to alter God’s Holy Word. That is why you have to know your Bible and study it constantly. This is also why Jesus is so angry at Lukewarm souls, because they are indifferent to God’s Word and Commandments. Although they believe they are being Christian because they love others, but they are not because they are not following God’s Word or Laws. You have to love your brothers and sisters enough to tell them the truth in that you can’t separate God’s Commandments from sin. That is why He gave us His Holy Word to adhere to His Laws, and not to allow His Mercy to replace it. His Mercy is in forgiveness of sin, not to overlook it. If you are not researching these Scripture passages I have listed in all of these posts, please go back and read all of them. Remember, that this is part of our transformation and we have to read His Holy Word to be a good Disciple for Him.

How do we break the bondage of Sin?

I have talked about this a little in previous posts, but this is necessary to become a Saint. This is part of the Transformation we all have to go through to be a better child of God and to serve Him as His Disciple. You say you don’t want to be a Saint? You can’t get to Heaven unless you are a Saint. There is no sin of any kind in Heaven. We will never perfect ourselves because of Original Sin, but it is the effort we put forth in trying to change for Jesus that prompts God to give us the graces to change. If we don’t put forth the effort, then we don’t receive the graces. God loves us and wants us back, but if we don’t continually turn away and try to abstain from sin, He will not continue to transform us with the graces it takes to persevere in that transformation. God does the work, we have to show Him that we want to change, with His graces and be better for Him.

How many times have we all said or heard someone say I don’t need to go to confession, because my sins aren’t that bad. Or, I don’t need to confess my sins to a priest, I can just confess them to God alone. We should confess our sins to God daily and ask for His forgiveness daily, however, how do we know we are forgiven? The Sacrament of Penance is one of the Seven Sacraments. God forgives, but it should never be an assumption on our part that He will always allow us to keep sinning as long as we keep coming back to Him for forgiveness. If you look at God’s mercy from this perspective, then you are assuming you can just keep sinning and God will always allow you to come back as long as you ask for forgiveness. You must ask for God’s graces to be transformed with confession to be changed into His image. We can always go back to Him for forgiveness no matter how bad the sin is, but we must always try and stop sinning. We have to remember that God knows our hearts. We should never assume that we can confess our sins later, or ask God to forgive later. James 5:16 tells us that we should confess our sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. It is in this confession of sin to another person that we try and understand the gravity of the sin against God and how we can work on stopping that particular sin. Even minor or venial sins can lead to mortal or serious sin if we don’t try and stop committing the sin. A good confessor can help us do that. Stop assuming your sins aren’t that bad and start showing God that you love Him enough to stop offending Him even in the most minor of sins. Sin weakens us Spiritually and leaves us vulnerable to more sin. Once this perpetual slippery slope keeps going into more sin, the enemy begins to lead us away from God. We start to compare ourselves to others and think we don’t need to confess anything because we are good people. Then, minor sins don’t look so bad. Then major sins we are committing aren’t so bad because we did a good act or deed for someone last week. Then we stop going to Church. The enemy just keeps us believing everything is okay until we have fallen deep into deception and the Holy Spirit pulls back and we have pulled away from God.

Also, good acts mean nothing if you have mortal sins on your soul. In Matthew 7: 21-23, Jesus tells us, “Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in Heaven.” Do you believe sin is the will of God Our Father? This scripture verse alone tells us that you can’t get into Heaven just on good deeds. You have to try and abstain from sin in addition to good deeds and loving your neighbor as yourself. Don’t ever allow anyone to tell you that sin no longer exists. It is a lie, and it is a lie from the enemy.

In Galatians 5:16-26, St. Paul tells us that we have to Live by the Spirit. He tells us that the Spirit opposes the flesh, and the flesh opposes the Spirit. What this means is if we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, the graces that God gives us allows us to have the strength to move away from the desires of the flesh. Likewise, if we don’t surrender and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, then we fall more easily into temptations of the flesh. This is how the enemy has been allowed to transform our whole world into the corruption we are living in today. We, as an entire world, have moved away from the Blessed Trinity and moved into the desires of our flesh and egocentric selves. The more our world becomes ego centered, and less God centered, the more God pulls away. He always gives us that choice from our own free will. If we choose ourselves over God, then He leaves us to our own vices and we don’t receive the virtues of His Sacred Heart. In Isaiah 1: 1-2, we learn the virtues of David were wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge, and fear of the Lord. These graces given to us from the Holy Spirit only come when we prove to Our Lord that we are worthy enough, like King David, to receive them. If we don’t strive to move away and abstain from all sin, then how do we expect to receive these virtues for transformation? Will we continue to sin during this transformation? Yes, but we have to show Jesus that we are trying to stop sinning and we ask Him to give us the graces to stop. Each one of us, no matter how far along our transformation, should continue to strive to be Saints because only God knows how far we have come and how far we still have left to go. If we believe we have made it, then we have allowed the enemy to deceive us, yet again. Don’t be deceived anymore. Go back to confession with a contrite heart and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you still need to confess and change.

When we are standing before Jesus during the Warning, WHO IS HOLY, we are going to be so ashamed of even the greatest and smallest of sins we have conducted, that we will all be running to the confessional to get them off our souls. Don’t wait to confess your sins because you may die and never get that chance again. Stop assuming you are good, and strive to be a Saint, and have fear of the Lord to know that He is HOLY and we are not. Sin is a burden that leads us into bondage. Virtues we receive from the Holy Spirit lead us to freedom, because we turn towards God and away from sin.

Here is another message from Jesus on Revelation Mary from February 1, 2016.

How do we know we are Carrying a Cross for Jesus as a Disciple for the Salvation of Souls?

When we truly repent of our sins with a contrite heart to Jesus, things begin to change! Sometimes we get an experience of actually feeling His Love in our hearts and a beautiful peace. Sometimes we may hear in our minds and truly feel like Jesus said “I Love You”. These are events that are hard to describe if you have never experienced it. St. Teresa of Calcutta had many visions and locutions of Jesus speaking to her saying, “I cannot go alone to the poor people, you carry me with you into them.” Mother Teresa received these visions and locutions for about a year and then a period of dryness, what the Doctors of the Faith call, the dark night occurred. But, Jesus knew this was enough along with the help of the Holy Spirit, to motivate St. Teresa to accomplish everything. Did her cross get heavy at times? Of course it did, but look at what she accomplished! You will know you are serving Jesus by the fruits you produce for Him, Luke 6: 43-45. This is the same for Prophets, Teachers and all Religious. If the fruits don’t point back to Jesus and God’s Word in the Holy Bible, then it is not coming from Jesus, Matthew 7: 16-20! Everything should always point back to Jesus and God Our Father. God has mercy, but it does not supersede His Law! Jesus said He came to fulfill the Law, not replace it, Matthew 5: 17-20. So, as we listen to Priests, Pastors, and Prophets, be sure and know their fruits!

As we grow in our Relationship with Jesus and we are transforming into His image, the cross may get heavy. What does this look like in life you ask? This can come in many ways depending on how God allows. Some of us get Cancer, some of us deal with the death of a loved one, some of us experience a traumatic event. But, these do not come from God you say? True, however He may allow them to occur to make us stronger in our faith, courage, hope and trust in Him to help us grow in our relationship with Him. The best well known example of this type of growth is Dr. Joyce Meyer. She was sexually and physically abused by her own father for many years as a child until Jesus delivered her from that tragic life. And, after all that, she forgave her father and he surrendered to Jesus before he died! Wow, what courage! Now, she evangelizes, gives her testimony on forgiveness and helps others get saved! If you are carrying a heavy cross right now, and offering up your pain and sorrow to Our Lord for the salvation of souls, you are serving Him! And, the more you surrender and come to Him with this cross, the more you grow in your Love for Him. He gives us these graces and sometimes it is hard for us to see them. Also, sometimes, it feels like we are going through the dark night, like St. Teresa of Calcutta, of dryness and not feeling His presence. This makes it difficult, but we have to remember our thoughts are not God’s thoughts, Isaiah 55: 8-11. He makes us more fruitful as we go through these trials with heavy crosses and we never understand until we get to the other side.

So, if you are carrying a heavy cross right now, chances are there is a reason for it that only God knows. Offer it up to Him and allow Him to give you graces to persevere. Ask for these graces to persevere and continue to offer up your pain and at times He may relieve the burden of the cross. It never hurts to seek healing from Priests, Pastors and Lay People who have received the gift of healing from the Holy Spirit, but know that God heals in His time, not ours. So, while you are waiting for that healing, study the lives of the Saints like St. Faustina, and St. Teresa of Calcutta. Also, study people like Dr. Joyce Meyer and understand that God is Our Creator and only He can allow the good, the bad, and the indifferent. If it helps to write or journal your thoughts on paper, do that too, but most importantly turn to Jesus through your suffering! The suffering doesn’t make us Saints. But, how we deal with suffering and turn to God so that He can use it to transform us, and serve others is the road to sainthood. So, if you are going to bear good fruit for Jesus, expect to see a cross somewhere along the way and pick it up and keep going! Never give up, because Jesus never gives up on us as sinners, and He wants all of us to be Saints. We just have to be able to see with our Spiritual eyes, that is His goal for all of us, no matter how much sin we have done. Repent of your sins and turn back to Jesus if you are suffering today and keep praying for His graces, and they will come! Sometimes the grace is learning how to be dependent on Him even for the small matters in life. Remember, we have to be like little children in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. And sometimes a heavy cross humbles us enough to let go of our egos and become like little children to come back to Him!

In the meantime I am posting another video from Revelation Mary preparing us for these times.

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